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Is it worth having a scalp examination?

Over the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to participate in two skin tests - scalp and facial skin.
Today I would like to tell you a little bit about the scalp examination, why it is worth participating in the study and what I learned.
I'll start with a scalp examination that I took part in See Bloggers. Although the queue to the Doctor was quite long, it was worth the wait.
Prior to the study, there was an interview: do I have any problems (e.g. dandruff), or do I notice something disturbing about my skin or hair.
I told you truthfully that two months ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and the only problem I am currently facing is excessive hair loss. I've never had too much hair problems. During adolescence I had dandruff from time to time, but I don't know what split ends are.

Probably this is because I do not dye my hair (only with henna khadi, or herbal paints. Recently I happened to reach for a drugstore oil-based paint, but I will not make this mistake again).
With the help of a special device, the doctor took several photos with my smartphone, and then began the diagnosis.
It turned out that the hair is in quite good condition, although there is a slight dandruff on the bulbs, and several hair was broken. You can even see a few baby hair;) Hair is quite thick (and I always thought I was thin!), Several hairs grow from one bulb.
Such an examination turns out to be very helpful in the case of scalp problems, which we experience e.g. dandruff or itching. It allows you to diagnose the ailment, thanks to which it is not treated in the dark, as in the case of weak dermatologists (which I unfortunately also hit).
In the next note I will tell you about the facial skin examination that took place at the Douglas Beauty Institute in Gdańsk.


  1. Avatar Sun painted 10 August 2015 / 04: 03

    I haven't been to such an exam yet but I think it's worth it.
    I have recently fallen out of my hair and it worries me a bit. 🙁

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 August 2015 / 06: 55

      It is worth checking if anything bad is happening. I also recommend morphology because hair loss is often associated with a lack of vitamins or thyroid problems.

  2. Avatar Monika Majewska - Chuchała 7 August 2015 / 22: 54

    A good tryhologist is definitely worth it. Bad will not only make a bad diagnosis, but will make the problem worse. It was like that with me. The doctor diagnosed slight irritation as alopecia areata. And so she stuffed me with steroids that my hair started falling out and my skin got worse. It's good that she went on vacation and went to another doctor, because I would probably be bald already 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 August 2015 / 05: 49

      Oh crap! It's good that you went to another doctor for a diagnosis. I did this for dermatologists, but unfortunately none could help me.

  3. Avatar Beauty Land 7 August 2015 / 15: 48

    This study is very interesting, although I am guided intuitively when I choose cosmetics and I already know what is wrong with my skin.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 August 2015 / 16: 04

      It's very nice that you managed to get to know your skin so much stopniu

  4. Avatar Kel Pia 7 August 2015 / 14: 22

    I have to do such an examination someday 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 August 2015 / 06: 42

      The study itself is painless, and the results can sometimes surprise. I talked to one girl who had beautiful hair, it turned out that she had quite a lot of irritation of the scalp. As a result, her hair falls out excessively.

  5. Avatar Dorotxy 5 August 2015 / 19: 02

    I haven't had such a test yet, but I'm very interested if something would have been invented by a doctor;))

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 August 2015 / 20: 01

      Actually, nobody knows it. In fact, the doctor did not find too much 😛 generally said that the hair is in very good condition.

  6. Avatar Natural methods 5 August 2015 / 18: 18

    Such tests are good, especially when the scalp problems get worse and last a long time. I recommend;)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 August 2015 / 18: 30

      It is also worth doing such tests even when the symptoms appear to be "normal". Sometimes it may turn out that even the slightest anomalies are a sign that something is happening.

  7. Avatar Kaprysek 5 August 2015 / 15: 41

    Last year I came across such an examination and as it turned out my hair is doing great and the shampoo chosen for them has become my favorite. Worse with the skin, which according to the study is very dry but I think quite different; p

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 August 2015 / 17: 43

      Unfortunately, my skin turned out to be not hydrated enough. Do you drink a lot of water? I know that I have a problem here because I have recently forgotten about water ...

  8. Avatar Anka Soyellka 5 August 2015 / 13: 10

    Well, unfortunately, depending on how you hit ... fortunately in most cases I have contact with competent people (knock) 🙂 Ps. So without reading anything yet, looking at the picture, I thought that a picture of some storm in the forest 😛

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 August 2015 / 14: 19

      Gale in the woods? I died; D is just my hair, although sometimes it looks like after passing a gale; D

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