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How to clean glasses?

Hello everyone again. Recently, when writing about choosing the right bluecontrol coatings for your new lenses, I did not mention how important their care is. In addition to the traditional glass cloth included in the set, we can also find various means in stores to help care for our glasses.
My choice fell on the cloth of the brand HOYA Clear-it Anti Fog Wipes thanks to which in the autumn - winter transition from heated rooms to the outside will avoid fogging our glasses. I use brand wipes on a daily basis Flink & Sauber which we will find in the Rossman network. For Hoya cloth, you first need to wash / clean the glass from dirt. The next step is to use the Anti Fog cloth to wipe the outside and inside surfaces (lenses about 5-10 times). Thanks to this treatment, our lenses remain fogged up to a maximum of 72 hours at 60 humidity. We receive a guarantee of min. 24 h lens protection. On average, the cloth can be used about sixty times, depending on the size of the lens we have. Hoya cloth cannot be washed because it will lose its properties.
Remember to wipe our glasses with a material designed for it, so that the lens does not lose its properties. The right lens hardness can help us, which I wrote about in the previous note. However, we must use common sense, because no best coating can replace it. If the glasses are to serve us as long as possible, we must handle them properly.
Remember to remove the glasses with both hands. The glasses case must also be properly shaped for our glasses so that they do not "fly" loose inside. It is important not to apply very aggressive chemicals to the glass, which are supposedly beneficial. Sometimes ordinary water may be better;)
The price of the Hoya Clear-it Anti Fog cloth is PLN 25
The price of Flink & Sauber cloths for 52 items is 6 PLN.


  1. Avatar An gie 20 May 2015 / 15: 04

    Fortunately, I don't wear glasses 🙂

  2. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 20 May 2015 / 07: 58

    I have a cloth attached to the case plus every once in a while I clean the glass with a disposable cloth soaked in something from Lidl.

  3. Avatar Agata Szydłowska 19 May 2015 / 20: 59

    I don't wear glasses, but this post will definitely be useful for the future 🙂

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