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Are Parisians so perfect ?!

Parisian women are seen as perfect women. Confident, always neat, loving each other and their life. They are considered ideal in the world. I often get inspiration from my Parisian friends. Whether in terms of clothing or home accessories, I try to introduce French chic to my home permanently.

Recently, Kasia Tusk on her blog recommended the book "Lessons Madame Chic". As the topic of Parisians and their impeccable image has always inspired me, I decided to read the recommended book. Is it worth it You'll find out later in the note.

be Parisian
Madame Chic Lessons is the first of two parts of books about Paris, Parisians and the Paris theme. Most of the book are the memories of the author from her studies in Paris, and how this place inspired her to change.
An ordinary girl goes to the house of French aristocracy. Accustomed to the American way of life: eating in a hurry, watching a large amount of television and pushing junk food inside, it completely changes its approach to life. The beginnings can be difficult, but over time you start to feel at ease at parties, which are often organized just to meet friends.
In the book, the author presents a little idealized image of French women: beautifully dressed, ladies from good homes who care about themselves and their home. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality. Most French women have a very strong character and do not always have time to make dinner or clean.
The book is very light and pleasant to read. Unfortunately, I didn't learn anything from it that I didn't know, but I like the book very much: The author often emphasizes that every woman is beautiful, and also that everyone should find their inner peace, which is not always the case easy.
An issue that completely did not convince me is the 10-element wardrobe, as well as walking in home clothes around the house. For me, home is a place where you should wear clothes designed for that. I don't think home clothes are ugly (pulled out tracksuits and T-shirts fall off), but I can't imagine cooking in a satin dress. It's just not for me.
I recommend to every girl who is fascinated by Paris and its inhabitants. The book is full of humor (my favorite scene is when the tasteless cotton panties by Jennifer were the pride of the party), as well as a lot of advice on clothing and behavior in various situations that can be successfully used in everyday life.


  1. Avatar PatTravel 9 May 2016 / 17: 47

    In Paris, there are few of these perfect, film Parisians.

  2. Avatar Marcin 9 May 2016 / 06: 55

    I do not know the book recommended by Kasia Tusk, but I was in Paris, I saw my own and I will say that Parisians are, of course, self-confident, but just like the residents of every other European capital 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 May 2016 / 09: 36

      I would like to visit Paris, but this has been a bit of a thing of the past because of recent terrorist attacks ...

  3. Avatar Cashandra 6 May 2015 / 11: 33

    It's hard to throw everyone into one sack, it's the same as saying that the most vitamin Polish girls have. France is today a country in 10-20% Islamic country. Just google graphics enter: muslim paris. Personally, I don't like topics where people say what they are. Because you can write the same about Poles that they are only thieves and dirty people ... And the truth is completely different. There is nothing to generalize and generalize. Which doesn't change the fact that the Seine country is a beautiful country ...

  4. Avatar kaminska 1 May 2015 / 10: 55

    I read "Madame Chic Lessons" and got the same impression. However, the next part of "At home Madame Chic" is already more realistic and inseparable from reality. The author verifies most of the things she wrote about in part one, I recommend it! 😉

  5. Avatar Anonymous 28 April 2015 / 19: 56

    I dream of traveling to Japan. I know, I know an exorbitant dream 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 29 April 2015 / 06: 33

      Everyone has the right to dream even when they seem unreal 🙂

  6. Avatar orchideamagiapiekna 28 April 2015 / 12: 56

    Hah, if someone talks about Paris, I always remember the situation - namely. My aunt once went to Paris as a young person. One day she came to Warsaw and just when I was returning from work, I saw her ... flying through the middle of the intersection ignoring any traffic! Hahah. I asked her why she moved so, which she was very surprised at

  7. Avatar Rincewind99 28 April 2015 / 12: 50

    Reading not in my climate, but I would like to go to Paris 😉

  8. Avatar Anonymous 28 April 2015 / 12: 25

    I would like to go to France ... this is my biggest dream 🙂 but I would like to go everywhere and there are no funds available 🙁

  9. Avatar me, Cosmonaut 27 April 2015 / 21: 08

    I do not like books of this type at all, they usually contain advice that is totally out of space for me and impossible to implement - although it looks beautiful on paper. it is a waste of time and money for me because I know most of these idealistic assumptions without this kind of reading. Thanks for this opinion, because some are overwhelmed by this book as if there were some truths revealed and I was already beginning to wonder if my judgment was too hasty 😛

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 April 2015 / 05: 28

      I also thought that in this book I would find something revealing, but it was not a surprise for me at all. Anyway, it was read lightly, so I do not consider it a wasted time 🙂

  10. Avatar K. Kasieńka 27 April 2015 / 19: 13

    I love France, Paris and everything related to them. 😉 So far, on my desk is "Be Parisian wherever you are". I will gladly reach for this position. 😀

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