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Do exfoliating socks work?

I used socks in August. After showing them on Instagram many of you have warned me that summer is not the best time to use them. My curiosity won and together with Piotr we decided to test them. Today, my opinion on exfoliating socks, in a while Piotr will present his opinion with a male eye.

Do exfoliating socks work?

How to use exfoliating socks?

I bought our exfoliating socks in Biedronka (for PLN 14 / package), but I also saw them in Hebe. Exfoliating socks are nothing but foil "socks" resembling the shape of a shoe. After cutting the top part, you can put your foot inside. There is a liquid inside the sock that is easy to spill. In socks it is not that difficult to move (who would sit 60-90 minutes in place), I recommend applying normal exfoliating socks, so the risk of falling will be minimized. We put socks on washed and dried feet. The skin begins to peel off within 3-5 days depending on its thickness.

How many feet begin to peel off?

Exfoliation started on my day at 3, although for two days after the surgery I thought that none of it would be. I began to doubt any effects of this product. On the third day it began - the skin first began to come off the toes, going towards the heel. On the heel, where the skin is harder, it did not come off so straight. I helped her a little bit Scholl electric file, but only after 5 days after initial peeling.

exfoliating socks after the first day

A very interesting experience was cracking of the skin when walking. It cannot be described, but it is very strange. This is probably the only thing that bothered me. And no, I'm sorry ... I forgot that the skin was everywhere. Although I wore socks all the time, even after leaving the cabin I found the skin on the rug. Something disgusting 😉

Effects of using exfoliating socks

The effect in my case was very satisfactory - the skin was very soft, the prints disappeared, which I could not cope with in a traditional way. I notice the effect with proper care all the time. With the fact that I regularly wet my feet and also use a Scholl file with a diamond tip. In addition, I grease my feet with a softening cream every evening. I suspect that if you neglected your feet after the surgery - the effect would be short-lived.

When should you use exfoliating socks?

Socks should be used if you have problems with thick skin, which is difficult to remove. They are also great if you are dealing with prints. Have you used exfoliating socks? I wonder how you assess their performance.


  1. Avatar 111 Strudel 11 November 2015 / 15: 00

    Now for the winter such a treatment as he found 🙂 in the summer I can't imagine.

  2. Avatar sandraxblog 8 November 2015 / 18: 00

    I had them and they didn't give me the same effect as you unfortunately 🙁

  3. Avatar crazy 8 November 2015 / 14: 26

    I had and work 😀

  4. Avatar societygirl-tests 8 November 2015 / 11: 14

    I did not use these socks but you can see a specific exfoliation, so it's worth buying. 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 November 2015 / 16: 46

      This is a photo from the first day of exfoliation. Then it was only worse 😛

  5. Avatar Karolina I DEFINE blog 8 November 2015 / 09: 33

    I have been thinking about buying them for a long time, but somehow I was still out of my way. Maybe I will try if the effects can be seen :))

  6. Avatar king naturally 8 November 2015 / 07: 39

    I'm not a fan because the effect didn't last long.

  7. Avatar Long hair 8 November 2015 / 06: 28

    I had those from l'biotica - something worked out there.

  8. Avatar Martuu9x 7 November 2015 / 20: 46

    I haven't heard about such socks takich

  9. Avatar Jasminum 7 November 2015 / 18: 33

    I'm just at the end of the treatment with socks from Marion and this ubiquitous skin annoys me terribly 😛

  10. Avatar Anna Rozaneczka 7 November 2015 / 13: 20

    I probably will not try ... I prefer traditional methods.

  11. Avatar Sailing 7 November 2015 / 11: 30

    I don't like such inventions ... 😀

  12. Avatar Beauty Land 7 November 2015 / 11: 14

    I just think it would disgust me too, this skin everywhere. I don't really thank you.

  13. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 7 November 2015 / 11: 10

    Hm, this "skin everywhere" scares me a bit, but I'm going to buy such socks anyway.

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