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August in photos and a competition on our Instagram profile

Holiday ends soon. The kids will go to school, long evenings with a cup of tea, a blanket and a good book will start. See what happened in August on our Instagram profile @dpblogpl (we'll be pleased if you follow our profile).


Fruit reigned on our table. There were also homemade vegan cakes - they are very simple and tasty, but they have their drawback - they quickly disappear from the plate.
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Beige CCC sandals stole my heart and whenever I was warm I dressed them with great pleasure. They are very comfortable (in my case it's a huge success, because every shoe wipes me!), And they match most of the clothes in my wardrobe. In August, Piotr preferred to wear blue pants from Zara, and Jake's shirt from Peek & Cloppenburg with delicate vertical stripes. In the last photo you can see my new blouse (a gift from Piotr for the wedding anniversary) from Tatuum. Ideally suited for casual styling, as well as under the jacket. I intend to wear it also in autumn, because it is quite warm.
August favorites
Kneipp Oil Beautiful Body is my huge August favorite. I will probably talk about it more than once (his review appeared on the blog on Monday). Yasumi moisturizing ampoules were a nice way to spend a lonely evening. I made myself a home spa. Mizon Black Snail cream won Piotr's heart for it. I plan to buy another package.
Decathlon Btwin Elsop 320
On my last visit to Decathlon, I didn't want to leave it. And this is due to the beautiful Btwin elsop 320 bike. I did not want to leave him, and Piotr had to pull me by force 😛 I hope he will be mine in the spring. Our long hair finally persuaded us to pose for photos. Isn't he amazing? 😉 I love to fly a plane. Passengers always look at me strangely, I take a million photos.


On our Instagram profile you can take part in the competition from yesterday. Beautiful covers to be won from Icon - dress your mobile. As many as 16 people win!


  1. Avatar Kasia M. 30 August 2016 / 08: 55

    A beautiful month was seen 🙂 you interested me in these cosmetics, especially oil:. Uszatek most charming 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 30 August 2016 / 08: 58

      The oil is great, although it's not the only product of this company that I like very much. There are more of them 🙂

  2. Avatar LiveLoveListen 29 August 2016 / 10: 52

    Interesting such summaries of the month. I think I will start doing that at home too 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 29 August 2016 / 11: 01

      For the first time we decided on such a summary of the month, but probably we will do it more often :))

  3. Avatar Ania Stankiewicz 26 August 2016 / 15: 45

    I really like these summaries of the month. I am extremely curious about the cookie recipe. And the bunny is charming!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 August 2016 / 17: 40

      Ann, the cakes are very simple and you don't need many ingredients:
      - 1 / 2 kilo of flour
      - 1 / 2 cups of sugar (brown for me)
      - 1 / 2 glasses of coconut flakes
      - 1 / 2 oil glasses
      - 1 / 2 glasses of water
      - a teaspoon of baking powder

      You mix dry ingredients, add oil and water. You knead the dough and it's ready. Now you have to form cookies (I made and flattened them) Bon Appetit 🙂

  4. Avatar Wave 25 August 2016 / 12: 52

    Great bike! 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 August 2016 / 17: 43

      Piotr had to pull me off by force. I don't think I have to explain why 😛

  5. Avatar Kaprysek 24 August 2016 / 15: 50

    A great summary of the month 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 August 2016 / 17: 44

      We have never done such summaries. We test new products on our blog 🙂

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