Learning a foreign language - what helps me learn French?

Contrary to appearances, learning a foreign language is great fun. I know that some people see it as something unpleasant, but what is the satisfaction when you start to understand the words and then the whole phrases. It's so motivating! For a long time French has been my dream and if everything returns to normal, we will start with Piotr a course of this beautiful language to Lord from French (if someone doesn't know him yet, he has to make up for it). Why did we decide to take the course with him? Because we want to learn a language that we will use, not something that will never be useful in our lives.

My French story is quite complicated - for 3 years of high school I studied French as an additional language at school. Unfortunately, the classes were at a very low level, and the teacher was not able to motivate me enough to leave high school textbooks after high school (now I regret it). I only learned from classes that I could count to 10, introduce myself, say that it is raining or not raining and ... that I can't speak French well (it will definitely be useful when we go on a trip to France ... of course, as already everything will be back to normal).

Here are some ways that help me learn French, but I think you can easily use these tricks to learn other languages.

Listening to the language

Recently, I read somewhere that each of us, often listening to a foreign language, at some point begins to understand the basic words and phrases. That's how our brain is supposedly programmed. I don't know how true this is, but for me listening to language is one of the most wonderful things. Thanks to the fact that we often watch movies or TV series with French dubbing (you can change settings in Netflix), I learn not only pronunciation, but also I get basic phrases. We are not yet advanced enough to watch movies or series 100% in French, so we use Polish subtitles.

In addition to watching movies or series in this beautiful language, I often listen to news radio (France info) in French or podcasts on Spotify. And here, as in the case of movies - I can't translate what they say during the broadcast, but I listen to the pronunciation and catch single words. I will tell you in secret that it is very motivating when I realize that I understand a word. Often also a word that I do not understand, and it will catch my ear - I try to find on the Internet (thankfully, Google search engine is so intelligent that I usually find the word I am looking for).

Reading in a given language

Of course, I'm not talking about suddenly starting to read books in a given language (unless someone is ambitious enough, estimate!), But at least short news / information. For me it's a great way to "deal with" language. I often translate a given text in a Deepl translator (which is quite good when it comes to translations), and then put it in a translator that allows you to listen to the text (I do not recommend Google translator, because often there are very strange things like "Kali eat banana ").

Paris stylizations

Online training

The current situation does not allow us to attend group classes. There is advice for this - online training. It's a great form of learning, especially in the current situation. You do not have to give up education because of the coronavirus and the order not to leave home. To join the course you only need a computer and a good internet connection.


If you belong to a group of people who currently do not go to work (and do not work remotely), I recommend using your free time to polish a foreign language. Especially the language you have thought of for a long time, and you never had time for it. Learning a foreign language is really a great way to use your free time in a very effective way. Important - appreciate the small steps in language learning and don't fall into a vicious cycle ,,not enough".

Life in the age of coronavirus, or changes and special actions during the plague

Coronavirus spends every night's sleep through normal eyes. The media is buzzing with information about the growing number of victims of this terrible virus (I've been living in fear myself since my mother called today and said she had flu-like symptoms). Our lives have undoubtedly changed in recent weeks and we will probably not come back to what was before so soon.

I am one of those people who find positive things in every, even the worst thing. And so it is in this case, although I will not say - I limit visits to news portals so as not to stress even more all this (and so much stress is the health of my loved ones or fear of money when subsequent clients suspend activities during quarantine). I have a thousand questions in my head: how much more will we be isolated? How soon will the vaccine come about? When our life returns to normal. What exactly will this normality be ... I wonder how life will change after the coronavirus.

Remote work during coronavirus

For many, the switch to remote work was a huge shock. For me it was nothing extraordinary, because I have been working at home for years (with breaks) - here you can read about it what remote work in Social Media looks like. Nevertheless, the lives of many people in Poland turned upside down. People who previously worked 100% stationary suddenly had to switch to home office mode. Not everyone likes it, but I have some hopes associated with it.

Remote work in Poland is still treated by many equally with Yeti or another unconfirmed phenomenon. I believe that thanks to coronavirus, even a handful of employers will understand that work at home can be just as effective as the work done in the office (and does not equal the employee lying on the couch and watching Netflix). Maybe this will change the job market to some extent and more remote jobs will start appearing?

Popularity used for higher purposes

I really like what not only influencers but also celebrities do. This is THIS moment when popularity is used for higher purposes - education of the gathered community.

Coco Chanel book

For over a week, influencers and celebrities have been calling in social media to follow the recommendations and # stay home (this hashtag has already been used in 164 posts on Instagram!). Two other variations referring to staying at home #zostanwdomu (37,8 K posts) and #zostajewdomu (47,2 K posts). It only shows how powerful social media have and that you can also use them not only to post a selfie with a spout 😉

How is influencer marketing?

While restaurants and all stationary outlets (including stores with clothing and shoes, among others) tremble every day about what will happen next, online stores are doing well. At the moment people still have money (if not from a normal salary, they reach for savings), it is not known what will happen in a few months. Online stores with food have the highest turnover - people are simply afraid to leave the house for fear of getting coronavirus. I know from myself that a lot of people have moved into the virtual world with grocery shopping. We have been shopping at Frisco since we moved to Warsaw. Earlier I waited for my order 2 (ok, maximum 3 days). Now I wait over 1,5 weeks.

Influencer marketing is pretty good right now. While campaigns for stationary services are not very visible, there are quite a lot of them for online stores (I drew my conclusions from observing the two largest Facebook groups which associate influencers and brands interested in influencer marketing, as well as Reachablogger or Brandbuddies platforms). I think that if nothing changes then for sure half a month influencer marketing will be doing very well. And what will happen next ... nobody knows that. At some point, people will run out of money and will not spend it so eagerly online.


Maybe this is the time when the world wanted to let us know that the ubiquitous rush, greed and desire to have more and more has certain limits. Many recordings showing the calmness of animals when we tremble for our lives (e.g. ducks in fountains that were besieged by tourists) show us that the Earth will cope without us and we are dependent on it. Let's use this time to stop and think about your current life instead of wondering what will happen next. Let's use the time spent at home - with loved ones. Let's take care of ourselves and our loved ones, listen to the recommendations and hope that the situation will normalize as soon as possible.