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Are you afraid of donating blood?

Blood donation is a nightmare for me. I am terribly afraid of needles and nobody and nothing will convince me that it is nothing.

Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism recently and I have to do a blood test every approx. 3 months. It is a nightmare for me ... before I avoided it like fire (I did research every 2-3 years), but now I am forced to stab regularly.

I found a product that allows me to forget about the pain when driving a needle, and thus experience it with dignity in an armchair, not a bed 😉
Emla slices are an anesthetic product that can be used for vaccination, blood sampling, all kinds of punctures and catheterization of veins. The product can also be used in aesthetic medicine procedures, e.g. closing blood vessels, smoothing wrinkles, or surgical procedures, e.g. using a laser.

One patch should be applied an hour before the test, thanks to which the anesthetic will be absorbed into the epidermis and dermis. If we use the 1-2 patch an hour before the procedure - the anesthesia will last for approx. 2 hours. The patch can be applied a maximum of 5 hours before the planned surgery.

The longer the patch stays on your skin, the longer it will last.
Emla can be used in adults, but also in children from 3 month old. It is worth thinking about if the child is afraid of injections, vaccinations, etc.
Slices are not the cheapest (about PLN 30 for 2 slices), but for me, no pain when taking blood is priceless.


  1. Avatar Dorota211 20 June 2016 / 11: 02

    These slices actually help, but it is also important to professionally download and approach the patient to the patient, me and my family use the services http://bluemedica.pl/ and we are satisfied with the quality of service.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 June 2016 / 11: 28

      These slices are my hit. I don't move to get blood without them. No matter where, no matter who does it. For me it's a huge stress.

      • Avatar Dorota 8 August 2018 / 16: 25

        We just have slices because my son is going to vaccinate, I want to stick it on and then the whole patch peels off in the office or just the middle part ??

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl 8 August 2018 / 17: 13

          You peel off the whole patch 🙂 Just remember to stick it on an hour before vaccination! 😉

  2. Avatar stupid heart 16 September 2015 / 16: 09

    I recently had blood drawn and hmm ended up gagging and eventually lost consciousness! I am not afraid of needles, etc. but the sight of blood causes me such a reaction, something terrible, greetings Joanna.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 17 September 2015 / 12: 32

      I don't faint at the sight of blood, although I care ... sometimes I feel weak and sometimes I don't - I don't know what it depends on;)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 17 September 2015 / 12: 34

      I don't faint at the sight of blood, although I care ... sometimes I feel weak and sometimes I don't - I don't know what it depends on;)

  3. Avatar Agnieszka Wieczorek 16 September 2015 / 00: 36

    I am also afraid of taking blood, that's why I haven't been to 10 years ago badaniach It's good that you write about these slices, because I haven't heard of such a miracle before.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 September 2015 / 07: 30

      I was not on the research before detecting thyroid disease, because it was terrible stress for me. Now, unfortunately, I have to study more often.

  4. Avatar Mada 15 September 2015 / 18: 53

    I am not afraid of injections, stinging, etc. I had blood drawn a few times and donated at a blood donation station ... but there is one condition - I can not see this blood - then the pressure goes up immediately and I start to panic. if I had to dress someone with a wound, most likely I would have fainted, unfortunately :(
    the one who came up with these slices knew what he was doing - a lot of people are afraid of stinging :) And the price ... well, it doesn't work like a painkiller but just like anesthesia, probably that's why it's so high.
    I wish you health and as little stinging as possible!

  5. Avatar powder compact 15 September 2015 / 16: 43

    It's nice that you found your way to survive this terrible moment, :-)

  6. Avatar sypaaa 15 September 2015 / 16: 28

    But miracles, I see such a slice for the first time;). Fortunately, I'm not afraid of needles.

  7. Avatar sandraxblog 15 September 2015 / 16: 06

    I was terribly afraid of my first download (some 4 years ago), but it didn't hurt and I take it now calmly. Maybe it's because I never looked at the needle 😀

  8. Avatar Monika N 15 September 2015 / 12: 12

    I am also terribly afraid of taking blood, and now when I'm pregnant, I have to do tests and take blood almost every month: / It was the worst at the beginning. I'm a little used to it now, but I'm still scared of needles. I haven't heard of these slices yet, but a great patent 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 September 2015 / 12: 37

      In that case, make sure that these slices cannot be used during pregnancy. It is only thanks to them that I can stand the tests every 3 months. I don't even want to think about what will be pregnant. This thought scares me 😉

    • Avatar Monika N 15 September 2015 / 12: 51

      I was just planning to check it 🙂 because in some 2 weeks I am going back to the tests again 🙁 The worst test I had was recently taken for a glucose test, where I had to stab me 3 times: / But I survived. For sure you can handle it 🙂 If I endure this somehow, you can do it too 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 September 2015 / 13: 56

      It sounds terrible ... I don't think I've ever had such an examination (and I don't want to) 😉

    • Avatar Monika N 15 September 2015 / 14: 07

      Well, pregnancy is like a mandatory test to rule out gestational diabetes. I was afraid that if I drink this glucose I will return it and then I would not be able to do this test, but it is known that it is good for our child and so I tried to stop vomiting 😛 But do not worry about the supply 🙂 It will be good 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 September 2015 / 14: 15

      Fortunately, I am not planning a child at the moment, so I do not even want to imagine all this - I admire the courage in research and congratulate the little one! 🙂

    • Avatar Monika N 15 September 2015 / 15: 20

      And that's why I say that there is nothing to stress over zapas And thank you 🙂: *

  9. Avatar Sailing 15 September 2015 / 10: 35

    I didn't know about that! Fortunately, I have no problem with that. 🙂

  10. Avatar Madziakowo 15 September 2015 / 08: 02

    is it over the counter? because I associate it with prescription emla

  11. Avatar Marta | www.urodaiwlosy.pl 14 September 2015 / 19: 54

    I am completely not afraid of taking blood, but I understand your problem because I have the same with a dentist. Every half year horror 🙂 I won't sit down without anesthesia.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 September 2015 / 05: 54

      I am not afraid of the dentist, but I treat all my teeth without anesthesia, because it is also a needle;)

  12. Avatar lacquer-maniacs 14 September 2015 / 19: 39

    The first I read about such a plaster, I was completely unaware of the existence of such inventions 🙂 It will definitely be a kind of godsend for people who are afraid of pain from pricking. Fortunately, I am not afraid of needles, but I can imagine what fear this might be for some people 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 September 2015 / 05: 52

      For me it is probably family because my dad and sister are also afraid of needles; P

    • Avatar [Email protected] 14 September 2015 / 17: 56

      This is a very nice thing for people who are afraid of such an examination, as well as for children 😉

  13. Avatar Beauty Land 14 September 2015 / 15: 22

    I also had to do tests every 3 months and out of necessity I had to get used to this test.

  14. Avatar Beata Nowak 14 September 2015 / 15: 06

    I also have to do blood tests often, fortunately this is not a problem for me 🙂

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