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Beauty Limited massage device 6w1

I've been testing for several weeks 6w1 facial massage device, which is also a great idea for a Christmas gift for Mom, Sister or Mother-in-law. This device contains: Ultrasounds + Radio waves + EMS + positive ionophoresis + negative ionophoresis + vibroacoustic massage + LED light therapy. Most often for facial treatments I used the combination: RF + EMS, i.e. radio waves + needle-free mesotherapy + light therapy (red or blue light). Using this treatment, you can apply a cocktail, ampoule, collagen or hyaluronic acid under a special gel. It's nice that the device can be used not only on the face, but also on the body, e.g. the abdomen, thighs or shoulders. During this procedure, you feel light, but very pleasant pinching from time to time. As if the cells were stimulated to work.

6w1 massager beauty limited


Depending on the treatment you want to perform, we can apply an ultrasound gel, ampoule or cocktail. For each treatment we use a thick layer of ultrasound gel (ultrasound gel works well), which is mandatory for this device. After the procedure, we wash the excess gel with a paper towel or spatula.

The massager has two heads. The smooth head is designed for ultrasound, iontophoresis and acoustic vibrations, while the other head is used for radio waves with EMS and light therapy. The device is turned on using the POWER button. The MODE button is used to select the procedure, while the H / L button sets the power of the procedure. I performed the first treatment at the lowest intensity, gradually increasing the power with each treatment.

On the left in the device menu are the names of the treatments:

PHOTON - light therapy (using the H / L button we set the light color)

RF / EMS - radio waves with EMS

ULTRASONIC - ultrasounds

VIBRATION - vibrations

IONOPHORESIS - there are two options for iontophoresis (positive and negative). During this procedure it is very important to hold the side stripes of the device

POSITIVE ION - positive iontophoresis (great help with acne)

NEGATIVE ION - negative iontophoresis (when your skin needs hydration)

The device comes with detailed instructions along with examples of treatments that can be performed with the device. The instructions mention how long each treatment should last. Effects that can be obtained using the Beauty Limited massager.

beauty limited massager

Depending on the procedure, the skin reacts differently after each treatment. I have to mention that on days when I had skin changes I used soothing blue light most often. I used red light on my stomach, which supports metabolism.

After each treatment, the skin was firm, so "compacted" and bright. The procedure itself is painless, even at the highest power. What else when using Darsonvalu (I have been using Darsonval for several years and have never used full power because it is unpleasant for me).

This device is a great complement to everyday skin care. With the help of a series of treatments we can achieve the effects that we would get during a visit to the cosmetician. Only in this case, we invest in the device once and enjoy it for a longer time. It will certainly be more beneficial in financial terms. Beauty Limited massager is also a great idea for a Christmas gift for every woman. I would certainly be happy with such a gift myself.


  1. Avatar Kasia 2 August 2020 / 09: 08

    I just bought it from a friend, it's a tiny miracle of Beauty Limited, but unfortunately without the manual :-( is there any chance that some of you will send it to me by e-mail :-) [Email protected]
    greetings Kasia

  2. Avatar Jola 21 July 2020 / 20: 39

    Hello all ladies speaking in the comments. I have a request to send me the manual for this massager. Of course. there may be photos. I bought the massager second-hand, the previous owner lost the manual somewhere. Thanks in advance. [Email protected]

  3. Avatar Magda 12 June 2020 / 22: 46

    Hello, I have capillaries, can I use this massager ???

  4. Avatar Anonymous 10 June 2020 / 09: 20

    Where can I buy oils for the massager?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      10 June 2020 / 09: 52

      You can use any oil (suited to your skin type). I really like Resibo serum (it is oil). You can find good, natural oils, e.g. Nacomi in Hebe.

  5. Avatar Asia 6 May 2020 / 20: 25

    Could I also ask for pictures of the instructions by email, because I can not get along with this device :(

  6. Avatar Anonymous 1 May 2020 / 09: 38

    Hello ... I just bought a massager and I will work? Unfortunately the instructions are full of information, if I can ask for specific tips, what functions should I set for specific parts of the face so that the treatment is adequate to my needs, I will be grateful
    1 smoker's lines?
    2 horizontal forehead wrinkles?
    3 since under the eyes?
    4 reduction of discoloration?
    5 drooping eyelid?
    Which head should I use and should I use gel?

  7. Avatar Catherine M. 7 April 2020 / 19: 35

    Hello! I have a huge request to send me e-mail instructions in pdf format. Do any of you have?

    • Avatar Anonymous 10 April 2020 / 22: 47

      I have I can send but only in the form of photos 🙂

      • Avatar Anonymous 20 April 2020 / 20: 36

        Good morning, please send me instructions. Regards

      • Avatar Kasia 20 May 2020 / 11: 19

        Good day,
        can I also ask you to remove the manual?

      • Avatar She 22 May 2020 / 12: 58

        If I could ask for instructions, I would be grateful.

      • Avatar Magda 25 May 2020 / 14: 18

        Hello, can I also ask you to remove the manual?

      • Avatar Ania 8 June 2020 / 23: 50

        Hello, can I also ask for instructions? Thank you very much in advance

      • Avatar Monika 15 September 2020 / 17: 06

        Hello, can I also ask for an instruction? I will be grateful. Best regards . Monika
        [Email protected]

  8. Avatar Czesio 9 March 2020 / 13: 54

    Do we use ultrasound gel for negative ionophoresis when we want to inject an ampoule? If so, will only the cosmetic from the ampoule be "pressed" or the gel ingredients too. And if so, isn't that harmful?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      10 March 2020 / 15: 07

      Ultrasound gel is completely neutral to the skin. It is not allergic etc. so you don't have to worry 🙂

  9. Avatar Anonymous 29 February 2020 / 08: 52

    Excuse me, where can I buy this product?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      29 February 2020 / 10: 48

      In the post there is a link to the seller and the name.

  10. Avatar Bozena 18 February 2020 / 13: 26

    I just bought the device. And I have no idea how to run them. I chose the procedure and the power and I don't know what to do next? There is no information in the instructions on how to turn them on and I don't know if it should turn on automatically because how does it work my device does not work, and if you need to turn it on with one button I don't know where. Could you please help me?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      18 February 2020 / 14: 00

      Turn on the device by pressing the "power" button 🙂

  11. Avatar DB 3 January 2020 / 17: 58

    Hello, I read and I know that the blogger and tester do not have a user manual, I bought the occasional massager but without the instructions of this small important book, maybe a nice girl send me an e-mail? Regards

  12. Avatar Asia 30 November 2019 / 13: 44

    I got this device from a friend, used and without instructions ☹️ Can I ask for information on how to handle it?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      30 November 2019 / 15: 49

      The seller that I recommended on his own made instructions with a trusted beautician. When buying a device from this seller, instructions are attached with detailed descriptions of the treatments.

  13. Avatar hair growth 26 September 2019 / 08: 45

    Does your blog have a contact page? I'm having a touyh
    time locating it but, I'd like to send you an email.

    I've got some recommendations for your blog

    Either way, great site andd I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

  14. Avatar Kasia 4 September 2019 / 14: 51

    Have you tried this device for closing broken capillaries? Does it work and what light to use?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      4 September 2019 / 16: 01

      The blood vessels will only close the laser. Such a device has no physical power for this.

  15. Avatar asiiik 28 August 2019 / 14: 29

    I just bought this device at Arcotech where you recommended it. They describe everywhere that it is helpful in acne (I have hormonal acne), but the instructions say not to use acne on the skin: (do you need to use an ultrasound gel for irradiation? Does it not clog the face? Thank you very much for the answer :)

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      28 August 2019 / 17: 26

      I have a skin prone to breakouts and nothing happened to me using this device. You always use a gel for ultrasound. Does not clog - I tested, and I have a really capricious complexion, which everything clogs 😉

      • Avatar asiiik 29 August 2019 / 15: 20

        Thank you for your answer, could you still write how you used phototherapy for acne ?? or first blue light every day for a few days and then red? can different lights be used alternately? and how long can one exposure last? I would be grateful if you wrote an exposure pattern and whether you can use other functions of the device between exposures:) thank you in advance :)

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl
          29 August 2019 / 15: 45

          Hey, no problem. I always try to respond to comments 🙂 I used the combined function - RF + EMS + needle-free mesotherapy + light therapy (blue light on my mouth, which soothes and is recommended for acne problems), while on my stomach I used red light, which supports metabolism. Each time I used the device for 15 minutes. For the time of using this device I gave up using darsonval (which I have been using for five years, maybe longer).

          • Avatar asiiik 29 August 2019 / 15: 58

            Well, I also bought Darsonval together with this device and I wonder where to start:) at the moment I am on the face in a sharpened phase with subcutaneous "bumps" :( is it better to mute it with Darsonval and then do phototherapy or vice versa?

          • dpblogpl dpblogpl
            29 August 2019 / 16: 07

            I would use darsonval first, then Beauty Limited with blue light. Just don't overdo it with darsonval so that you don't irritate your skin too much. And of course, moisturize the skin with gel creams. So Bio oxygen (cream-gel) works great for me. Unfortunately, it is quite poorly available, but I order it online. My face likes him a lot, and she is really capricious. Every few days I add to it 2 droplets of oil coloring from Beauty Farm. And once a week I use Tołpa's enzymatic peeling.

          • Avatar She 20 November 2019 / 20: 06

            And how do you set the minutes on 15 how does it have the 10min time? On F there is an advertisement for such a device only 5w1 and there they show that the ampoules give on the head and do not use gel. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I have not noticed any changes: - [I put the serum on and then the gel and after the treatment you need to wash your face so I don't know how this serum can be absorbed? Please answer. Regards ELŻBIETA

          • dpblogpl dpblogpl
            21 November 2019 / 07: 54

            Hey, I set everything up according to the instructions that I got to the device. The salesman from whom I had the device attaches the treatment booklet to the device 🙂 Did you not get this booklet with your device?

  16. Avatar asiiik 28 August 2019 / 14: 28

    I just bought this device at Arcotech where you recommended it. They describe everywhere that it is helpful in acne (I have hormonal acne), but the instructions say not to use acne on the skin: (do you need to use an ultrasound gel for irradiation? Does it not clog the face? Thank you very much for the answer :)

  17. Avatar Eleni 30 July 2019 / 17: 45

    I have this device and I wonder if I can do facial treatments every day?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      30 July 2019 / 18: 32

      If the instruction says that you can do them every day, I do not see any contraindications 🙂

  18. Avatar abelek 24 July 2019 / 18: 34

    I bought this device at Arcotech. I turned on negative iontophoresis and I don't feel anything. Should I turn on vibration at the same time?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      24 July 2019 / 21: 17

      Because you can't feel it 😀 But of course you can still turn on the vibration, it certainly won't hurt.

  19. Avatar Iwcia 18 July 2019 / 09: 11

    Hello. I have this device for some time. Is the battery so weak that I need to recharge it after two treatments?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      18 July 2019 / 11: 06

      I also charged quite often. I think this device just has a low battery.

  20. Avatar ANETA 27 May 2019 / 10: 17

    Hello, I am thinking about this device especially iontophoresis because I have facial hyperactivity and seborrhea in the T zone ... do you think this device will help?


  21. Avatar Ania 30 April 2019 / 16: 02

    Will anyone buy this product and see any effects?

    • Avatar Elizabeth 18 February 2020 / 19: 15

      Hello. I bought this device in November 2019. It is today February 18, 2020.I used the treatments according to the instructions in the booklet 8 treatments a month break and the same again. In the meantime I used red light and I see that thanks to it I got rid of chronic runny nose. I had my nose packed all the time, no medication helped. To this day I have peace. And when it comes to the face, I do not see any difference.

  22. Avatar Lidka 20 April 2019 / 11: 45

    I want to buy this device only these types of reviews are suspicious because if it is so great why the blogger is only testing and does not leave or buy to repeat the treatments.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 20 April 2019 / 19: 18

      I have been running a blog since 2009 and many girls bought not only this device, but also other ones, e.g. darsonval (this is also the reason why I don't own the massager - I've been using darsonval for years. I wouldn't have time to use both devices because I'm very busy person).

      In addition, if I were to have all the devices in the house that I tested and reviewed on the blog - I would have to have a huge house to fit it all 😉 In my life I focus on minimalism, not mindless collecting things.

  23. Avatar Gabi 5 April 2019 / 08: 38

    Could I also ask you to send instructions?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 5 April 2019 / 09: 20

      If you buy a device from a seller I recommend, you will receive a detailed instruction manual for the device and examples of treatments that you can do with it 🙂 This seller himself has made the instructions, and more specifically a befriended, specialized beautician. It is worth buying a device from him, because then there will be no problem with the instructions.

  24. Avatar Aneta 1 April 2019 / 10: 11

    I would like to buy a device, I found it on the Beauty Limited's arcotech website, I read the reviews but I don't know where I should write the password dpblog to get a discount and will it be an additional discount to 399,99?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 1 April 2019 / 12: 00

      When you get to the basket, on the right side is a box to select "I have a discount coupon". After clicking, the field for entering the DPBLOG password will appear. The discount is additional to the amount of PLN 399,99 🙂

  25. Avatar Paulina 18 February 2019 / 00: 43

    I have the same problem ... and I don't hear any sound. As if the device was "dead" ... it does not inspire my trust ... vibrations after touching the skin also give no feeling ...

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 18 February 2019 / 09: 18

      Did you buy from a seller I recommend? If so - you may have found a faulty copy and you have to advertise 🙂 Vibration feel, while some treatments you will not feel 🙂

  26. Avatar dreams 18 January 2019 / 10: 39

    Please let me know if you can't feel anything on radio waves? And why the time is still 10 minutes and does not decrease

    • Avatar Julianna 12 May 2020 / 11: 02

      Hello, I would also like to know if I can't feel anything on radio waves 🙂 Because Mom says that she feels vibrations and I feel silent. Although I still suspect that she has added a vibration mode to the treatments 😛

  27. Avatar Aga 10 January 2019 / 21: 06

    Gosia saw that you have structures. Can I ask you to send it? greetings

  28. Avatar Katie 4 January 2019 / 10: 00

    What do you need to buy for the device? Ultrasonic conduction gel? what do you recommend? what is absolutely necessary and what is just an addition? I understand that vitamin ampoules can be used any, but are there any dedicated preparations? I want to order the device, but I don't know if something needs to be bought more (why pay twice for a shipment - I want to do it right away).
    Thanks in advance for your answer

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 4 January 2019 / 10: 22

      You definitely need to buy a gel, because without this you can not use the device. In case you need an ultrasound gel at the pharmacy 🙂 Yes, you can use ampoules, but you don't have to. I recommend you buy a sample ampoule from 2-3 and use the device as many times without them. Then you will compare the effects with and without ampoules 🙂 I used the vitamin serum, which is available on the manufacturer's website. The treatment + this serum worked very well 🙂 Try also vitamin coctail with oxygen 😉

  29. Avatar Gretel 30 November 2018 / 15: 39

    I bought this device from the second hand, but unfortunately I do not have instructions for it. I searched the internet but I didn't find it.
    Therefore, I have a question: could someone give me a hint how can I get it, or could someone send me an e-mail in PDF.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 30 November 2018 / 16: 20

      Unfortunately, I don't have instructions. The company, thanks to which the device was tested, created such an instruction with the help of a beautician.

      • Avatar Goshia 6 January 2019 / 14: 19

        I have

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl 6 January 2019 / 17: 24

          And how? Satisfied? 🙂

        • Avatar Ula 11 January 2019 / 12: 28

          Hello, can someone from you send me a full Beauty Limited user manual, unfortunately I did not get one when buying the device

        • Avatar Malgorzata 18 January 2019 / 10: 24

          Hello Gosia! I have a huge request for you, could you please send me the instructions? I have a device, but I don't know how to bite it. I will be very grateful to you.

          • Avatar Kasia 31 October 2019 / 14: 26

            Can you ask the massager for instructions. I got it as a gift but unfortunately without instructions.

        • Avatar Gretel 27 February 2019 / 02: 07

          And you could share ... Please 🙂

        • Avatar MAŁGOSIA 30 May 2019 / 23: 18

          Do you have instructions

        • Avatar JS 22 October 2019 / 15: 00

          Can you please send the instructions?

  30. Avatar Anonymous 27 September 2018 / 20: 22

    The discount works. I just bought the device.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 27 September 2018 / 20: 38

      Works, works 🙂 You just have to remember about the letter case! Enjoy using :)))

  31. Avatar Anonymous 22 August 2018 / 13: 09

    it is a pity that there are no given parameters

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 22 August 2018 / 13: 32

      Just click the first link in the first line and you will go to the manufacturer's website, where there are all the technical parameters.

      I focused on care issues, because it was the most important for me 🙂

  32. Avatar Ewa 25 May 2018 / 14: 38

    The coupon does not work, I just wanted to buy and entered the coupon password, but unfortunately it came out incorrectly

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 26 May 2018 / 19: 17

      Ewa, I wrote to the owner of the company to check it, because he has recently reactivated the code (it has expired after some time). I will let you know when I get info that works 🙂

      • Avatar dreams 23 September 2018 / 00: 11

        I also wanted to order and it doesn't work

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl 23 September 2018 / 11: 14

          The business owner assured that it works. The letter size is important 🙂 I checked, the code works. You must click 'I have a discount coupon' and enter in block letters DPBLOG

          • Avatar dreams 23 September 2018 / 14: 11

            Works ordered. I just have a question. Can this massager be used for cavitation peeling?

          • dpblogpl dpblogpl 23 September 2018 / 14: 32

            No. All treatments that can be shed with the help of this device are listed in the post: *

  33. Avatar Monika 27 April 2018 / 10: 23

    I would like to ask for a link with detailed instructions and a description of the treatments. I bought a massager and I have no idea how to use it properly.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 27 April 2018 / 10: 35

      I am sorry but I do not have the manual because the device was rented to me as part of the test. Did you buy from a seller I recommended? If so, you should get a booklet with instructions and a detailed description of the procedures 😉

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 23 September 2018 / 11: 17

      Nothing stands in the way, you still have a discount from me: *

  34. Avatar YASMINELLE 21 December 2017 / 10: 24

    It is a pity that you did not mention anything about the contraindications to perform individual treatments.

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 21 December 2017 / 15: 08

      Contraindications will be in the second part about the device, as in the case of darsonval.

  35. Avatar Łukasz Bier 19 December 2017 / 20: 14

    And I bought a mesotherapy harvester ... I want this equipment! 😛

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 20 December 2017 / 07: 55

      Ha! You see, this is such a small thing 😉 And you have a discount on the DPBLOG password.

    • Avatar Szarlotte Take care of your hair 20 December 2017 / 09: 32

      I think most people like it, but the price is quite high. Although for such opportunities I think it is not excessive. However, such treatments in a beauty salon are quite expensive and in the long run the cost of the device can be "paid back".

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 20 December 2017 / 09: 58

      Well - if you count the cost of treatments in the salon, the amount would be much higher, and so the device is our own and we can use it when we want 🙂

      If you add a discount for the DPBLOG password, the price is very pleasant :)))

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