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Be Eco! #1 What is an aerator?

By way of introduction, a few words. We start a series of notes "Be Eco!". In this series of notes we will want to share with you ways to make your homes become more Eco.
Getting to the point. The first step to being Eco (and save money) is to save water. Several gadgets can help you with this. Aerators, because we are talking about them today are also called aerators. The aerator is made of stainless metal, has a ring shape. Inside the gadget is a special charge that causes water aeration or a needle jet. The aerator is installed at the outlet of the tap, or when connecting batteries and a shower hose.
It is important that the aerator ring is made of metal and the inside of the aerator is silicone. This is important because if you have hard or very hard water, just wipe the aerator with your finger and the stone will be removed.
aerator price
In a few words about the principle of operation. The aerator is based on the phenomenon of underpressure in the stream of water flowing out of our tap. Due to the negative pressure, air is drawn in through the small holes and the water and oxygen molecules are combined. The faucet faucet leaks less water, but the aeration seems to have a larger volume.
Looking a few years ago, the aerators were something new. Now, any self-respecting company that produces bathroom fittings can not afford not to install this Eco gadget. Aeorator is the easiest way to the first step to be Eco and save a little penny. The aerator can save from 2 liters to even 6 liters per minute.
Currently, new solutions are available on the market, electronic news will help us. Well known motion sensors from the so-called air vents for drying hands. In this case, the detector is located in the tap battery.
Thanks to the earlier setting of water pressure and temperature (we won't find traditional handles in this type of battery), we only place our hands under the tap and use as much water as we really need.
In the shower, however, LED green lighting informs us that we can still wash, but when the backlight appears in red it will mean too long a shower.
Fortunately, no one has ever invented an application to control water with a tap smartphone, but who knows ... 😉


  1. Avatar Lemitor 25 August 2018 / 21: 20

    Aerator is a great solution! I have to make it myself. Thanks for such information. 🙂

  2. Avatar Blog Collage 5 September 2016 / 08: 54

    Very good entry - I've been talking to my investors for a long time about ways to save water and energy, but only now this topic is really popular. It is worth making people aware that it is also a way to save money in the home budget. I have a shower head with an aerator at home - such a system as aerators for washbasin faucets - and savings on water consumption are at 25% and that's a lot. Best wishes 🙂

  3. Avatar Arch Joko 24 April 2015 / 13: 35

    I think I'm lagging behind because I've never heard of such a thing, but now I'm sure I will remember, saving water is an important thing not only in terms of money, but generally ecological. Cool thing 😀

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 26 April 2015 / 15: 33

      It is definitely worth investing in, because the cost of the aerators themselves pays off very quickly. In addition, the cost is not significant, given the future water savings 🙂

  4. Avatar KasiaS1980 24 April 2015 / 11: 18

    I have an aerator at home, although I bought it by accident. I do not know if it actually reduces the amount of water consumed, but at least it is not clogged with stone, like the previous tap end.

  5. Avatar Pieknoscdniablog 24 April 2015 / 09: 52

    great, I've never heard of it, and you have to save water

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 April 2015 / 10: 11

      Definitely yes! For reasons not only ecological, but also financial. I suspect that in some years the water will be very expensive, because it is getting less.

  6. Avatar Anonymous 23 April 2015 / 19: 38

    Not a bad idea 🙂 I have to try because those bills are killing me and besides, there is terribly hard water in Silesia 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 April 2015 / 19: 44

      In Gdańsk, water is also terrible. After a week of not washing the cabin windows, a monstrous stone collects. Horror. I'm struggling with what I can, but I think vinegar works best.

    • Avatar Anonymous 24 April 2015 / 12: 58

      I do the same but I can't stand the smell ... hard water in Gdansk? I thought that the sea water is ok. I remember when a year ago I was at the sea and washed my hair I could not get over the admiration Italian was so soft 🙂 and I did not change care then I do not know what it depends on

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 25 April 2015 / 13: 25

      We lived in Sopot and the water was great there, but now we live in Gdańsk and the water is tragic-hard etc.
      It depends on the water intake.

    • Avatar Anonymous 25 April 2015 / 16: 38

      Aaaaaa I wouldn't think about that 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 26 April 2015 / 15: 32

      Well, unfortunately, my water is terrible now. This is most clearly seen on the shower cubicle 😉

  7. Avatar www.fashionable.com.pl 23 April 2015 / 15: 32

    Oh, I see that more and more blogs are being opened. At the beginning I even thought that it was plagiarism, because these rabbits / rabbits (I never distinguish) just match our name;) nice graphics anyway :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 April 2015 / 16: 50

      The blog has been operating since 2009 a year, the 2011 department was created by the Male eye, so our idea was already very long ago, from what I saw then even your blog was not in the blogosphere 🙂 but the fact that more and more blogs are being conducted along with the opposite sex. I wonder how many people were inspired by us 🙂
      There are rabbits on the graphic because we have an adopted rabbit from the Rabbit Help Association (SPK).

      Regards 🙂

    • Avatar www.fashionable.com.pl 23 April 2015 / 16: 57

      Thanks for the answer! with this plagiarism it was a "joke" I hope you understood that :) second blog. Your reader sent me a note - with the signature: "see some hares also run a blog together :)" so I was curious :) I'm glad that more and more couples do it together! Good luck!

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 April 2015 / 17: 22

      Hahaha good, do you see what vigilant reader 🙂 by the way does the graphic say about the name? Well, not really 😛 Besides, there are many people with the same name. On the proof, apparently one digit says that there is the same person (name and surname) in the country 😀

      I once heard about blog plagiarism but luckily I have never had any experience with it and I hope it will stay that way.

      Do you really have the name Hare? So cool:)))

  8. Avatar An gie 22 April 2015 / 15: 02

    I've never heard of it, but it's a cool thing!

  9. Avatar Patrycja Kowalewska 22 April 2015 / 12: 58

    Oh mother! I have to show it to dad. We pay massively high water bills: /

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 22 April 2015 / 12: 13

      What do water-saving aerators have to do with being fit? :)

  10. Avatar powder compact 22 April 2015 / 08: 02

    Nice facility, I didn't know what it was, but actually useful przydatne

  11. Avatar me, Cosmonaut 21 April 2015 / 16: 55

    Write us more details, how much it cost, how much you reduced your bills ... it's a very interesting topic!

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 21 April 2015 / 17: 50

      The cost of the aerators (there were two pieces in the package) was PLN 25, in the case of the shower aerator there was one piece. The cost is approx. PLN 15.
      Hot and cold water is consumed at a similar level (cold water used up more, before the aerators were installed) water bills actually decreased by about 15%. It is also worth adding that the water due to aeration is softer.

  12. Avatar scarlet23 21 April 2015 / 16: 02

    now terrible fashion for fit eco and bio :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 21 April 2015 / 17: 42

      I think that the fashion for being eco in this case has only positive effects;)

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