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What are blackheads and how to remove them?

Fighting with blackheads can be very tedious. For those who think that blackheads cannot be fought - I recommend today's post. At the beginning I will try to characterize the problem in order to know how to fight it effectively.

Wagry is nothing but enlarged pores filled with a fat-horny substance that darkens under the influence of light and oxygen. They are commonly called "dark heads" or "worms"
Wagry have a semi-liquid form, but the most common is the compact form. In fact, we do not know what they are made of, because they also occur in people who carefully care for their complexion. The best solution for their origin is "they simply are, but they don't necessarily have to stay with us for longer";)
There are a lot of products on the market that theoretically have to remove blackheads (nose patches that I used myself, I do not recommend, because they do not work as if we wanted [they remove only a percentage of the blackheads, but not all. Even if we do the sausage sooner))

What is this "sausage" I mentioned?

No, I'm not talking about a hot dog sausage;) it's about a sausage - expanding the pores under the influence of warm air. The best for this is a warming mask + face over herbal, hot (can be e.g. chamomile [I usually use it]) infusion.
Of course, I recommend this method when we want to remove blackheads ourselves. However, I do not recommend doing it yourself, especially for people who have no experience in it, because you can do more harm than good (I mean holes that are a frequent effect of blackhead squeezing!)
On the Internet you can find many ideas for removing blackheads, e.g. lubricating such places with a mint paste (I do not recommend, because it can irritate the skin), or sausage (well, but nobody writes about the fact that later you need to close the pores ...)
You asked about the best way, so I would advise you instead of using cosmetics that are supposed to remove blackheads (I used many cosmetics, like I mentioned - patches, but also Clean & Clear peels for blackheads, but unfortunately nothing helped) I recommend visiting a beautician facial cleansing. Nothing removes blackheads so effectively.
I used this service myself and believe me, it's worth investing money in professional facial cleansing. The fact that cleansing is not painless, but no one will do it as well as an experienced beautician. I will tell you honestly that it is better to spend about PLN 200. on 2-3 treatments (after so many treatments you can see a significant difference!) than spending money on cosmetics ...
If you decide on the procedure, for better results I recommend cleaning your face with a brush, which I bought some time ago in Rossmann. It cost little, and the effects are already visible (the brush will thoroughly cleanse the pores).
I rinse my face with warm enough water to open the pores, then massage the face with a circular brush with a facial gel brush (currently I use Alterra gel) for about 3 minutes. It is very important to close the pores after such "treatment" - rinse with tonic, I use the herbal tonic from Fitomed, which performs its tasks well. I hope I helped you a little bit. I wrote honestly what I recommend, and actually what to do to enjoy a beautiful, clean face every day :)
If you have any proven methods for blackheads - write :)


  1. Avatar Ewelina 21 January 2018 / 11: 02

    A good diet is essential in the fight against blackheads. Unfortunately, to eliminate what is outside, you need to start from within.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 21 January 2018 / 13: 42

      I agree. That is why we have been on a vegan diet since 2014, which also affects the current condition of the skin.

  2. Avatar Loonie 3 January 2015 / 08: 38

    very useful post, maybe I can finally deal with blackheads :)

  3. Avatar Miss Marta is testing 2 January 2015 / 20: 30

    This is my bane 😛 The problem returns like a boomerang. I don't know the miracle recipe

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 2 January 2015 / 22: 11

      You can win with blackheads, but it is a difficult and very long fight.

  4. Avatar Anonymous 2 July 2014 / 08: 45

    Cool tips, but as you write on the forum it's worth looking into the dictionary (no offense)
    I am begging you, don't make such glaring spelling mistakes - "here, later"

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 2 July 2014 / 15: 49

      Sorry, you probably haven't noticed that this is not a forum, but a blog :) When you write comments on a blog, you do not paste the ready answer that is used in an online forum haha ​​🙂

  5. Avatar Anonymous 13 November 2012 / 12: 49

    face cleansing brush with the addition of dusting to clean the head of the brew brew a hot towel on the head and 10 minutes with your head down ... and after the procedure wash your face with a face soap with water or a tonic, then a good cream and if you have clay on your face, apply and then cream on smiley ps if you do not have a face brush it may be a new toothbrush and the problem with your head until the next time do not apply every day once a month or two prevent peligia once a week

  6. Avatar PinkAlice 29 December 2011 / 10: 24

    Nice blog
    There are a lot of cosmetics in the store that are supposed to remove and do nothing 😉

  7. Avatar Thou 28 December 2011 / 14: 05

    Thank you very much for the note.
    I have already read a lot of articles on this topic, but what the site writes differently, I finally got to someone who knows this and finally helped me.

    I always thought that enlarged p [ora and blackheads] was quite different. ; ))

  8. Avatar miss em 27 December 2011 / 21: 16

    I throw them there myself, without too much trouble. After all, how does a beautician do it? Also, if it's manual face cleaning, why the hell should I spend so much money? 😉 Secondly, blackheads are blackheads and there are two types of blackheads - closed and open. These 'black dots' are easiest to squeeze out, they come out without major problems, but it is worse with those subcutaneous, it is difficult to deal with them. And secondly ... A visit to a beautician costs and not everyone can afford to make such a visit from time to time 😉 Nivea patches helped me a lot, they didn't clean everyone, but quite a lot. It is worth reading about cleansing with oils, I'm starting. http://wizazonline.pl/ocm/ <- here everything is explained.

  9. Avatar aeluri 27 December 2011 / 19: 15

    I use black tea cosmetics for blackheads, which super cleanses pores and reduces blackheads. They are no longer so visible and black, and thus less annoying.

  10. Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 December 2011 / 18: 34

    Kingo, you don't have to get used to them - just remove them. I really recommend cleansing, I could not believe that a beautician can do such miracles! :)

  11. Avatar Kinga 27 December 2011 / 18: 30

    I agree with you.
    I don't have any ways for blackheads. I have already got used to them.

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