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Do Purederm Pimple Slices Work?

Just a few weeks ago a pimple hit me. It was not a long visit, although visible to the naked eye. I reached for slices on Purederm pimples.
acne slices

To make matters worse, they closed Rossmann in my neighborhood and my favorites disappeared with him slices for acne Synergen (click). Rescue during the day was obvious - tea tree oil, but it was not so easy at night.
Unfortunately, these pimple slices are neither great nor do they work. Their huge downside is the healing layer, which is slightly gelatinous, so that the slice after a few minutes of sticking slides over the entire face. This is not good because it spreads bacteria here and there.
The second minus is the color of the slice. I suspect that the color was supposed to match the color of the skin. Unfortunately, not everyone has such dark skin on their mouths, which makes the slice even more visible.
acne slices

The package contains 30 pieces packed with 10 in each sachet. The slices are the same size.

It is hard for me to determine the operation of this product, because every time I tried to test it myself or Piotr - the effect was the same ... the slices changed their position.
I do not recommend this product, it is not enough that more expensive than Synergen, they do not completely fulfill their function. They are not worth even a penny.


  1. Avatar No matches 27 August 2015 / 07: 56

    I have never used it and honestly I won't use it. 😉 I have not had a problem with mouthpieces for a long time, knock on it, but if a single one appears I treat it with an equalizer or do not pay attention. 🙂

  2. Avatar Agnieszka Wieczorek 26 August 2015 / 19: 20

    I haven't used such slices yet. Maybe I will try the synergen ones because I really like the face cosmetics of this company 🙂

  3. Avatar crazy 26 August 2015 / 13: 34

    It is a pity that they did not come true: <

  4. Avatar MyLady world 26 August 2015 / 12: 11

    I don't use patches but a year ago when I had terrible acne, skin eruption could be useful :)

  5. Avatar Lil Oddiette 26 August 2015 / 11: 36

    I have never used such slices. I rarely get pimples and when I get there I don't fight him and I leave him alone 😉

  6. Avatar Beauty Land 26 August 2015 / 09: 01

    I didn't know there were slices like that.

  7. Avatar Kaprysek 26 August 2015 / 08: 31

    I even hated that such plates exist.

  8. Avatar Wing 26 August 2015 / 08: 29

    For me, unfortunately, such slices do not work, and I used from different film.

  9. Avatar Ines RdP 26 August 2015 / 07: 27

    I have never tried it, but it sounds very interesting.
    I am happy to be tempted, I wonder how he will deal with "acne" before hard days 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 August 2015 / 08: 37

      I recommend the Rossmann Synergen slices (in blue packaging) 😉

  10. Avatar Gabriel Data 26 August 2015 / 06: 06

    I haven't been in acne since 12. The only thing I discovered recently and what helps are FLP - Forever Living Products. I'm talking about their specialist drinking aloe vera, great soap and two products that make a daily mask: First and Aloe Vera Gel. Best regards and cordially invite you to the new post. What about him? Marcin Różyc's outstanding book, I won't tell you more.
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    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 August 2015 / 07: 02

      I've been fighting acne for over 6 years. Acne came suddenly and unexpectedly, and worst of all, he didn't want to let go. I was helped by a bandi almond cream and colloidal silver. This is something that I do not part with.

  11. Avatar Goose 25 August 2015 / 22: 48

    I haven't even heard of this product ...

  12. Avatar Sailing 25 August 2015 / 22: 34

    I didn't even know about the existence of such, interesting. 🙂

  13. Avatar Lady Cosme 25 August 2015 / 19: 53

    I am always skeptical about this type of product 🙂

  14. Avatar Monika 25 August 2015 / 19: 43

    I have never used such products, but it's good that you write that they are worth nothing 🙂 Regards and welcome to you ♥ Kisses! : *

  15. Avatar Missy may 25 August 2015 / 19: 27

    Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you. Hope you find a better product soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  16. Avatar Beata Nowak 25 August 2015 / 19: 11

    I used to have these Rossman slices, but they worked well on average. I guess I'll try again, maybe after years I will change my mind 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 August 2015 / 19: 12

      They work great for me, because at least I don't touch the pimple and I don't spread bacteria 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 August 2015 / 18: 20

      And here you are - there are plenty of acne cosmetics to discover. Enter 'acne' in the blog search engine and see what I was testing (oh, there was a lot of it!) :)))

  17. Avatar sypaaa 25 August 2015 / 17: 53

    I never saved myself with slices. Although these did not work out for you, you interested me in those from Rossmann, because I have never even seen any slices of Synergen, in general I rarely paid attention to this company. I'm falling to read the review of those slices! 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 August 2015 / 17: 55

      Synergen slices are great, they saved my ass more than once 😉

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