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A blog on various topics is a way to success

To write a post I was inspired by a conversation with a friend who is thinking about starting her blog. We entered the topic of blogging, how it was with us at the beginning of blogging and the question arose - is it worth running a blog on various topics, or focus on one. This question is very good and I've thought about it many times myself - is a blog on various topics really a way to success? Today I will try to answer this question.

Our blog is a multi-thematic blog

At the beginning of blogging (2009 of the year), our blog was in 100% beauty and was based mainly on cosmetics reviews, beauty tips and all matters around the world. At that time, I was blogging myself on the blog.pl platform. Moving the blog to blogspot gave birth to a new name, as well as a new section, which is now called 'Male eye'And is addressed to men. This section includes reviews of men's cosmetics or gadget posts. This section is Piotr's place, so I interfere in his publications and topics he touches on in this section. Together we decide on other departments exceptA woman's look,. I rule here.
After adding the department for men, a section was createdOur house'Which has been in my head for a long time. When we lived together, I had to learn many things. I have never been interested in the fact that to wash clothes you have to sort them and buy several types of laundry products. It was a gentle shock for me, but I was able to learn everything (it wasn't true without a few dyed or shrunken clothes, but I did it!). Interestingly, now I am more happy with things bought home than for myself.

Blogger's guide - great success on our blog!

This section was a huge experiment for me. One day we talked with Piotr about blogging and also my passion for social media. Piotr motivated me to act and write about his experiences related to blogging. I would never have thought that this section would turn out to be a hit. At the end of February I even led live on Instagram @dpblogpl on blogging, making money on blogs and social media. Soon we will see you live again!

Is it worth running a blog on various topics?

Well-known Bloggers, e.g. Maffashion, Jessica Mercedes, Fashionelka - we categorize these girls as fashion bloggers. Alina Rose, Red Lipstick Monster - we know that these are girls dealing with the beauty category. They were successful in running a blog on one topic, expanding over time (e.g. Fashionelka) with beauty and interior decoration posts. However, they are filed as a specific 'category'. If anyone would ever pigeonhole us - it would probably be a lifestyle. There are too many sections on our blog to be able to assign us to a particular category, although at the beginning our blog was a beauty blog.
In terms of positioning, it's worth running a blog on various topics. Different topics can attract more readers. We have further departments created with our development - departmentPersonal development'Was created when we opened the company and started working on our own account, departmentOur house', When we lived together,'Diet'When we went on a veggie diet and started to modify a lot of recipes and create my own from scratch. All this took place naturally and is based on our experience. And this is probably the key to success.
No matter what topic you run a blog, if you feel that you have found your passion and want to share it with the world - do it. Prepare a minimum of 7 posts from the new department and if you feel it, act! You can always write a post on a topic other than your blog. It will definitely be a nice change for your readers. It may turn out that one of your readers shares your passion and if you don't create a new section on your blog, you will find a soul mate.

Remember that a blog is your place and you decide what to publish. You are the boss here!


  1. Avatar rytmynatury.pl 28 April 2017 / 14: 36

    The most important thing is to write about what you love 🙂 Passion is the basis, I can not imagine otherwise. I am a lover of ecology, natural medicine, beauty care without chemistry or running a home ecologically. I am also crazy about healthy eating, I love the garden, plants, animals, flowers. It gives me a kick to live and that additionally I feel great on the internet, in the media and I am also a graphic designer it is a paradise for me 🙂 I only have a problem categorizing my blog because there is no category such as nature blog ... and lifestyle is not that ...

    Nevertheless, I can't imagine creating my place on the web without a passion for it. For cash only? Personally, it would bother me and probably nothing would come out ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 29 April 2017 / 09: 38

      I agree with 100% on your comment. I will tell you honestly that I also had a problem categorizing our blog, but in the end we decided together that a lifestyle blog is probably the best term for what we do.

  2. Avatar Joanna B. 20 April 2017 / 18: 20

    Definitely the more topics, the more different readers 🙂 And that's cool. You can meet various people through this.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 April 2017 / 19: 25

      The most important thing is that each topic is created from passion, not by force, because the topic is fashionable. You can feel it right away by reading the texts.

  3. Avatar Aniamaluje 10 April 2017 / 07: 24

    It's good that in this era of professionalization and looking for a niche, someone thinks widely 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 April 2017 / 08: 00

      Anna, how nice to see you here! 🙂 Searching for a niche is cool, but from the marketing point of view you won't achieve success - it's difficult to attract new readers, you position yourself with only one slogan. Anyway, how much can you talk about the same. I couldn't do it 😉

  4. Avatar Ania Abakercja 7 April 2017 / 06: 47

    my blog is also multi-thematic. I write about everything that concerns me. and sometimes it seems to me that it would be easier if I focused on a specific topic. but I can't, and above all I don't want to limit myself. I love writing and since I started my blog I can finally write almost anything I want, when I want and when I want to. I like this freedom too much to cut it off. I could of course run 10 blogs, each thematic, but I would have to do nothing but blogging 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 April 2017 / 08: 13

      I know something about it! If any topic interests us and we think that it will interest our readers, we write about it. In addition, we write based on our experience. We have several main categories - men's and women's department, blogger's guide, our home, diet and personal development. Rather, we stick to these categories, but there are posts that we can not add to the appropriate category.

  5. Avatar Katarzyna 7 April 2017 / 06: 45

    (Inadvertently sent my comment to the email :)) And I think that a multi-thematic blog should be run by people who feel good in many areas enough to have something worth paying attention to readers. For example, a cosmetics section could not be created on my blog because I am not interested in it much. Rather, I'm faithful to specific cosmetics, sometimes I'm interested in some news but it's not enough to immediately push it to the blog. I think one particular category is not bad 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 April 2017 / 08: 06

      That's why it's worth writing about what you feel good about. We have every department and every post based on our experience. When we feel that it is worth sharing something with our readers - we just write about it. In addition, each blogger decides about his blog himself

  6. Avatar Sara Korzeniec 6 April 2017 / 18: 05

    In my opinion, it's worth running a blog that contains various topics. However, at the very beginning it is good to revolve around the same thematic axis. Have some key theme. So that readers can know what this blog is all about 🙂

  7. Avatar Such is life 6 April 2017 / 14: 39

    I have a problem with determining the subject of my blog, because these are loose reflections on everyday life issues. I often write stories with funny points. As you wrote - this is my place and I put in it what I want. 🙂

  8. Avatar Zuzanna Gajewska 6 April 2017 / 08: 04

    Interesting considerations. I mainly run a book blog and there are various entries in this field, not only reviews, I also describe, among others, my animation activities, because I love to promote reading. I also had a second blog about the world of media, human behavior - such sociological and marketing, but after the birth of my second child I had to give up something. I admit that I miss him, the more that the entries met with interest. I would like to reactivate it, but I don't know if it will end similarly. Every now and then I think about connecting it to mine and just creating a category, but I'm not entirely convinced of this decision.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 April 2017 / 08: 41

      I think you can do it - at the beginning our blog was strictly beauty, in time we started to raise other topics, not necessarily related to beauty. We do not regret this decision, because each of the categories on the blog is close to our heart, and this is probably the most important. In addition, you decide what you do and how 🙂

      Let me know if you decided to run two blogs or maybe an additional category on one of them.

  9. Avatar Maciej Wojtas 6 April 2017 / 07: 59

    It's nice that I came here 🙂 I'm at the stage of expanding the thematic scope of the blog. What will come of it - I have no idea, but I definitely want to try 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 April 2017 / 08: 32

      We are also very happy that you are here! We hope you stay with us for a long time 😉

      It is always worth trying - with us Blogger's Guide was a total test. It turned out that writing posts on this topic attracted us, and in addition thanks to this additional category we have new readers 🙂

  10. Avatar Reading corner 6 April 2017 / 07: 43

    As it was written at the end - it should be above all a blogger who feels good at home and he is the boss 🙂 great post 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 April 2017 / 08: 02

      Malwina, thank you for your kind words 🙂 We had a stage when we felt bad on our blog, and the culprit turned out to be the template, which, unfortunately, was full of errors. Now we feel that this is our place in 100%.

  11. Avatar Agnieszka Szajda 5 April 2017 / 21: 43

    I was pleased with this entry, because they sound trumpets everywhere, but to choose one topic and I can't 🙂

  12. Avatar Sniffonia 5 April 2017 / 15: 51

    I think that running a blog on various topics is a very good option. A person does not close himself in one topic, thanks to which he can reach more readers. Awesome entry! Greetings! 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 April 2017 / 08: 01

      It is true. Especially with an emphasis on reaching a larger group of readers. Since we've expanded our blog, especially Blogger's Guide, we've noticed that statistics have soared.

  13. Avatar klubautora 5 April 2017 / 06: 40

    Oh and here I agree in 100% !! Bigger topics means more development opportunities and more fun !! Different groups of recipients, more comments and more interesting statements which gives more inspiration to the author. I am ZA 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 April 2017 / 08: 26

      It's also fun how it all comes with time. It is worth starting to blog to think about one main category, and then expand the topics covered on the blog.

  14. Avatar tesseract 5 April 2017 / 05: 15

    I'm getting to my:) his blog like a dog to eat 🙂 ideas are, people are pushing but where's the time from ?? /

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 April 2017 / 08: 24

      All you need is good organization and there will be time for all this 🙂 We work professionally, run a blog, and also have a private life. Of course, we are also active in social media, because blogging is not only writing posts, but there are also many blog activities, e.g. blog promotion. It is worth planning posts, then it is easier to comprehend everything. When starting to blog, it's worth having 30 posts planned. Don't move without it

      I keep my fingers crossed that you decide to start a blog: *

  15. Avatar Mama With A Pink Purse 4 April 2017 / 14: 07

    Nice surprise, I expected it to be an entry about narrowing the field of activity. In the meantime, I strengthened my beliefs ??

    • Avatar [Email protected] 4 April 2017 / 14: 21

      Over the years, I have found that one topic of the blog can be boring - for readers and for Blogger 🙂

    • Avatar Karolina Gie 4 April 2017 / 17: 30

      I thought the same ... and I can't limit myself 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 April 2017 / 08: 25

      It's good that you don't limit yourself 🙂 Thanks to this we have this wonderful template: *

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