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Daily face care with a male eye

The note is addressed mainly to people who are still looking for their so-called "Golden mean" to obtain a healthy and well-groomed skin. If you are at this stage as I used to be, you will definitely benefit from reading this entry.
Acne treatment
(Bandi, Sylveco, Liniment, acne skin gel, Sylveco light marigold cream, tamanu oil)

My complexion problems and the way I fought them were described earlier in this post.

Under this post and on our fanpage comments have appeared to not only inform you about the past cosmetic procedures but also about what my daily face care looks like.
Everything had its beginning from cooperation with one of the beauty salons in the Tri-City.
As part of the cooperation, I had the opportunity to get professional cosmetic advice and also test zabiegi kosmetyczne offered by the above salon. Thanks to treatments including cleansing and proper care today I can enjoy the skin in really good condition.
At the moment I can say; finally I won with pimples, blackheads etc. problems.
In my case, the biggest mistake was excessive drying of the skin. In addition, instead of moisturizing the face, I treated it with acids.
What a big surprise for me was that my complexion (which is prone to oily skin) needs moisturizing! I trusted Ms Iwona (a cosmetologist from the salon we worked with). After following this advice my complexion stopped secreting excessively sebum.

What does my daily care look like?

Morning I wash my face colloidal silver, then I apply Sylveco moisturizing marigold cream (a review of this cream will soon appear on our blog). In the evening I cleanse my face with colloidal silver and apply a thicker layer of Sylveco marigold cream. Once a week I use the Bandi cleansing gel from the Young series.
From time to time an unwanted guest will appear on my face. I apply tamanu oil for an hour. The smell resembles broth, but the effects after its application are satisfactory. It is worth applying it even prophylactically several times a week. This will speed up the fight against imperfections.
I noticed a relationship - water and my complexion are not the best combination. That is why I try to avoid it in facial care. As a result, I can finally say with satisfaction that I don't have to cover up my imperfections. During work, where you meet various people during the day, it is important to feel comfortable and good in your skin all the time.
I wish you good luck and perseverance in the fight against imperfections. Remember that you work alone for the end result. With your diet, daily care and perseverance in battle. Treatments in a beauty salon are only ad hoc help and without our regularity and attention to detail we will not achieve the assumed goal.


  1. Avatar Sailing 30 January 2016 / 08: 39

    I love Sylveco myself! 🙂

  2. Avatar Klaudia Klau 29 January 2016 / 15: 35

    I admire and approve :)) I can't force my peasant to do anything for face care! While he is obsessed with body cleanliness, only ordinary soap and water are enough for his face. 26 years on the back of his neck, I bought him a face wash gel and moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream, he will use it as he recalls - once a month. But on the other hand, she has a perfect, simply flawless complexion. No pimples, blackheads, spots, discoloration - nothing. So maybe that's the key to success - stop using many cosmetics: D

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