Stories on Instagram - why record them?

Insta Stories is a wonderful tool for contacting your Watchers, but not everyone can use it. Stories neglect a lot of Influencers and brands, thinking that publishing photos on Instagram is enough to succeed. The most interesting thing is that more and more Influencers and Specialists who run brand profiles point out that Stories often have better ranges, not photos on the main profile. Isn't that the best argument to start recording Stories on Instagram?

Instagram stories

Stories (short for Insta Stories) can be recorded on Instagram by going to IG and clicking the camera icon in the upper left corner. There are different variants of Insa Stories - text on the background (I don't like this option), no special effects (photo), boomerang (moving photo like Harry Potter), super-zoom (I rarely use this option) and hands-free (preferably through chosen one, which allows recording a video with sound).

Make yourself known on Insta Stories

Adding photos to Instagram is just one of the elements of creating an image on social media. I often hear from my clients that they add photos and their profile does not grow or from Influencers (I advise Influencers what to improve / change on their profiles), "listen, I add photos and I have hatred". By operating on social media, running a blog or doing something that others can rate, you need to be prepared for hate. He will appear sooner or later (to a greater or lesser extent). People love to criticize others. Today, when people feel anonymous on the Internet (this is completely not reflected in reality, because no one is anonymous on the Internet), they also feel unpunished. It is very often the case that the more you grow, the more criticism falls on you. Do you think that there were no adverse comments from us? If so, you are wrong. However, this is a topic for another occasion.

At first I was afraid to record Stories. I love to speak, but I didn't think that what I am saying could interest anyone. I started recording Stories showing what I want to show and saying in the background. I practiced this type of Stories for a long time. It was surprising to me that when I started talking, followers began to appear on our profile (who are with us today, which is wonderful!). I got a lot of news from people that they had a wrong opinion about me because I am a very nice person, and after the pictures you can't see it (probably because I rarely smile at the pictures). It was a turning point for me when I felt the desire to talk to Stories, to people. I recorded the first talk coverage for the camera 17 times, until I finally released them into the world. It also attracted new Watchers and strengthened my image as a person who I am among the current followers. I just made myself known.

What and how much should the brand publish on Stories?

Very often, people who start promoting their business on social media have a problem with the publication of Stories. Many brands don't publish Insta Stories at all, which I think is a huge mistake. There are many ways to use IG accounts to create an image and increase brand popularity. First of all - it is worth publishing the business from the inside, i.e. showing the creation process. If you run the fashion brand - show on Stories the fabrics from which you will sew clothes. If you produce high-quality shoes (we are not talking about Chinese shoes that come to Poland in containers), show the process of their creation. Restaurants can show their crew or fragments of restaurant life or cooking dishes.

San Marino is it worth going

There is no definite answer to the question "how much to publish reports on IG". The absolute minimum of daily publications is 3 Insta Stories. However, do not follow the principle "the more, the better". It is worth to be careful here and publish less but better quality (well-thought-out) materials.

What and how much Influencer should publish on Stories?

If you're an influencer, share your everyday life on Stories. It is known that you don't always go to great events (unless you are an influencer, "I'll go where and get what I want"), but your everyday life can also be interesting. You decide what you want to show (it's best to think about it this way - what you like / want to watch on Insta Stories). I will immediately point out that I am not a supporter of publications from every second of the day. Let's keep moderation and leave some secret (not everyone needs to know what toilet paper you use..If you know what I mean).

In the case of influencers, it is also worth applying the principle of a minimum of 3 publications a day, but if you really have no idea what to publish, don't do anything by force. There are days when I share with my Watchers a song that caught my ear or the inspiration I found. And there are days when I want to talk about a topic and record spoken stories. A great example of building relationships on Insta Stories with Observers is Jessica Mercedes, which in my opinion wins when it comes to Stories in Poland. Jess's recordings are always her style, often with a lot of humor and slack.

building an Instagram account

Icons for featured Instagram coverage are a very nice idea. We can divide them into different categories, so that we can easily show recipients what they can find in a given relationship. I have instructions for you how to add featured icons on Instagramand also 3 color versions of icons designed by Piotr.


I am very curious if you use Insta Stories and what do you usually upload there? Share your experience in the comments (you don't have to set up an account anywhere to add your opinion 😉).

How to write an e-mail with a proposal of cooperation to a company / agency?

When we don't have a very popular blog yet, we decide to write cooperation emails to companies. Later, brands or agencies write themselves with the offer of cooperation, but you need to be patient and, above all, create valuable content on the blog or ensure the popularity of the Instagram profile. In this article you will learn how to write an e-mail with a proposal of cooperation to the company or agency that supports the brand.

I often get questions from you about how an e-mail should be sent to a company for cooperation. It is worth knowing because the email you sent may be the reason that a given brand will work with you.

Look for contact for the person responsible for influence marketing

Before you decide to write to a given brand, check if there is a special e-mail that will be sent to this type of application. If you send an email to [Email protected], and there is a dedicated email address, be aware that he may never reach the person responsible for influence marketing. Usually in every company (at least it should be like that) there is a designated person who works with Influencers. It's best if your email goes directly to her. Direct contact is very easy to find on LinkedIn, for example. However, if there is an e-mail on the website to collaborate with, do not bother them because they may remember you negatively.

What should you write in an e-mail with an offer of cooperation?

If you decide to write an e-mail with an offer of cooperation, remember that company X probably gets dozens (or even hundreds) of such proposals a day. You have to stand out and something can be a well-structured email.

how to establish cooperation with the influencer brand

First of all, your email MUST be concise. Nobody has time to read your life story and your blog. There must be specific in the email. It is worth starting with a SHORT description of the profile - its topics, number of followers, coverage and information about the community involved. Also include in the email the reason you are writing. This may seem obvious, but it's a good idea to write a campaign idea. Many Girls do not, and instead send a message saying "Maybe cooperation" or "Do you work with influencers?". I get such messages on my clients' profiles, and I even got to my blog's profile (someone probably thought we were a brand). Give up this type of message, unless you want someone to "cut out" for good morning.


In the email, be sure to write what you can offer. As I wrote earlier, the outline of the campaign is a very important thing, but it is also important what results you can generate (e.g. 1000 go to the website or 200 purchases using the discount code). Base these types of predictions based on previous collaborations.

It is good that you present information on what products from the brand you are writing to use for the campaign. This makes it much easier and saves time. As a result, the brand will know that this is not a random email sent on the basis of "copy / paste" to 30 from various companies.

Make sure to include statistics for your blog or Instagram profile. It is very important that they are Google Analytics statistics (in the case of a blog) and IG demographics screens (countries, cities and information on the age of your recipients). Add all this as an attachment to an email. Of course, remember to add clickable links to the profile (if you provide the name of the IG profile, also link it as here: @dpblogpl. Remember to submit yours real statistics and don't mess around, because it's very easy to check e.g. in a tool Social Blade.


I hope that thanks to this article you already know what a good e-mail with a proposal of cooperation to a company or agency should look like. I wish you good luck in getting cool cooperation with brands.