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Is it always worth sending a cover letter?

how to write a cover letter
When looking for a job, you have probably met with a request to attach a cover letter more than once. I will talk a little bit about how to write a cover letter because I think it is worth discussing this topic. It is not as easy as it seems.

Do you need to attach a cover letter to your CV?

Returning to the question asked - is it always worth sending a cover letter, the answer is "no". Probably many of you are shocked right now, and recruiters are biting the keyboard in anger, but that's the truth. In many industries, a covering letter is simply a figment of the recruiter.
Suppose you are a graphic designer and someone is expecting a cover letter from you - what will you think? Well ... how to show your work in the cover letter. In some industries, it's better to send your portfolio and treat it as a cover letter.
In which industries does the portfolio work better? In creative industries, e.g. graphics can send their portfolio showing existing graphics, banners, rollups, etc., certainly in the interior design industry, where you can show projects completed so far, as well as in the Social Media industry that I deal with.
When applying to a company in 99%, I send my portfolio, in which I place screenshots of the fanpages I have run so far, the graphics I did, as well as screenshots from the blog, because it shows that I do not just close to the fanpage itself.
In other industries, it's worth to attach a cover letter. Just ... what to include in it ?!

How to write a good cover letter?

The cover letter is a kind of CV supplement that should contain information ADDITIONAL. We never duplicate information from the CV in the cover letter, we only write about our additional skills, e.g. fast typing, and (most importantly) we write in a few sentences why we want to work in this company.
You can write that the company philosophy suits you, or work in a given position will give you the opportunity to develop previously acquired skills.
Good luck in your job search! If you have any questions about the cover letter - let me know in the comments.


  1. Avatar Dorota Pawelec 19 December 2016 / 10: 41

    I recruited myself for my company and I know that in the face of a lot of applications it is difficult to read in cover letters.

  2. Avatar healthystyle.pl 19 December 2016 / 09: 17

    I don't even remember the last time I sent something like a cover letter. It seems to me that in some industries there is a departure from the standard CV and letter, because while the CV actually gives information about the experience we have, the CV letter is simply a well-created marketing text, which actually adds little - especially in industries such as graphics, social media or copywirting - here, portfolio is definitely more useful instead of letters, because we have a real substitute for the candidate's skills, not just dry text.

  3. Avatar A multitasking woman 19 December 2016 / 08: 53

    I never understood this phenomenon with the need to send a letter. it's a bit archaic to me. Why? Because the information is reproduced from the CV and the letters written under the formulas do not add anything new and as with school essays - you never know the author of the letter

  4. Avatar Aleksandra Bohojło / Esencja 5 September 2016 / 16: 02

    A few years ago I loved going to job interviews, but I hated writing motivation letters. You wrote little about them, because it often happens that it is the cover letter, not the CV, that draws the attention of a potential employer and convinces him to invite the candidate for an interview, during which the conversation goes down to the issues that were on the letter. The cover letter can or should be a source of knowledge about us and our experience. A CV is a formality containing details of our professional experience. You won't show your strengths in the CV, but you can smuggle it in the letter.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 September 2016 / 18: 14

      Depends what industry. In creative industries, a cover letter is not very welcome. If you are a graphic designer, social media specialist you will be much more interested in your portfolio, i.e. something that you can show off (what you have done so far) than a cover letter 🙂

      In most jobs, it's better to show your past achievements, of course if you have something to show off.

  5. Avatar Dawid P. 5 September 2016 / 13: 39

    And more and more often I hear from friends from older years that employers just prefer a portfolio more often than some rigid CV or cover letter.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 September 2016 / 14: 37

      So, as you have seen, this is not only my subjective opinion on this subject. It is definitely better to show off your creative side and stick to the recruiter's memory.

  6. Avatar Dominika Dradrach 5 September 2016 / 08: 52

    thanks for the advice on how to write a letter 🙂 I was about to take it 🙂

  7. Avatar Ronda 15 August 2016 / 12: 52

    That's right, a lot depends on the particular industry.

  8. Avatar Classy Simple Life 15 August 2016 / 08: 35

    Personally, I think that sending a cover letter is largely conditioned by the industry in which we are applying for a job. Generally, I always try to attach a cover letter to my CV, unless the prospective employer only wishes the CV itself - best regards 🙂

  9. Avatar aknezz 12 August 2016 / 20: 29

    In my industry, it is rather necessary to send a cover letter in this matter, I already have practice 🙂

  10. Avatar Gaja 12 August 2016 / 19: 36

    It depends on how the company determines. For years, he has been working in the human resources department (in two companies) and it was usually a requirement without which he could move.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 August 2016 / 22: 20

      All this is a matter of findings, but there are industries where the cover letter is obsolete 😉

  11. Avatar Milena M. 12 August 2016 / 19: 06

    Creating a good cover letter and CV is an art.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 August 2016 / 22: 18

      Definitely. Particularly because you don't know which recruiter you'll hit and you don't know if you are part of his employee vision 🙂

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