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Cheap doesn't mean bad

In today's note I will review Wibo 4 n 1 Concealer Palette, or 4 correctors for various purposes.
If you are interested in my opinion about this product - I invite you to read :)
4 in 1 vibro equalizer
  • Pink masks dark circles under the eyes
  • Green color camouflages broken vessels
  • Light beige masks blemishes
  • Dark beige shapes the shape of the face
For a long time I passed this concealer palette, because although I have one concealer that I use for extreme eye shadows (especially in autumn and winter they are much more visible) from Essence (Click), however, as a corrector for blemishes, this product is completely unsuccessful.
In connection with the above, I started looking for something different, until one day when in Rossmann I was finally tempted by this product (so do you have that before you buy something 10 times you wonder if you really need it?).
I am very happy with it, although as a result I only use the shade "dark beige", which is great for masking breakouts. It blends perfectly with the shade of my face so that it becomes virtually invisible.
It has very good durability, it is only washed away by micellar fluid after 8 working hours, counting with 8,5h access, I also think that this relatively not expensive product is very good.
A plus is also the description on the back telling which shade where to apply.
I tried to apply a pink shade under the eyes but I was not happy with it. Unfortunately either I can't use it or it's just not for me.
The green color masks the vessels very nicely, but we must learn to use it. The beginnings are difficult, but when we sense the right amount of product - we will be satisfied with the results.
I apply the product with your fingers. I know, I know not very professional, but I will not pretend to be a professional in terms of makeup. I just try to recommend you or advise against products that I test on myself :)
Anyway, applying with your fingers is very pleasant, because the corrector after contact with the heat of your finger changes the consistency to very plastic - in my opinion it is much easier to cover a single eczema. I tried once with a brush, but nothing good came of it;)
The corrector is very efficient 2 is already with me a month and there is still a lot of it.
For my part, I recommend looking for this product, because in my opinion we get good quality at a low price.


  1. Avatar Zajęczak 29 November 2014 / 21: 29

    First of all: you have a fantastic headline.

    And now to the point.
    Have you used a similar product with KOBO? I want to compare whether yours is / was better than the one I mentioned here and which I have (if so, I will look for it at my place).

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 November 2014 / 06: 37

      Thank you very much :))
      Unfortunately, I didn't use Kobo products, I'm sorry :(

  2. Avatar Vanita 11 December 2013 / 19: 30

    I also have this concealer :) I just mask the bruises, I have such a light purple, The best concealer I've had :)

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