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Applying henna Khadi

I am sitting with Khadi nut brown paint on my head, which I test thanks to the company Magic India.

First impressions - this paint is extremely difficult to apply, even with the help of a second person. It is possible that I did something wrong, because unfortunately the instructions do not have specific proportions written, it is also very difficult to determine how much exactly what to give, so that the consistency is the best.

henna khadi

First, we wash the hair with shampoo without SLS, boil water to approx. 50 degrees (I cooked it in boiling water, and then cooled down until I could put my finger in a cup of water for a second). Then the mixing stage.

For one dyeing I used a half can of 100 g and about 5-6 tablespoons of warm water, so that the consistency was not too thick, because it could not be applied at all. I will say this - putting it off is very discouraging. I wonder if this is a matter of practice, because I applied it for the first time in my life.

I want to get the darkest color possible, which is why I will hold the henna 2 for an hour. I will let you know the effect after drying your hair, and in a few days I will let you know what the color looks like after a few days.

In 1h and 20 min. I will wash the henna. We will see if washing will be as much fun as applying;)

I invite you to the summer competition!

Duration: 7-12 July (until midnight), the results of 13 July (I will not give the exact time, because unfortunately I do not know it yet, but I will definitely make it by midnight, hehe)
Request: Write without what cosmetics you can not do in the summer (it can be colored, care or perfume) and why?

Answer please write under this note along with your email address to which I will write to the winner. However, if you want to be sure that the results have already been posted on the blog - you can sign up for a subscription, where after each new blog post - you will receive an email with this information.

D&P blog competition

Warning! you don't have to be a blog follower to enter the competition. I am against such competitions, because I don't gather readers this way.

The draw: Of all the answers, I will draw 5, which I like the most. Then, using the number generator, I will draw a person who will enjoy winning.

And now the most interesting, i.e. the prize:
- a natural bath ball made by KLavender SPA
- effervescent bath sand Bielenda, Welcome to Africa
- Sample Vichy Aerateint Pure cream foundation for dry skin
- Evidence HOMME fragrance sample
- Nivea BB Cream - light and dark complexion
- Vichy Idealia BB Cream light shade sample
- Jadwiga Bio-moisturizing Cream with collagen and vit. A + E sample
- Jadwiga Matting and Antibacterial Cream
- Nivea volume sensation volume shampoo sample
- Velaves 30 ml shower gel
- Necklace perfect for summer with mother of pearl


  1. Avatar Oliwia Łabęcka 12 July 2013 / 14: 31

    In summer I can't do without body lotion. I don't have to have makeup or nails painted, but I have to wear balm. 🙂
    I have dry skin by nature. Only the skin on my face is not dry. Weird. I like how my body looks healthy, moisturized and all. And of course the smell must be nice too. I will not use something that does not have a nice smell. I'm walking down the street and my legs are rough? Oh no, there is no such option. In the summer a lot shows up and the body also needs to be taken care of. In summer, cosmetics are used less because it is hot, but thank God the balm doesn't give any side effect.

    my e-mail: paulin [Email protected]

  2. Avatar Gosia Kowalska 8 July 2013 / 15: 19

    It certainly won't be a big difference, but it should go down a few tones.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 July 2013 / 15: 46

      The color came out ok. Almost the same as my natural one, but the hair color is now standardized :)

  3. Avatar Gosia Kowalska 8 July 2013 / 15: 18

    Remember not to wash your hair now for a while (after dyeing 48 h do not come in contact with water and shampoos; p) The color should darken nicely.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 8 July 2013 / 19: 26

      No way, tomorrow I have to wash my head because my colleagues will run away from me;)

  4. Avatar Veni 8 July 2013 / 05: 00

    I haven't dyed my hair for a good few years, maybe I had a shampoo twice, but the craze for changing hair color has passed and now I am enjoying the natural super brown color. 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 8 July 2013 / 14: 38

      I definitely want to darken, but for this I have to take the next dark brown, because this shade only equalized the color, and you can not see that they were dyed :)

  5. Avatar Ruda Rudość 7 July 2013 / 12: 59

    it is worth adding a conditioner without silicones to henna - it has a smoother consistency, henna is "more" and the hair after such treatment will not be dry 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 July 2013 / 13: 05

      Thanks for talking. And what conditioner do you recommend for this? hmm so I understand that after washing I will have dry hair? divinely…
      And how much nutrient do you give, and do you add water to it?
      I dyed khadi for the first time and at the moment I'm broken by dyeing.

    • Avatar Ruda Rudość 7 July 2013 / 13: 14

      I give about 60-75 g of henna to my shoulder blades, usually I still have a little more. First, I add water so that the consistency is similar to cream, then I add two tablespoons of the conditioner without silicones (I used Gloria oil absolutely, because henna may not cut the hair). If there is no indigo in the composition, you can wash your hair after 24 h (so much henna needs to bite into the hair) from dyeing, if it is only after 48 h (so much need indigo). After this time, you can add everything, but leave the hair "bare" for several hours 🙂
      ps. if your hair like herbs then you won't have dry, different hair reacts, that's not the rule :) don't worry: *

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