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Amla oil, i.e. natural hair oil

Delighted with India and everything related to them, I bought Amla Dabur oil, which has been great with me for years. At regular hair oiling they look healthier (I dry my hair with a dryer all winter) and it is made from natural ingredients. Wonderfully shiny and nourishes hair. The only downside for some may be a strong, herbal fragrance (I am delighted with it).

Apparently, amla oil also delays the graying processes, and I think there is something to it - both my grandmother and mother got gray hair very quickly (luckily, there is only one hidden gray hair that appeared when I was very worried about Semir's disease and I experienced his departure strongly).

amla dabur hair oil

Amla in powder - an alternative to amla oil?

There is also something like powdered amla, which we use rather as a mask. It's a great alternative for people who can't stand the smell of Amla oil. I honestly admit that I prefer Amla oil over powdered Amla. I see that Amla oil has much better effects on my hair than powdered Amla. I recommend testing both versions and choosing the best one for you.

What amla oil - for what hair?

The above Amla, which I am describing, is suitable only for dark hair - it can slightly darken. I do not recommend using this oil for blondes because they can wake up with green hair. For blondes there is a special version of Amla - Amla Jasmine. My mother uses this version because she has dyed her hair light for years (naturally she is as dark as me).

How to use amla oil

Apply amla oil to wet or dry (clean) hair. I like applying oil to wet hair the most because I have the impression that there are even better effects then. I am a huge fan of the scent of amla (Piotrek a little less) and I like that when the hair dries, the scent spreads throughout the house.

The amount of amla that we apply to the hair depends on what length of hair we have. I have been using the Hindu method for a long time, which I learned about from one recording on YouTube. This method is very simple - I apply a fair amount of oil to my hair, comb it with a Denman brush (I recommend it for curls, because it's great!) And leave amla for the whole day and all night. The next morning, I wash the oil with a delicate shampoo (on the Biovax cube) and enjoy beautiful, shiny hair for the next 2 weeks - I apply amla oil regularly, every 2 weeks.


  1. Avatar Agnieszka 14 July 2011 / 18: 33

    I read about it for the first time. Recently, I have over-dried and weakened my hair a bit and because I consider it my main asset I have to take care of it a little more. I hope to buy amla soon.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Avatar NineN 28 June 2011 / 12: 49

    I will try 😉

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