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10 questions that you most often ask

Today I have a list of frequently asked questions for you. There are still a lot of questions about Darsonval, but unfortunately I have to worry you, because I don't use it at the moment.
Frequently asked questions, how old are we, where are we from etc.

I do not use because I wear a fixed camera and for about 2 years Darsonval had to go away. I will definitely come back to its regular use after this time. This will be the right time to start acting anti-wrinkle.

1. Where did the name of the blog "D&P" come from?
This question always amazes me (and often repeats: P), because I have explained more than once that it comes from the initials of my and my husband's name, i.e. Dominika and Piotr 🙂
2. How old am i
I am 25 years old.
3. Studying?
Yes, I'm still studying because I had a break in my studies. In October I will start the second year of my Master's degree in European Studies, specializing in European media. In summer, I plan to start writing my master's thesis on "Social Media in creating the company's image".
4. What is my complexion like?
I have a complexion that is prone to imperfections. Although the fight against acne has been terminated, a pimple appears from time to time.
5. Do you like physical activity? What is the most?
I don't always have time and strength to exercise, but I try to do yoga quite regularly. I'm also thinking about returning to group classes, but this will probably not happen until September.
7. Do you read other blogs / watch YouTube videos with reviews?
I often check out other blogs. Before buying a new cosmetic, I always read the reviews of other girls, but I approach them with great distance. Unless the blog owner has a complexion similar to mine, but I only know this after a long observation of the blog.
I often test products that have worked well with nissiax83 (which I cordially greet!), because we have a similar type of skin and more than once a product that has worked for her, it also works well with me. An example is, for example, Dr G BB cream, one of my huge favorites.
8. Where do you get ideas for notes from?
Inspiration sometimes comes alone, and sometimes it is a long-thought decision, e.g. when I test something for a long time. I usually have a few posts in store, in case the creative inspiration leaves me :) Fortunately, there has not yet been silence on the blog, I always try to find a topic that I can share with you.
9. Do you earn on the blog?
This question appears very often. No, I do not earn on the blog, I treat it as a passion, not a form of income. Maybe someday, certainly not now.
10. Do You like to read?
I like it very much, that's why I invested in a reader, because books were slowly starting to fall out of my cupboard. I like to read psychological books and all kinds of guides that always inspire me to act.

That would be enough when it comes to frequently asked questions, if you still have some bothering questions, you can ask them at this post, and I will definitely answer.

Best regards and have a nice day :)


  1. Avatar Madlen 23 July 2015 / 07: 41

    It annoys me when someone asks me if I earn through blogging. Shock, blogging is my passion, something I like and a break away from everyday life, not "WORK" 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 July 2015 / 04: 45

      Yes, this question also frequently scrolls. And my answer is the same as yours 😉

  2. Avatar Kaprysek 18 July 2015 / 10: 24

    With these questions you can make such a cool TAG 😉

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