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Brush purchased with the intention of dry brushing

The blogosphere has been rumbling about dry body brushing for a long time. With this intention I bought a Rossmann massage brush for you Beauty.

dry brushing
When dry brushing, it is worth remembering do not use water or lotion. Apparently, the first effects are already visible after the first treatment. Brushing the body from bottom to top, towards the heart.
After applying the brushing rules we get firm body, and above all we get rid of toxins from the body and we improve circulation.
Let's get to the product review.
The brush head is made of wood and has a linen handle to make use easier. In addition to the usual bristles, there are several tabs for additional body massage.
The brush cost about PLN 11, it is available in every Rossmann.
It is a pity that the brush is very sharp and hard to use. I tried to use it dry and wet, but it is still too hot for me. I am not happy with her and unfortunately I will not come back to her.
I tried to soften the bristles by dipping it in hot water for a while (this works well if the toothbrush is too hard), but it didn't help.
Perhaps it was the fault of my sensitive and thin skin, but I had high hopes for this brush, which unfortunately went away very quickly.
The brush lands in the basket today. However, I do not give up and I am looking for a milder substitute for it.


  1. Avatar GumaDoZuciax3 27 March 2015 / 12: 59

    I have it and I brush it dry - it's great for me 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 March 2015 / 12: 45

      I am not surprised, I am very disappointed.

  2. Avatar me, Cosmonaut 24 March 2015 / 18: 04

    I also bought a FYB brush in Rossmann (but the other one with a long handle to detach) on the wave of popularity and although I was very happy with the brush itself, with the end of the holiday and the beginning of the academic year the brush lies in the corner. I can't set this alarm clock five minutes earlier 😛

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 March 2015 / 12: 45

      I belong to early birds and I have no problems getting up, but in the evening I fall asleep at 20; P

  3. Avatar AniaP 24 March 2015 / 17: 37

    I have and use wet with shower gel. The body is smooth and pleasant to the touch. I use about a month and see the effects, but I do not think that only thanks to this brush because I have been moving more intensively and after the bath I use Dove balm.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 March 2015 / 12: 46

      It's great that it worked for you. Did you also use it dry?

  4. Avatar scarlet23 24 March 2015 / 16: 21

    I bought a facial brush and it also gives a lot!

  5. Avatar Place Of Woman 24 March 2015 / 16: 13

    I used to have something similar, but it also didn't work for me 😛

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