Wilkinson quattro titanium sensitive opinion

If you are at the stage of searching or changing your current razor, you've come to the right place. When I wrote about gillette fusin progilde flexball machines, I wouldn't think about changing it to any other then. However, the spell broke when the blades became more and more expensive. In the comments from you and the news on e-mail I was getting questions about the Gillette alternative.
Wilkinson quattro titanium sensitive machine

Which machine to choose?

Before I decided to buy the Wilkinson razor, I approached the topic of change several times and each time the effect was the same. Another pack of Gillette blades landed in the basket. However, once again at the Rossmann drugstore and seeing the price of 85 PLN for four blades, I came to the limit of pain. I told myself it was time for a male decision - you need to try another company's blades. Just which machine to choose? The only reasonable alternative to value for money was the offer from Wilkinson. Five interchangeable blades with the machine in the set in the same drugstore cost, beware ... PLN 49. However, that I'm not the proverbial Janusz and, apart from the price, the quality counts, I was afraid that the lower price equals the worse quality. There are no useful opinions about Wilkinson Quattro Titanium Sensitive razor on the internet.


The first shave and a pleasant surprise, the razor shaves ... And it's like! We are not afraid of irritation and redness, even with longer lasting several days of stubble. Compared to Progilde, the Wilkinson razor works better and shaves more accurately. It is worth recalling that we find four blades in the Wilkinson quattro razor, and five blades in the Gillette razor. I have the impression that the described device adheres better to the skin, maybe this is the secret of a UK company? In addition, Wilkinson blades themselves are more durable. In my case, I replaced them only after over a month of use, the Gillette blades lasted only for a little over two weeks of normal use.
In both blades you will find strips with aloe, jojoba and vitamins. However, here too the progilde razor gives way to Wilkinson, whose moisturizing strip is more resistant to abrasion. Anyway, the strap in the progilde makes the impression more artificial. In the case of a contour blade, this works better in the Gillette razor. The Gillette handle has much more comfortable handling and better ergonometry. Comparing the weight, the machine is lighter than the Wilkinson company.


When thinking about buying, we have two opposite approaches to product promotion. Oldshool by Wilkinson and a modern design wrapped in a nice box from Gillette. However, I do not intend to pay for a nice box and nice faces advertising Gillette machines, just to feel better. I prefer to be old school to have a less colorful and minimalist razor that just shaves exactly. Wilkinson is better and cheaper to use. I can't wait for the Gillette machine with a vibrant name, e.g. Mach X-Series or Pro Gilde Super Power. Let 12 "push" additional blades with an ice strip and sell them for a cosmic price. The choice is simple - if you do not want to go bankrupt, and do not necessarily want to grow a beard, then switch to the razor from Wilkinson.

The best power bank Proda 5000 mAh

Power bank Proda 5000 mAh
Power bank Proda 5000 mAh

Power bank is a gadget that every Blogger should have in his pocket. If you use your smartphones to take photos on Facebook or Instagram or vlog in, then this gadget will prove useful to you more than once. The product we tested has the dimensions 9.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 2 cm, so you can take it with you without much problem. The product weighs about 110 - 120 g, is slightly lighter than the Sony Xpieria Z1 Compact smartphone, whose weight is 137 g. The tested power bank has, as provided by the manufacturer, a high scratch resistance housing.

The Proda power bank has a 5000 mAh battery that allows you to charge your smartphone 1,5. One charge of the phone with the help of the power bank from the state from 0% to 100% and another to about the level of 35 / 40%. In addition, the portable energy bank has been designed in such a way that it is compatible with most of the available devices on the market. We connect the power bank with the included USB / micro USB cable to most smartphones, tablets and navigation.
It is convenient to use the included cable for two operations. Both for charging our power bank and charging a mobile device that has a micro USB input. We charge the power bank with the charger attached to our smartphone, tablet etc. A huge downside is that the described device does not have a built-in LCD display that would inform about the level of charging, similarly to the selfie lamp we review. The Proda power bank has two LEDs - blue and red to indicate the charging process. Important information for users of this device is that the power bank has overvoltage and short-circuit protection.
The Proda brand has not forgotten about adding something extra to the product. An LED flashlight has been placed in the reviewed power bank. I think that this two-in-one gadget will work out more than once when we need an additional energy source for our devices that consume significant amounts of energy.
The device described can be found on the website eklik.pl at a great price and in three colors: white, black and pink. For more demanding users, there will also be devices with a larger capacity, including 10 000 mAh.