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Autumn lovers

I don't like typical autumn - grays, cold days and nights are not for me. I prefer spring when everything comes to life. I would like to sleep under the big, thick blanket. Unfortunately, this is not so simple. This year, the weather is particularly pampering, but I know that it will be a while, and a terrible cold autumn will come (probably along with the rain).

How to deal with the autumn aura?

If, like me, you are not a fan of autumn - try my proven pleasures. The first and most important pleasures are candles. In autumn and winter they visit me every day. This is the only accent of this period that I really love. Scented candles, scented fireplace is something that helps me survive during this period.
In order not to get sick every day, I drink every day teaspoon of linden honey half a glass of warm water flooded - that's where I start my day. Thanks to this ritual last year, I was only sick twice, of which once I was blown away for a week. This is a great success, because usually, as soon as the temperature dropped - I immediately landed with a fever in bed.

Autumn is also a time when I reach for more books. When I didn't have a reader yet - I bought books in a bookstore Matrass. In my opinion it's one of the best bookstores - they have great promotions and a very large selection.

Warm sweaters are another important point. I can't imagine going outside without them. This year I need to get a warm sweater for the winter from good material. I have already bought a wool coat in Revewhich I hope will make me not freeze in the end. Their coats are well made, and in addition they have a brilliant composition.
Staying on the topic of clothes - if you are cold men, it's good to have warm pajamas, socks or slippers in your wardrobe. I saw cool slippers last year at Tk Maxx, I hope that this model will be available again this year.

The best way to fight autumn blame

Tea is an undoubted nail of today's note. As a huge fan, and also a huge cold - I drink countless teas of all kinds in the autumn and winter. From my favorite green or white to typical autumn teas with cranberry, ginger or cinnamon.
Unfortunately, we do not have a bath tub, which I sometimes regret, because I dream of bathing with a lot of foam. Fortunately, from time to time I can afford a longer shower with my favorite gel.
Let me know if you like autumn and why 🙂


  1. Avatar greenfrog 30 October 2015 / 12: 23

    I, like you - do not like autumn and definitely prefer spring ...
    although the fact is that the weather is amazing this year. I just came back from a walk with my dog ​​(I live in the countryside), and I couldn't look at all these fabulously warm colors ... the sun is warming up beautifully and I can tell that autumn is beautiful 🙂
    it just scares me this period when the leaves fall, it's gray and gloomy and it's raining ...

    I love to read books, but I think I read them with equal frequency, regardless of the season.
    And tea ... for some time I think I'm addicted 🙂 especially to green and white! 😉

  2. Avatar archistacja. en 23 October 2015 / 06: 38

    my ways are tea, warm socks and a good book, and in the evenings when I feel like sweets the most - zumba 🙂

  3. Avatar Cornflower variations 20 October 2015 / 17: 31

    I don't like autumn, but candles, a delicious tea and an interesting book make this time pleasant for me 😉

  4. Avatar Karolina I DEFINE blog 18 October 2015 / 19: 26

    I'm just a big fan of such a chariot, I could undoubtedly live in Great Britain 😉 In spring I feel mainly tired, but in autumn I gather strength, maybe I am motivated by the approaching fast Christmas 🙂 For me, the perfect autumn evening is definitely a warm blanket, hot tea or milk, scented candles and a friend or a good book. 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 October 2015 / 13: 38

      I try to read all year, but it's a fact that I read much more in the fall and winter. I think this is due to the autumn aura 😉

  5. Avatar Anonymous 18 October 2015 / 07: 36

    For me, autumn is my favorite season. I love romantic walks in the rain, I like the rustling of leaves under my feet and this beautiful view in the park of colorful trees and those evenings with a good book or diary. It is neither hot nor excessively cold ideal weather for walking. 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 October 2015 / 13: 37

      I'm a terrible cold man, so these are the worst seasons. I prefer to bask in the sunshine 🙂 good coffee, breakfast on the balcony in the sunshine ... ahhh 🙂

  6. Avatar Patrycja Pieguska 18 October 2015 / 06: 55

    I have exactly the same ... autumn and winter ... well maybe except for the Polish zloty ... they are nailing me ... I am just cold and exactly the same pleasures save me;)

    so have a nice :)

  7. Avatar Sailing 17 October 2015 / 22: 53

    Candles and a cup of hot tea, there is nothing better. <3

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 October 2015 / 13: 36

      I recommend Teekanne tea "winter time". I'm totally addicted to her 😉

  8. Avatar Kaprysek 17 October 2015 / 16: 46

    I love teas, but when I feel bad, only cocoa helps; p

  9. Avatar powder compact 17 October 2015 / 16: 35

    I really like hot teas with toppings such as quince or bird cherry juice, of course homemade 🙂

  10. Avatar Beauty Land 17 October 2015 / 14: 59

    I also have a terrible tea, I'm even going to buy such a large thermos to have a constantly warm drink at hand,
    I am also looking for a coat and I am dreaming of golf, it is true that when you have great clothes you can endure it better this fall and winter.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 October 2015 / 13: 35

      I have a thermo mug. Nice thing, because I don't like to drink cold tea.
      I don't like golf, they bite my neck 😛

  11. Avatar Long hair 17 October 2015 / 14: 47

    For me, the best way to cripple autumn is sport.

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