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Stars, influencers and celebrities, whose styles I like to peek at

A few days ago on Instagram you asked me about the stars and influencers that inspire me, so I decided to prepare for you a review of famous people who inspire me. Probably most of them will be known to you, and if not, I hope that in this article you will find a huge source of fashion inspiration. See the following styles of stars and influencers.

Source: Instagram Marieta Żukowska

Marieta Żukowska - a Parisian woman in Poland

One of the people whose style suits me and inspires me is Marieta Żukowska. I had the opportunity to meet her at one of the events (coverage of this event can be found in the featured Instagram coverage - ring with a drink and a signature "Events"). She is a beautiful, well-dressed and very nice woman with an extremely voiced voice (I think she could easily use her voice for audiobooks, because she listens to her wonderfully).

Marieta Żukowska has a very Parisian style, and for a reason she was featured in Natalia Hołownia's book, "How to be Parisian in Poland." Her stylizations are always very consistent, but not boring. Marieta Żukowska has a great time with fashion while maintaining her beautiful style. I think that Marieta Żukowska is one of the most Parisian Polish women.

Source: Instagram Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim

I have already mentioned Chriselle several times on the blog and on Instagram. I love her profile and styling, although I wouldn't dare all of them - the combination of an elegant dress and sneakers is a bit too "strong" for me, although Chriselle looked PHENOMENAL. Anyway, see the picture for yourself Chriselle Lim in a red dress with sneakers. I wonder what you think about this combination? Let me know in the comments.

I especially like the above pictures of Chriselle from Paris. Aren't they beautiful?

Chriselle has his own clothing brand, which you can find on Instagram under the name chrisellelimcollection. This profile is also worth observing because it is extremely inspiring.

Source: Instagram Charlotte Le Bon

Charlotte Le Bon

If you don't know this French actress yet, you have to make up for it (I recommend especially the film "Journey for a hundred feet", which is an ideal proposal for the evening). In addition to the fact that Charlotte is a very talented actress, I like to watch her stylizations. Of course, not everyone will always like it, but usually Charlotte's styles are so interesting that I can find an eye-catching element in each.

Also pay attention to Charlotte's beauty. I can safely say that she is my ideal female beauty.

Source: Instagram Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe

I met Sophia thanks to Instagram (take a look at IG profile of Sophia Roe). I love how he plays with fashion while maintaining his unique style. Her Instagram profile is a huge source of inspiration. It is for a reason that 213 thous. people on Instagram.

Source: Instagram Kasia Tusk

Kasia Tusk

Kasia's blog years ago was my great discovery. It was she who convinced me that you do not need to show the latest trends (and as you know, now there are neon lights in fashion that I don't like very much). I often refer to Kasia as Polish Audrey Hepburn, because more than once her stylizations remind me of a fashion icon. Besides, it is something that can be found in Audrey.

In addition to the blog and IG Kasia's profile, I like to buy clothes in MLE (black jacket with gold buttons it's my big hit for every season of the year).


I wonder which celebrities and influencers styles you like the most. Let me know who you like to follow on Instagram.


  1. Avatar kashienka from Discovering America 6 April 2019 / 05: 36

    With Kasia I was able to exchange a few words live on the occasion of the author's meeting of her first book. I will give the impression of a nice and warm person.

  2. Avatar kashienka from Discovering America 6 April 2019 / 05: 34

    Beautiful inspiration - Kasia Tusk is for me one of the icons when it comes to classics, and I came across the profile of Marieta relatively recently 🙂 I also looked at the other people you recommend and Charlotte has really amazing beauty

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 6 April 2019 / 11: 10

      Charlotte is wonderful. I highly recommend following her profile (as well as her friend's - Aimee Song).

  3. Avatar Tenebris 4 April 2019 / 13: 15

    I only know Kasia Tusk - it's great!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 4 April 2019 / 13: 16

      I didn't get to meet Kasia live, but she seems to be a very nice woman 🙂

  4. Avatar Iwetta Żelaznowska 2 April 2019 / 16: 08

    I like Marietta Żukowska 🙂 She has a really cool and interesting style 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 4 April 2019 / 13: 16

      Marieta Żukowska is probably the most Parisian actress in Poland <3 I really like peeping her style.

  5. Avatar Katarina 1 April 2019 / 11: 47

    I don't know, for me you are the first scapegoat in Poland 😉

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 1 April 2019 / 11: 57

      Thank you for your kind words <3

  6. Avatar Kama 28 March 2019 / 12: 05

    Mega stylizations!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 31 March 2019 / 08: 12

      Which one do you like the most?

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