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Balsam with gold flecks

In the Blogosphere, there has recently been a lot of talk about Soraya tanning cosmetics. A lot of bloggers took part in the campaign, today I would like to comment on the next product - a brightening balm, which I tested on my own skin.
balm with gold flecks

After testing the cosmetic Soraya Express Bronze(which turned out to be a hit) I was hopeful that I would like to enjoy body lotion with gold flecks.

I used the product only twice but I will tell you why. The first time I applied a lot of balm and put on a black shirt. After a few minutes, my shirt began to shine like a disco ball. The same happened the second time. The density of gold particles is quite large, even in a small amount of product.

Golden particles in the lotion like to migrate all over the body, as well as our clothes. The worst thing is that after the balm is absorbed, the particles turn into glitter, which is very fond of falling off.

The particles that are in the balm glisten beautifully in the sun, so the product is perfect for a summer dress on a hot, sunny day.

The balm does not stick (even in hot weather), for which a great plus!

balm with gold flecks

Plus for a nice, typically summer fragrance. A little bit more, and I will miss this smell very much. I love summer, I could actually live in a country where the whole year is warm. When it's below 20 degrees, I feel it right away.
Soraya after sun illuminating balm

This product went into good hands that are very happy with it. We didn't like each other very much.

Do you know this product? Let me know how it worked for you 🙂


  1. Avatar Polenka 1 September 2015 / 10: 57

    I avoid cosmetics with the addition of glitter. I have problematic, very sensitive skin. Glitter spreads and spreads bacteria and irritates the epidermis. It's a pity, because I really like this effect.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 14 August 2015 / 16: 25

      I am also a fan of delicate lighting.
      Thank you very much for watching: *

  2. Avatar furpur 14 August 2015 / 12: 18

    I like the balm has golden particles, but since it turns into glitter after drying, it is a bit ,,, medium; f

  3. Avatar Madzia Piórkowska 14 August 2015 / 12: 06

    I somehow don't like flecks in the balm .. Now I use goat's milk and it's great 🙂

  4. Avatar Zaneta Serocka 14 August 2015 / 10: 12

    cool, you just have to think carefully about what to wear later 🙂

  5. Avatar Klaudia Onion 14 August 2015 / 09: 17

    and I just love shiny balms 🙂 I didn't have it 🙂 I prefer spray mists with particles

  6. Avatar Milena M. 14 August 2015 / 08: 03

    I do not like such cosmetics.

  7. Avatar Retromoderna 14 August 2015 / 07: 46

    I have it, but too many of these shiny particles.

  8. Avatar Ines RdP 14 August 2015 / 07: 41

    hmmm, sometimes we all like to shine, thanks to soraya now we can literally shine 😀
    GREAT 😀

  9. Avatar 111 Strudel 14 August 2015 / 06: 06

    I don't like such balms. I do not reach for the products of this cancer when it comes to the body - more about the face. 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 14 August 2015 / 10: 54

      My face falls off because I have a tendency to touch it. Then I shine everywhere; P

  10. Avatar Kathy Leonia 14 August 2015 / 05: 36

    the particles annoy me ... but the smell itself would be pleasing: D

  11. Avatar Beautypedia Patt 13 August 2015 / 21: 29

    I do not like gold color, that's why such particles do not appeal to me, although on a tanned body they should look good 🙂 but I would not like to shine like a disco ball, especially not my clothes 🙂

  12. Avatar cinnamon 13 August 2015 / 10: 57

    I used to have Avon balm on a similar basis, but if such products are not for me, I don't really like this effect, maybe if it was more subtle then it would be different 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 August 2015 / 13: 03

      Eveline slim extreme serum has silver, delicate particles. Soon I will write something about him on the blog 🙂

  13. Avatar Anonymous 12 August 2015 / 23: 47

    balm known for over 15 years, only in a different package, and you snot have just discovered it

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 August 2015 / 05: 12

      15 years ago I was too small to use it, which is why I didn't know it before :))

  14. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 12 August 2015 / 07: 40

    As for me, these particles are too big and tacky ... and what's more, after sunbathing, the skin is more vulnerable to damage, so where can you rub such brocades? If they change this part, I will be a fan.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 August 2015 / 08: 41

      Still with the dresses is ok, but if you wear a shirt, it falls off. That's why my balm went on. The product is completely not for me.

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