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Is everything as we think it is?

Is everything as we think it is?
Is everything as we think it is?

Inspired by the book 18 minutes by Peter Bregman I would like to give you some thoughts on how to follow assumptions in life rather than experiences. Peter Bregman in his book advises you to first define 4 areas of activity that we care about and which we want to fight (about not being stuck in a workplace that you don't like, I will not talk again).

Assumptions and beliefs versus reality

Peter Bregman in his book describes the case when he went skiing. He assumed that since it is spring, it must be warm. It ended in frostbite of the toes. Another case - I had to go to the office about a week ago.

In life, we often follow our imaginations. We are looking for confirmations that something should be as it is in our opinion.

I assumed that since the day before it was warm and it is still summer, it means that it must be warm on that particular day. The next day I woke up with a sore throat and fever. I froze because I dressed too lightly. Of course, I checked the temperature before leaving, but I assumed that since it is still summer, it must also be warm.

It made me think. In life, we often follow our imaginations. We are looking for confirmations that something should be as it is in our opinion. Instead of going further, looking for new solutions, we expect the world around us to be what we are used to.

How to distinguish the illusion of beliefs from reality?

What is the best solution in this case? Learning from experience. Instead of seeking confirmation that something is perfect, we must find imperfections (of the project, and sometimes even ourselves). It is not easy, because if we live for many years thinking that something is perfect, it is hard for us to look critically at it with a critical eye.
In this case, it is worth asking someone trusted for an opinion. Maybe you will learn about your business, something you don't see. It's not so easy to accept that you may be wrong.


  1. Avatar Ewelina, taste life up 12 January 2017 / 19: 55

    You know that sometimes I think about it this way. On the one hand, experience and on the other, innovation in thinking. It is very difficult to balance. Therefore - eyes must be wide open.

  2. Avatar Make Happy Life 12 January 2017 / 08: 20

    Sometimes the opinion of third parties is very important. Only these people have to be involved, otherwise they can be total nonsense 🙂

  3. Avatar Ola Ćmachowska 12 January 2017 / 08: 02

    So to sum up, we are guided by experience instead of predicting? But is drawing conclusions from this also a kind of assumption? In fact, something may repeat 10 times and not for 11 anymore, does the situation give 10 experience or is it just anticipation? 🙂 heh, the book must be interesting! Regards, Mamatywna :).

  4. Avatar I say THIS 12 January 2017 / 07: 59

    Beliefs can really spoil your travel mood. You go to a place you have long wanted to visit, and it turns out to be disappointing compared to expectations.
    Nothing but take reality as it is.

  5. Avatar pożeramstrony 12 January 2017 / 07: 59

    Short, concise and to the point.
    If everything were as it seems the world would be too simple.

  6. Avatar Mirek Jasinski 12 December 2016 / 20: 57

    Among other things, that's why the 360 rating was invented. I recommend Kahneman's "Thinking Traps"

  7. Avatar Constant Wandering 12 December 2016 / 12: 16

    An interesting post. I have long assumed that everything is not what it seemed at first. I have often experienced that something turned out to be completely different than it might seem.

  8. Avatar Webska 12 December 2016 / 11: 31

    I made a list of inspirational books that I want to read next year. You have already made it to the list. Thank you

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 December 2016 / 12: 21

      I would recommend. This is a fairly light book, but very valuable 🙂

  9. Avatar Izabela Kornet 12 December 2016 / 09: 31

    That is why I love to have an open mind ... I really love this state, although sometimes I close myself in my imaginations, but I have been aware of it for some time 🙂 You can discover a lot of good!

  10. Avatar Bookendorfin by Izabela Pycio 10 December 2016 / 07: 32

    Sometimes we live with the conviction that something is perfect, and yet it turns out that it is not. Or, conversely, we are afraid of letting go of something, because we have not yet made it perfect. 🙂

  11. Avatar ZaplanowaniPL 10 December 2016 / 07: 31

    It's just that the opinion of others can sometimes discourage us from acting. It is worth taking a look inside yourself and trying to honestly discover and describe these areas, it always works out for good and encourages you to act. Small steps to the goal. 🙂

  12. Avatar A multitasking woman 11 October 2016 / 08: 12

    An interesting entry and in general I think I will reach for this book ... I like such items

  13. Avatar Szymon Owedyk - Copywriter 7 October 2016 / 21: 06

    I agree, the opinion of our relatives and friends can be very valuable. And if we do business, that's what customers think. It is often a determinant of effective preparation for many advertising campaigns. That is why online surveys have become so popular 🙂

  14. Avatar Marta Kraszewska 6 October 2016 / 16: 57

    The opinions of others often surprise us. It turns out that other people perceive the same things differently. The only question is what we will do next.

  15. Avatar Łukasz Zabielski 6 October 2016 / 10: 01

    Oh, I often face reality. I have big plans, a teaser to do something - and then it turns out that it is not so cool. But I'm slowly healing myself.

    • Avatar Paweł Tomaszewski 10 October 2016 / 12: 51

      I also have a so-called hurry optimism as I take to implement some project. All the signs in heaven and earth always say, "Do it this way." And in a few days a cool analysis comes.

  16. Avatar Happy Cottage 6 October 2016 / 09: 50

    I totally agree. The most difficult are these situations when something seems to us, and our subconscious actually looks for signs to confirm these ideas ... And suddenly all reality adapts to our attitude

  17. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 30 September 2016 / 09: 47

    That is why it is often repeated to get out of your bubble.

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