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What to enter in your CV if you lack experience

What should you enter in your CV if you don't have experience?
What should you enter in your CV if you don't have experience?

I went to work at the age of 19. It was a conscious decision because I wanted to gain professional experience from an early age. From mundane matters - I had to pay for extramural studies. These two decisions were connected with each other. I chose extramural studies to work. I went to work to go to university. However, I did not know what to enter in the CV, the first CV. I didn't have any experience then.

However, not everyone decides to study extramural, many young people go to full-time studies. Even more, entire studios party and do nothing. A handful at this time gains not only knowledge but also professional experience.

The most common mistakes in the CV

It would seem that this topic has already been rolling hundreds of times and everyone knows everything, but not. I had the opportunity to participate in several recruitments, I saw dozens of CVs and I must say that this topic still needs to be addressed.

The most common mistake I encountered was an inappropriate / low quality photo. I saw many different, interesting things, but the selfie from the elevator made a huge impression on me. It is a pity that not positive. Such photos are obviously out of place. I skip the fact that in most countries no photos are added to the CV, but unfortunately it is still practiced in Poland.

How to create a good CV?

There are so many CV templates on the internet that everyone will find something for themselves. Still, 99% of people use the same (boring template). Your CV must make a good first impression, so you should stand out from the stack of prints. CV template above all, it should be legible so that the recruiter does not have to find relevant information. We are only people and nobody has a day longer than 24 hour. So respect other people's time.

If you send your CV in Poland - make the picture suitable. All spouts, cleavages, a mess in the background or the background itself (photo in the elevator, toilet) fall off. The best are photos on a white background, for women in a delicate make-up and shirt. I do not recommend a white shirt, here it will be better blue, which also suggests the professionalism of the photographed person.

Actually, the CV makes the first impression. If you don't use it, you won't be invited to an interview.

There's a column like in the CV contact email address. I don't know if you realize it but emails [Email protected] or [Email protected] are completely out of place. The best choice will be an email consisting of the first and last name written together or the first letter of the first name, period and last name. If both forms are occupied, you can create an email consisting of your name and your year. It will also not be badly received.

There are two schools when it comes to experiencewhich we enter in the CV. One of them says to enter all work places. The second one suggests adapting work experience to a specific position. I think the latter option is better. List only the positions that tell you about the experience that you can use in the position you apply for. For example - if you apply for an office worker, do not enter work behind the bar, because it has nothing to do. However, it's worth to write sideways how much (years) of professional experience you have. For me it looked like on the left in the CV I entered 9 years of experience, and in the middle of the CV I listed positions confirming my professional experience in a given industry.

I have no professional experience, what should I enter in my CV?

What to enter in the CV? In the absence of professional experience, it is worth entering additional activities, among others volunteering or activity in student circles, groups. If you are active in scouting, you can also enter it in your CV. It's always worth to boast about achievements - did you win mathematical Olympiad at the voivodship level? Or maybe you did an internship or student internship? Write it in your CV too! Describe exactly what you did (silent making coffee 😉) and what you were responsible for. Do not skip this, because it is your professional experience that is not worth forgetting.
You can also enter in your CV that you have participated in a youth exchange program - this will introduce you as a person who easily contacts and is responsible.

If you do not know how to create a good cover letter - we will answer this question soon. Follow us on our fanpagenot to miss a new note.


  1. Avatar Joanna 14 August 2018 / 16: 40

    At work, I often meet documents without a photo, unfortunately, often such a document loses with the application that has a photo, the CV with business photography looks really much better. You don't have one, it's time to go to the photographer.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 14 August 2018 / 20: 59

      And this is Poland. Somehow in the US you do not need to send a CV with a photo, because only the experience counts. We still have parochial thinking 😉

  2. Avatar Sara Korzeniec 12 June 2017 / 14: 13

    That is why it is so important to take part in various competitions, olympiads and volunteering at the high school level. Or maybe even earlier? Hardly anyone thinks about it, and then they are terrified, because you need to write something in this CV.

  3. Avatar Maciej Wojtas 12 June 2017 / 09: 00

    Question from another barrel: Should you enter age into the CV if it is no longer a reason to be proud? (when a man no longer suits the "young and dynamic team") 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 June 2017 / 09: 09

      I think the most. Age is not a bad thing, unless it goes hand in hand with lack of experience. In fact, then there really is nothing to brag about.

  4. Avatar Blogierka 5 June 2017 / 23: 21

    Very valuable Dominika tips :).
    I mainly have a problem with the photo and I admit that I prefer to send my CV without it, even though I know that
    employers pay attention to them.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 June 2017 / 05: 26

      Unfortunately you are right. I have participated in recruitment many times and it is actually noticed. A photo for your CV should be primarily showing you as a professional person, of course it depends on what position you apply. If it's a graphic artist or other artistic professions - here you can go crazy 😉

  5. Avatar Green Carousel 5 June 2017 / 15: 33

    Very nice and above all useful and practical entry 🙂 I will drop for younger friends - they will definitely benefit 🙂

  6. Avatar Joanna Bogielczyk 5 June 2017 / 14: 15

    Very good tips. Achievements, volunteering compensates well for the lack of experience. I also think it is good to boast if we are the authors of an article, for example

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 June 2017 / 05: 24

      Great idea! Even in the case of university newspapers - it's worth adding to your CV.

  7. Avatar Izabela Gmińska 29 May 2017 / 13: 35

    A very useful entry and clear tips that you should use when writing your CV. I agree that if we have no experience it is worth writing about your past activities, what makes us different 🙂

  8. Avatar Karolina Bąbel 29 May 2017 / 13: 20

    I'm trying to imagine a CV with a photo in the bathroom haha ​​mała Little head ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 29 May 2017 / 18: 15

      There is nothing to imagine - assist with at least one recruitment interview, you will not have to imagine 😀

  9. Avatar Alice writes 29 May 2017 / 12: 43

    hehe, yes those kittens, kisses, footnotes in the name of the mail are fun :) I don't know if seriously someone would put a photo in the background of the toilet? :) I would like to see it with my own eyes :)

  10. Avatar Krzysztof Szachogłuchowicz 14 April 2017 / 18: 12

    Some time ago I sent a CV to one of the companies for which I wanted to work. I am an esthete and I attach great importance to details. This was also the case this time. With one exception, my CV was ... orange. It worked 🙂

  11. Avatar Justyna Golak 14 April 2017 / 07: 31

    I'm impressed. The entry is really legible, written in simple language and it is pleasant to read. Not for a moment I did not want to slide the slider down and comment on a detachable 😉 Useful advice, I will definitely follow them when I am writing my CV, because I am currently in 2 high school class, so I am still a bit ahead of me 😀 Although I was already once forced to write a CV - when I was a potential candidate for the position of a volunteer leader during The World Games 2017 in Wrocław. When I was writing this resume, I got over how little experience I have. It looked extremely poor ... but I hope that it will improve over time 😉 And certainly (according to your advice) I will enter my activities in volunteering, because it is quite large 😀 Do you think that if somebody did any a debate for other schools, does that also count? Best wishes! 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 14 April 2017 / 09: 55

      Justyna, thank you for your comment. It is a great motivation for me to act 🙂

      You should definitely enter volunteering activities. Regarding your question about debates - it's also worth entering. If you do it regularly, even occasionally, it is something worth bragging about. Especially if you are looking for a job related to giving presentations (e.g. sales representative). This is proof that you already have some experience in this.

      As I wrote in response to one of the comments - people often have a problem with bragging about their achievements, because they do not want to be considered too confident. It is not a bad thing if we emphasize our experience in something.

      Thanks again for so much positive energy <3

  12. Avatar Gadulec 13 April 2017 / 17: 12

    Selfie in an elevator ?! I fell ... And then people are surprised that they don't have a job hehe. Very useful post, thanks!

  13. Avatar Szymon Gajewski 13 April 2017 / 07: 46

    I think the cv graphic layout is half the battle, especially for 200 applications.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 April 2017 / 11: 20

      That's right - this is the first step in assessing a potential employee. It is worth to stand out 🙂

  14. Avatar Jasiek Klimaty 13 April 2017 / 07: 44

    I am watching and I will gladly look because I have to write my CV

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 April 2017 / 11: 18

      I cordially invite you. I am planning to create some CV templates soon which I will upload for download 🙂

  15. Avatar Ania Stankiewicz 13 April 2017 / 07: 30

    Great advice! It's good that she touched on the subject of people who have no experience. I think that they often unnecessarily pass over their various achievements, which may not be professional achievements, but they can show what a person someone is.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 April 2017 / 11: 25

      Thank you 🙂 That's right, people often lack confidence and cannot speak openly about their benefits.

  16. Avatar Magdalena 12 April 2017 / 09: 00

    Well recruits employees from time to time and actually the CV does half the work. However, it often happens that the CV is ok, but the invited person can't even put together two sentences. I would say a CV doesn't match a person. But it happened the other way round.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 April 2017 / 09: 03

      I also had this situation, but with a graphic designer. His portfolio was really great. He was employed and showed nothing. Even the simplest things were a big challenge for him.

  17. Avatar BrB Adventures 12 April 2017 / 08: 56

    A nice post is definitely worth making others aware of what your resume should look like. I would not think that people can still have a CV with pictures from the toilet or a selfie.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 April 2017 / 09: 02

      Unfortunately, I saw such trivia with my own eyes. We think to do several CV projects and upload them to the blog for download 🙂 It is worth remembering that a good CV is the first step to getting a job.

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