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Chanel Resort 2020 review of the most interesting styles

I still can't believe that Karl Lagerfeld will no longer create beautiful collections for Chanel. When I found out about his death, I felt like something was breaking inside me. However, I believe that he designs the most beautiful dresses somewhere else.

Behind us is the first show of the Virginie Viard Chanel Resort 2020 collection (the resort collection is nothing more than filling the gap, i.e. the so-called interseason collection), which took guests on an unusual journey to the train station. I admit that I was looking forward to what Virgina will show and whether she will be able to keep the "spirit of the Chanel Fashion House". Returning to the decoration of the Grand Palais, they immediately brought to mind scenes from Poriota or Orient Express.

Virginie Viard Chanel, source: vogue.com

The Chanel Resort show was abundant in loose outfits, but there were also classics that I love so much in Chanel. At first glance, in Virginie Viard's designs you can see fun in layers and details, which is different to Karl's designs. I will be looking at Virginie Viard's next projects with bated breath even though I have the impression that her vision is not as classic as Karl's. Below I have for you an overview of the most interesting stylizations from the Chanel Resort 2020 show. I also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the most interesting styles from the collection Chanel Ready-to-wear 2019.


Let me know what you think about the Virgin Viard Chanel Resort 2020 collection. Is it maintained in the style of Chanel or is it time for a "new look" at the Chanel Fashion House?

Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com


  1. Avatar Agate 13 May 2019 / 07: 15

    I would like all clothes directly with delivery to my wardrobe 😀 Who is willing ?? !!!!

  2. Avatar Kate 12 May 2019 / 13: 48

    The best are the pants and sweater from the second to last photo: *

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 12 May 2019 / 13: 52

      This sweater also caught my eye 🙂

  3. Avatar Marienne 12 May 2019 / 10: 00

    Virgina has a hard meal to overtake Karl or even catch up with him. She'll never succeed, but may she surprise me because she won't surprise me here.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 12 May 2019 / 13: 52

      It is true, it will be difficult to catch up with Karl, but does she have to catch up with him? This is the question ... this is a different view on the Chanel brand, I'm curious about subsequent projects.

  4. Avatar Emilie 11 May 2019 / 20: 50

    This is favorite! I love Chanel brands and this projects is amazing!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 12 May 2019 / 13: 53

      I love Chanel too, but this project it's not amazing like Karl's. I can't belive he's gone.

  5. Avatar Kamila 11 May 2019 / 11: 15

    I love the Chanel brand! But these projects don't reach me; ((((

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 12 May 2019 / 13: 54

      I can't disagree with you 🙁 I am not convinced by these valances. As I remember correctly, Dior recently showed such frilly designs ...

  6. Avatar Agu Agula 7 May 2019 / 20: 01

    Beautiful coat where there are gaiters in the chanel logo !!!!!!!! I would love to like this !!!!! I also like this bright jacket.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 10: 06

      Oh yes! I would happily embrace this coat 🙂 Nice cut and color.

  7. Avatar Kamila 7 May 2019 / 10: 50

    I love Chanel's stylizations but it's true ... this is not what Karl ... his stylizations were beautiful ... these have a different character.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 12 May 2019 / 13: 55

      It will never be Karl again. Karl was the only one!

  8. Avatar Natalia 5 May 2019 / 09: 59

    I dream of such a Chanel jacket ... I just can't afford it: (((((((((

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 10: 07

      It costs its own, it's true. However, it is an expense for years (unless someone is bored quickly) if someone invests in classics.

  9. Avatar Magdalena 4 May 2019 / 10: 04

    The new designer will have to head on hard not to lower the level of Chanel Fashion House.
    Will she succeed? !!! Unfortunately, I don't know that. I will watch on your blog reports from the shows with curiosity which of the creations you like the most and I will present you my types Dominiko.

    In this combination, the brightest set, skirt and beige jacket are the most similar to old-fashioned Chanel creations. Other things I don't like for Chanel Fashion House.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 10: 09

      Thank you for your comment - it is very substantive. You can see that you are observing the fashion world with great passion. There will certainly be reviews at dpblog, especially from Chanel, because I will be willing to watch with bated breath what the new Designer will show. For now I am a bit disappointed, but it was the first show, so I treat it as a rehearsal and do not want to criticize it too much.

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