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Ebook reader or book

It's amazing how time flies by. My Pocketbook Touch Lux 2 ebook reader is over 2 years old! I use it not only me, but also Piotr and we are both happy with this model. If you are looking for an ebook reader with backlight, long-lasting battery and one that does not jam and does not have mussels - check out Pocketbooks. If you still do not know what to choose - ebook reader or book, below I will try to answer this question.

PocketBook and happy plugs

Ebook reader or book - what to choose?

As I mentioned before - my Pocketbook Touch Lux 2 ebook reader is over 2 years old. I thought about the reader for quite a long time, because the books did not fit on the shelf. I am a minimalist and try to buy only what I really need or like. Books are one of those things I can't deny myself. I really like reading and moving magically to the world created in reading. Piotr always laughs that when I get a new book, I disappear for a few hours. It is true.

I am currently reading the book 'Woman with Red Notebook' by Antoine Laurain, then I will be reading 'Kiss Goodbye' by Tasmina Perry. I like light and pleasant books, as well as all sorts of guidebooks such as French ways for beauty, slim figure and health. This is a very interesting book that talks not only about skin care, but also about the whole body.
The e-book reader has the advantage that read books can be deleted and do not take us space on the shelves. The same applies when we buy new books - we can buy more without taking up space at home. Every minimalist should have this device at home.

I buy books in paper that I like to come back to

If a book impressed me very much and I know that I will want to go back to it, I buy it in paper. Such a series are, for example, books about Madame Chic Jennifer L. Scott. I especially like going back to the second part of 'At Home Madame Chic', where, in addition to interesting tips on running a house, find a list of French songs that will captivate more than one heart. The same applies to the 'Be chic!' Style guide. and industry literature on social media, internet marketing, etc. (although we also have a lot of books on the reader).

Electronic books usually cost about the same as paper books. Many people find it unfair because the book is not printed. Don't judge me.

Does the ebook reader spoil the eyes?

I didn't notice that my eyesight was deteriorating when reading books on a reader. Actually reading books, whether on a reader or paper, after some time my eyes hurt, it's normal. Our eyes rebel with too much effort. Remember, however, that if you like to read in the evening e.g. at bedtime (I'm a supporter of reading at bedtime, but not too long, because later I can't sleep or dream about stupidity), be sure to invest in a backlit reader. Such readers are a little more expensive than those that do not have backlight, but certainly your eyes will be grateful for that.
Reading without backlighting the eyes get tired much faster! The same applies to reading a paper book in poor lighting - it is very harmful to our eyes. If your eyes are tired, I recommend the Argenton Optic Spray, which we spray on the closed eyelids. This product was recommended to me by my ophthalmologist when I said that I often feel eye strain as well as 'dryness'. It really works and you can feel relief quickly.


  1. Avatar Igga 10 June 2019 / 12: 35

    A reader on the go is, in fact, definitely better. It is simply more comfortable and functional. I bought my first model (inkBOOK classic) as I was going on a long journey. It is known that a suitcase cannot contain only books, and it turned out that I would like to have a lot of them with me. It worked great for me then. Now I recently bought a slightly newer explorer model 😀 I'm still testing it.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      10 June 2019 / 15: 28

      My reader is still working, but unfortunately the frame broke in one place (I do not even know from what). Fortunately, this does not affect its functioning. I will definitely take him on a trip in a week 🙂

      • Avatar dyrdymała 3 July 2019 / 11: 57

        Hmm, maybe you should invest in a housing? They are dedicated to inkbooks, thanks to which you not only have a safer reader, they give you additional options 🙂

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl
          3 July 2019 / 13: 49

          Of course I have a cover for my pocketbook 🙂

      • Avatar dyrdymała 3 July 2019 / 11: 58

        I also forgot to mention that this way you can liven up your reader a bit. The cases are in different colors 🙂 I chose red for myself. I like it much more than when I had the black reader alone.

  2. Avatar Moni3 2 May 2018 / 10: 44

    I couldn't get to readers for a long time, because it's not the same as what you hold in your hand, but I mostly read on the road, by train or by metro so the reader is definitely more practical, considering that I always have a heavy bag; / while choosing my own, I mainly supported the guide 😉

  3. Avatar zer0 graph 19 September 2017 / 13: 38


    The reader made me read more novels. It is definitely more convenient than traditional books: I can't imagine reading "Books of All Achievements of Sherlock Holmes in paper version". Plus, I can read anywhere, my Cybook fits in my hand and in my jeans pocket.

    Of course, it's not like I completely cross out the paper. By all means, I read traditional books, though I admit that I prefer e-books.

    Best wishes,
    zer0 graph.

  4. Avatar szmaratka 19 September 2017 / 13: 31

    I am a supporter of the traditional book 🙂

  5. Avatar aGwer 2 August 2017 / 13: 49

    The reader definitely wins with me. I have been reading ebooks for over 2 years (almost three actually) and I have a hard time getting the paper version.
    But I plan to buy my beloved items after moving in 😛

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 August 2017 / 14: 38

      I now buy only the most interesting items. Rest on the reader 🙂

  6. Avatar Mama With A Pink Purse 19 July 2017 / 12: 49

    Nothing beats the paper, but the reader is especially handy in public transport 😛

  7. Avatar Olga 6 July 2017 / 08: 04

    After many years of refraining from electoral books, you decided to buy a Pocketbook. I did it for convenience - it was easier for me to download the book than to go to the library, and that I read mainly on buses and trains Pocketbook unloaded my purse 😉

  8. Avatar Anonymous 5 July 2017 / 22: 35

    A book. Always. If I stumble over them, I will always choose books, such a collector of me 🙂 R.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 July 2017 / 10: 00

      I feel sorry for the space for paper books. I would probably need to have an 300-meter house to have all the books read on paper 😀

  9. Avatar Agnieszka Szajda 5 July 2017 / 20: 34

    At home I prefer to read paper books, but the reader is useful for all trips. Now I can't imagine having 2 or 4 books in my suitcase for 5 weeks.

  10. Avatar Wellnesska 5 July 2017 / 19: 38

    I have long been thinking of buying a reader, mainly because I live in a studio apartment and I simply don't have room for new books. I like to have a book in my hand, feel the smell of paper - it relaxes me and in this respect I do not know if the ebook would pass the exam. However, practical issues will soon prevail. I think you have a good rule about buying paper items to which you return. As I looked at it now, I have a lot of books that I have read only once, they did not delight me, and they make no sense on the shelf.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 July 2017 / 09: 56

      I know something about it - the lack of space was by far the strongest argument for buying a reader. Since I bought it, I reach for it more often than traditional books.

  11. Avatar dyrdymała 5 July 2017 / 19: 17

    Somehow I've never had a reader along the way, but it's slowly changing. Who knows, maybe soon I will become the owner of one "copy" :). We were last in Tenerife, of course with a book. I came to the conclusion that the paper book in this case was definitely worse than probably the ebook reader.

    The book was often cut off in tanning cream or sand (the reader would be enough to wipe), in the case of wind it was difficult to keep the right page, and of course it takes a lot of space. In this case, the same advantages for the reader :).

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 July 2017 / 09: 55

      When it comes to sand, be careful with the reader. Small particles can damage the device. Nevertheless, the reader certainly works better when traveling than a paper book.

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