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Beauty Blender - foundation sponge reviews

Today I would like to tell you about my big favorite - a beauty blender for applying BB cream. I am currently using my second sponge and I am still delighted with it.

I decided to use Beauty Blender when I started using Dr G. Asian BB cream. It was the moment when I found out that I had nothing to apply (I'm not in favor of applying foundation and BB creams with my hands). When ordering the cream, the Beauty Blender double pack was placed in the basket. It is true that the price scared me a little (over 100 PLN), but I do not regret that I decided.
Beauty Blender, a seemingly ordinary sponge can surprise you the first time you use it. And if we are already in use, then those who did not use this cosmetic gadget will tell a little bit about applying a foundation or BB cream with it.
Soak the sponge for a while in cold water so that it increases its volume. After a while it is ready for use. Then I put a portion of BB cream on my hand and press Beauty Blender on it. I apply the face cream by pressing the sponge to individual parts of the face.
This method works great for me. The cream blends perfectly with the skin. There are no streaks or visible effect that I have something on my face.
The only downside of the sponge is the price, I also don't like the fact that the color comes off during use. At the first use, I began to wonder if it is safe for my skin, after all, it is a dye. Fortunately, nothing happened, but next time I will decide on a white egg. After all, I'm not convinced of the dye that is in the pink egg.
I have already written about my sponge on my blog (Click) The method has not changed much, but now I use bar soap for cleaning (I think that Alterra will work well). I did not notice that it affected the quality of the sponge or that something happened to it.
I used my first sponge for half a year. In my opinion, it's a marketing fake to start a business (they say to use it max 3 msc). What do you think about it


  1. Avatar Basia 11 July 2014 / 10: 28

    Indeed, a hundred is a bit too much ...

  2. Avatar Samara 9 July 2014 / 11: 34

    I have an Ebelin egg, which looks the same and works great 🙂 100 PLN for such a product, in my opinion it is far too much 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 9 July 2014 / 18: 26

      I am very happy and I would not give an egg or exchange it for anything :) The cost is calculated because the egg is enough for me for half a year. And the price is PLN 100. that's the price for 2 eggs :)

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