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Amla: natural oil for hair

Delighted with India and everything related to them I bought amla oil, so far the oil works well. But I was hoping for better results, although maybe after using 4-5 they will be better. The fact that they look healthier (I've dried my hair with the dryer all winter) is also made from natural ingredients. Wonderfully shiny and nourishes hair. The only downside for some may be a strong, herbal fragrance (I am delighted with it). Apparently, it also delays graying processes. I don't have gray hair yet, so I can't comment on that 😉

hair care with amla dabur

01.05.2011- I just found out that there is also such a thing as amla in powder, so I give this information here as a supplement. I have not yet had the opportunity to try this specifics, could anyone comment on this?

And now I will describe the effect after prolonged use of amlite - this cosmetic came to me for good. Since the purchase, I have only used 3 bottles (!) Which proves how efficient the amla is. I even persuaded half of my family to use it;) everyone praises her very much. The only downside is washing it - which is a bit embarrassing. However, you can get used to it.


  1. Avatar Agnieszka 14 July 2011 / 18: 33

    I read about it for the first time. Recently, I have over-dried and weakened my hair a bit and because I consider it my main asset I have to take care of it a little more. I hope to buy amla soon.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Avatar NineN 28 June 2011 / 12: 49

    I will try 😉

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