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Do acne pills work?

Today I would like to raise a topic that you often ask about on the blog: what do I think about acne pills.
over the counter acne pills

When I was struggling with acne, I caught up with everything, I also used Cera Nova and Visaxinum tablets, which can be found in the pharmacy without a prescription.

Let's look at the compositions of these two supplements:
  • Cera Nova

pansy herb, zinc, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), folic acid, vitamin PP (niacin)

  • Visaxinum

vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), green tea extract, zinc, vitamin PP (niacin), dandelion root extract, lactoferrin, tricolor violet extract

In both supplements we find vitamin. B6, as well as vit. PP. In addition, Cera Nova includes wit. C, folic acid, pansy herb, vit. B1 and others. When using this type of supplement, you must remember that we already take a certain dose of vitamins, so taking additional supplements with this particular vitamin can cause hypervitaminosis.
I started my adventure with Cera Nova when the supplement became very popular on the market. Frequent advertising, promises of smooth skin meant that I had to buy it. I used the product for several months, not noticing the spectacular effects. In addition, the supplement was not the cheapest. At the beginning of application, an increased rash may appear due to the herb pansy and zinc. Especially after zinc supplements, I usually have a terrible rash.
Then came the time for Visaxinum, which, like Cera Nova did nothing, even though I also used it for several months.
In my opinion, these products are not worth using. It is much cheaper if we buy zinc, phosphorus and vitamin. PP and we will swallow them every day for one tablet. In addition, I also recommend drinking tea with pansy (Note: at the beginning it may be rash. It is a natural skin cleansing process).
Have you used any of the above supplements? How are the effects?


  1. Avatar Ewcia 4 January 2019 / 14: 39

    I think the tablets work, but you only need to choose the best ones, various rankings can help us.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 5 January 2019 / 10: 57

      Unfortunately, the tablets did not help me.

  2. Avatar Anonymous 13 June 2016 / 15: 49

    I also use acne pills. I take 4akne and I can say that they work very well. My face is getting prettier, moisturized, and pimples heal faster.

  3. Avatar Basia R. 8 July 2015 / 10: 57

    And I used one for hair falling out zinc tablets and completely corrected my complexion 😉 I didn't have any major acne, but there was something, and now it's really good, I don't even use foundation any more podkład I also recommend, good side effect of strong hair 😉

  4. Avatar Beauty Land 15 March 2015 / 07: 10

    I did not take these supplements. I never believed in their actions. However, healthy eating is essential. Especially the exclusion of junk food.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 15 March 2015 / 12: 59

      At 100%, I agree. I see a significant improvement after eliminating meat, eggs and milk from the menu.

  5. Avatar you are blogging 14 March 2015 / 14: 36

    I don't have a lot of acne, sporadically a small pimple, worse with blackheads 🙁

  6. Avatar Agnieszka SportyGirl 11 March 2015 / 23: 22

    I never believed in dietary supplements, in my fight against the complexion helped almond acids

  7. Avatar Anonymous 10 March 2015 / 21: 16

    What tea do you drink to improve your complexion?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 March 2015 / 05: 33

      On FB and Instagram yesterday I uploaded a photo of the current tea set that I drink.

  8. Avatar modaurodapiekno 10 March 2015 / 20: 10

    I don't take supplements, I didn't know about pansy tea.
    I will come by more often, I wish you good luck too, I'm glad that my entry met with a positive opinion and thank you for your kind words!

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 March 2015 / 20: 35

      Thank you and welcome more often 🙂 You'll see, we can do it! I will keep my fingers crossed 😉

  9. Avatar imponderables 10 March 2015 / 14: 05

    Hmm, unfortunately, if someone has acne, he catches all the ways, and pharmaceutical companies are tempting as much as they can 🙁 Unfortunately, a few vitamins and some extracts and extracts will not help with this damn acne.
    You run a very nice blog in terms of overall appearance and aesthetics 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 March 2015 / 15: 23

      As they say, 'sinking razors grab' 😉 Thank you for your kind words and invite you more often 🙂

  10. Avatar Lady Cosme 10 March 2015 / 10: 49

    there is nothing to play in such supplements, if you have a problem, unfortunately, without a dermatologist, we can not cope alone - I have been healing for a few years and thanks to that now, in principle, my complexion looks "normal", and above all I do not have acne scars 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 March 2015 / 11: 06

      I will not agree that a dermatologist is always a good idea. I was treated dermatologically from high school 1 to 3 year of study and unfortunately it was only money spent for free. Every month I got new ointments that didn't help at all. I turned myself off in a few months for a much lower sum.

    • Avatar Beauty Land 15 March 2015 / 07: 17

      I will agree here. Although I did not count for so long but I think the doctors I went to were not competent. And now there is such access to pharmacy, natural cosmetics etc. that you can do without a doctor. I'm surprised or maybe I'm some smart, but some girls can hurt themselves. For example, without looking at the diet or even the use of silicone foundations and then marching to a dermatologist for retinoid because nothing helps. Total lack of awareness and can destroy the liver at the age of 20.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 15 March 2015 / 12: 59

      Because in PL there were few competent people at all. Most of them went abroad to have better money.

  11. Avatar Anonymous 9 March 2015 / 20: 49

    I have never tried an internal treatment, I usually focus on the external side, but I don't think I will find out. Can you advise something on small pimples that appear during the period? Nothing touches them. They appear overnight and disappear for the next month 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 March 2015 / 05: 37

      These pimples are harder to eliminate because they are caused by hormonal changes. Here, ihtiol ointment can help (in the case of purulent lesions), in addition to drying the pimples, darsonval and tea tree oil applied point-wise will work.

    • Avatar Anonymous 10 March 2015 / 10: 01

      Thank you for the advice, I will probably buy some tea tree oil

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 March 2015 / 11: 03

      I recommend etja companies, I use it for years 😉

  12. Avatar Kaprysek 9 March 2015 / 19: 44

    I have been fighting acne for 13 years and 4 years ago I treated myself with a belissa complexion treatment. Earlier, this type of supplements did not give anything, but belissa complexion improved my skin after a month, and after 3 months there was a huge improvement. To this day, once a year I carry out this treatment and finally I beat acne. Maybe I haven't won yet, but I have an advantage over pimples 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 March 2015 / 05: 39

      I didn't use Belissa's complexion, but now I bought a herbal tea for the complexion, very tasty and I think my complexion is cleansing because small pimples pop out.

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