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Barter cooperation as a way to blogging success

Does barter cooperation pay off and when?
Barter cooperation

Barter (barter cooperation) is one of the very popular forms of collaboration on a blog. Especially at the beginning, but also later (if it's beneficial to you). When is it worth to take barter cooperation? I will answer this question below.

There is nothing wrong with starting battery cooperation, but you have to think about how much it pays off. Gone are the days when for a pack of hand cream for 5 PLN. The blogger writes a review and still promotes post on social media. For us, it looks like we do not rule out this type of cooperation, but we apply a certain principle.

Favorable barter cooperation, or what?

We never say no when it comes to any cooperation (unless we are completely not interested in the product or it does not comply with our principles, which I will mention later). We have specific blog rates for a sponsored post and if someone suggests that we choose products for testing - we choose products at the price of advertising on our blog.

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Of course, we determine in advance what the client expects to know what amount he would pay in the case of paid cooperation. Not everyone agrees, but rather they are not serious companies that do not quite know how to work with bloggers.

Janusz blogging - who is this?

Unfortunately, there are people who disturb some favorable barter cooperation. I call them blogging Januszami. Janusze blogging are people who take everything just because it's free. I met many such blogs - barter cooperation, full of advertising banners. To be honest I didn't even know what topic the blog was run because there were posts promoting vibrators and potato peelers (seriously ...).
I avoid such blogs with a wide arc, because they have no substantive value for me. It is strange that some clients agree to advertise on such blogs, because the blogger is not credible at all, and the next cooperation is just ... another.

Find the golden mean

A good blogger doesn't sell for just any hand cream (sorry, I got on this cream). A good blogger undertakes cooperation in accordance with his conscience. Therefore, with us you will never see me in my underwear or read a post about vibrators.

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Everyone, however, sets their own limits - for one it can be a post about sanitary napkins (I once wrote a review of organic sanitary napkins and I don't regret it. By the way I use them to this day and I just wanted to show you an alternative to drugstore, chlorinated sanitary napkins from drugstores). I add that this post read by several thousand people.

In our opinion, barter cooperation is only profitable if it pays off to both parties (not just the company, because it always pays off). If you receive an offer of barter cooperation, you can always adjust the terms of cooperation to the product. But remember to know your value and never sell yourself for a few pennies. Value your work - you have to test, describe the product in such a way as to interest the reader and additionally take photos. It all costs and the price is your time.

I am very curious what you think about this type of cooperation and do you undertake barter cooperation?


  1. Avatar Canteen Blog 20 April 2017 / 09: 24

    True, barter is not bad as long as it is done wisely.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 April 2017 / 09: 37

      That's right - it must pay off for each side, not just one 😉

  2. Avatar Kinga 13 December 2016 / 12: 09

    My point of view is a little different, because I am a book blogger and I combine passion with free copies of books, so I do not consider whether it pays or does not pay, only if I feel like a title and get a proposal to read it, I agree. Why not?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 December 2016 / 13: 35

      Sure, in your case it can be considered a little differently. Nevertheless, there will probably come a time when you will want to start earning from your passion. Unless you run a blog purely hobbyist, then such cooperation is at stake 🙂

    • Avatar Kinga 13 December 2016 / 14: 32

      I've been blogging for over 4 years and to be honest I wouldn't even have an idea how to make money on such a blog. And let's face it, I don't have crazy statistics :)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 December 2016 / 14: 43

      In fact, you can earn on every blog. After all, you spend your time reading and reviewing a book, so you can expect, apart from the book, the payment of your time spent writing a review.

      Nevertheless, since you have low statistics, nothing can be done here. Statistics are the most important if you make money on the blog 🙁

    • Avatar Anna Omiecińska 26 January 2017 / 20: 39

      I also run a book blog, but I don't treat publishing books as barter cooperation until the end. I get emails from 3 publishers and if they offer something that I would like to buy, I take it for review. Reading books is my hobby, so I'd like to use it, but I don't recalculate it on the principle "I wrote 600 words for 25 PLN".

  3. Avatar Asai 21 November 2016 / 10: 34

    Topic in my time, although I would prefer reasonable rates rozsąd I have a blog briefly, so I'm just developing it, but I just have to provide rates for specific activities and that I feel good with it must be rather inadequate for statistics 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 05

      It looked a bit different for us, because initially we only undertook barter cooperation. We thought that we could not offer anything great (we had low statistics at first, because we were moving the blog from blog.pl to blogger and not many readers moved with us. Later new readers began to appear, old people started to leave) so we did not decide on paid campaigns advertising because we felt it would be inadequate to the level of our blog.

      Today is different. We have quite high statistics as well as more possibilities. We've invested in a blog and now it's time to harvest pl

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 05

      Definitely. Unfortunately, most companies want it to be beneficial only for them 😉

  4. Avatar Aneta Warowna 15 November 2016 / 11: 00

    Very good entry! I run a culinary blog and I have recently accepted such a way as barter at a good price. Because I happened to 2 times to accept an offer not fully understood, i.e. I did not specify the details and quantity (and thus the value) of the products and got - 750g cheese (very good quality, but I can still afford it) and ... 2 pasta packages. I made an entry after 1, because I do not like to make an ass, and in theory I also committed to something, but never again for such value 🙂 my blog is not a trash!
    Regards, Aneta Warowna
    Colorful Prescription

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 07

      We also made such mistakes, but remember that 'he is not mistaken, which does nothing'. Thanks to this, you are richer with experience 🙂

  5. Avatar Roman Sidło 12 November 2016 / 13: 08

    I am terribly annoyed by some book bloggers who receive books from some publishing house there, and in return they do such a reactive pudding that man refuses to live.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 09

      I honestly admit that I rarely read book reviews. I prefer to judge myself, because it often happens that what others like - it doesn't move me at all 😛 I have one blog of this type that I regularly visit (greetings to our reader: *). It is valuable and I was tempted to do a few items thanks to our reader. This is an exception, however, because we have a similar taste in books 😉

  6. Avatar Economic Beauty 12 November 2016 / 12: 59

    Very useful entry 🙂 I am still so beginner that so far no barterers and cooperation in my head. But in my life I would not "sell myself" for hand cream. You have to look at it as an ordinary job, unless we would not accept a job offer with the 2 PLN / h rate.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 10

      Some people just start a blog ... to have the proverbial hand cream 😉

  7. Avatar In Marlena's World 12 November 2016 / 11: 36

    Now we are at a good stage when it comes to barter cooperation. The times of doing everything for free are over. More and more bloggers are aware that for what they do under barter, they can take money 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 23

      Well, unfortunately, there are also bloggers who set up a blog to have free clothes and cosmetics. It is sad, but unfortunately true.

  8. Avatar Dorota Pawelec 12 November 2016 / 10: 59

    I don't barter anymore, although it was different at the beginning. It's like being told NO to money 🙂 Best wishes!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 28

      At the beginning barter is okay, because at least you can show them off to other companies. Over time, barter is not always good.

  9. Avatar Agate 10 November 2016 / 09: 59

    Very useful entry 🙂 I'm just starting blogging and I was wondering what such barter collaborations look like. I know for sure that I would not like to promote something that is not compatible with me just to get a free product that I don't really need anything for.

  10. Avatar Anna Jaroszewska 9 November 2016 / 14: 39

    Together with a friend I run a fashion blog, so barter cooperation offers are common with us. In the case of companies just entering the market that offer high-quality clothes or accessories corresponding to our style, we agree to such cooperation. I can't imagine, however, this type of cooperation with Chinese companies that send their goods and use their employees (we all know what the production of cheap clothes looks like).

    I know that maybe this way I will fall into most bloggers who get packages from these companies every month, but this is a kind of cooperation that I will not undertake any more. I write "already" because once, at the beginning of my blogging adventure, it happened to me and I'm a bit ashamed of it.

    Another thing is that above a certain number of views, agreeing to barter is already spoiling the market (yourself and other bloggers). After all, if someone offers a promotion for free, to a fairly wide audience, why should the company use the services of someone else who wants money?


    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 November 2016 / 15: 16

      We also have several collaborations that we would certainly not take again. Nevertheless, I think every experience in life is useful, and thanks to our mistakes we have a lesson for the future 🙂

  11. Avatar Professionally groomed 9 November 2016 / 14: 24

    I agree. Barter comes into play when the product is actually close to the presented lifestyle on the blog or the blogger himself. The most embarrassing for me are situations when Janusz write to companies and brands themselves asking for free products ...
    I prefer to be just a blogger with passion 🙂

  12. Avatar :) 9 November 2016 / 12: 20

    Very good post, useful for people starting their blog adventure.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 November 2016 / 12: 21

      I think that it will also be useful for the more advanced ones, because they also make a lot of mistakes 😉

  13. Avatar ŚliwkowaPanna 9 November 2016 / 09: 17

    I do barter quite often, but it is a bit related to my interest. Namely, I mainly barter with stores, with cool things for sessions - wigs, accessories, corsets. Something I use often for sessions. However, if I think that something will not be useful to me, I just talk about it and then I do not barter :)

  14. Avatar Iwona (IT) KA 9 November 2016 / 08: 17

    I started barter cooperation once - a friend wanted my product, in exchange for an article about my hobby on her website 🙂 I will not sell, I have a specific field and in this matter I turn around and stay like that, because I am myself and my blog is a part of me and is not "for sale" 😉

  15. Avatar Elwira Zbadyńska 9 November 2016 / 07: 46

    It is worth keeping rates and agreeing on barter in the case of necessary and valuable things, which are equivalent to what we take for a sponsored entry.

  16. Avatar Anna Gacka 8 November 2016 / 18: 33

    Such problems will not appear when we start treating a blog as one of the communication channels of our own brand 😉 then we also know what our value is and we have a clear indicator of who to work with. In barter or not 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 November 2016 / 07: 54

      Unfortunately, not everyone perceives a blog in this way. A lot of people see the blog as a machine for barter cooperation 😉

  17. Avatar Mrs. Miniature 8 November 2016 / 16: 36

    For me, favorable barter cooperation is one in which I could receive something that I would not normally be able to afford or I would simply not wish I had the money for it, e.g. some fancy home appliances above 500 PLN would already be a tempting argument for me to take barter cooperation. For some it's a lot, for others a little 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 November 2016 / 07: 59

      Everyone sets rates on their blog, so don't judge if it's a lot or not mało A good approach, but it's also worth looking at whether the product has blogging potential, and not only guided by your own pleasure własną

  18. Avatar Beauty Land 8 November 2016 / 15: 00

    I had suggestions for testing an intimate gel for women

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 November 2016 / 08: 05

      This is a niche product, few people talk about it, so if it was noteworthy why not 😉 Unless it is on your list, "I will never review it" 🙂

  19. Avatar Dame Pik 8 November 2016 / 13: 42

    as if I got these new vibrators with an alarm clock (in total, instead of an alarm clock, because they do not ring;>), I'd like to test 😀 getting up with me is always a drama, and so it could be able to get up with a smile 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 November 2016 / 14: 02

      Hahahahaha 😀 I started laughing at the monitor, thanks 😀

    • Avatar Dame Pik 8 November 2016 / 14: 37

      at least that much 😀

  20. Avatar Mirella 8 November 2016 / 12: 53

    I have never been interested in this subject, but I do not hide that now I was interested 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 November 2016 / 14: 03

      I am very happy about it 🙂 If you have any questions, write boldly.

  21. Avatar Ania Abakercja 8 November 2016 / 10: 36

    Half a loaf is better than nothing. but to quarrel with 10 PLN is also an average option 😉

    in my opinion everybody knows if it's worth it or not, but sometimes it tries too much to get away with it and gets lost. And it is as simple as a dilemma whether it is worth going to a restaurant or making dinner at home. you know it!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 November 2016 / 10: 46

      Aporpo 10 PLN. recently in one of the blogging groups one of Blogerek wrote about cooperation for 10 PLN. seriously, someone offered her cooperation for 10 PLN ...

  22. Avatar Ola Gościniak 8 November 2016 / 08: 16

    In every industry there will be someone who spoils it. Whether at rates or barter cooperation, although it's true that among bloggers this happens very often.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 November 2016 / 09: 46

      That's right, there are people in every industry. I professionally deal with social media and when I see offers for fanpages for pennies, I wonder if anyone is really naive to believe that a person without experience offering such rates will do anything.

      And then there are comments that social media do not give any effect. Sure, when this is not done by specialists just randomly it will not give any results.

  23. Avatar Monika Raus Incompatible woman 8 November 2016 / 06: 10

    Sigh ...
    I have been blogging for a short time.
    Recently, I got the first cooperation offer.
    A well-known cosmetics company wrote to me and asked for a price list for a review and a sponsored article.
    So I sent, guided by the advice of a trusted person sitting on the subject.
    For me, the amounts were too low for her, but at the beginning she said ok.
    The co?
    And silence.
    Unfortunately, there are bloggers who do what I gave the price for the cosmetic itself.
    Sad but true.
    So I look forward to my first cooperation.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 November 2016 / 07: 46

      Yes, there are a lot of bloggers who for hand cream (I really stuck on this cream: D) offer sponsored post, promotion on social media and it is not known yet. And then companies expect the same from the rest of bloggers.

      Recently, a company wrote to me that offered me cooperation - a review of a pretty cool product. Only that the product cost a fraction of the price of the blog sponsored article itself, and they still had a million additional requirements. I presented my offer of cooperation in this area, they did not even answer. It's sad that some companies behave so little professionally - it was enough to write that they can't afford it or anything else 😉

  24. Avatar Alicja 7 November 2016 / 22: 23

    It is best to adopt a triple benefit criterion - for a blogger, readers and a company wanting to advertise 🙂

  25. Avatar Dorota 7 November 2016 / 21: 49

    And what are your proven methods for successful barter cooperation? I run a beginner blog and I'm interested in working with bloggers (e.g. guest posts, interviews) and I'm not always able to get along. What will you suggest?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 November 2016 / 22: 55

      I am not a fan of this type of cooperation. Firstly, because it's difficult to get along (you paid attention to it yourself), and secondly, because it has never brought me the effects that I expected.

  26. Avatar Milena M. 7 November 2016 / 21: 26

    Nice post, but a little broken. I was counting on a longer argument regarding the answer to the question of when is it worth undertaking barter cooperation?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 November 2016 / 21: 39

      Just like in a post - it's worth cooperating when you simply pay off in various ways. What? When you are interested in a product and when you think it is worth testing it and showing it to your readers.

      If you have fixed rates for a sponsored post, only engage in barter cooperation when the cost of the product is close to the price of the sponsored article on the blog. And of course when the product is noteworthy 🙂 Certainly it is not worth undertaking barter cooperation when the cost of an article sponsored on your blog is PLN 1000. and the price of the 20 testing product is PLN. This is not a profitable cooperation, even if the product is really interesting.

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