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Darsonval - What is that? How it works? What does it help?

Darsonval changed my life. I can say that openly to everyone. Thanks to him my life has changed. How does Darsonval work? What is? what did he help me with I will not bore you with the history of this product, if anyone is interested - I refer to Google :) Today I would like to present a gadget that changed my life. The note will be a little longer than usual, but I wanted to convey my experience in it, so I hope you will forgive me this large amount of text 😉

darsonval packaging and pelottes

I learned about darsonval from my beautician, who I complained about, that nothing helps me fight acne. In addition to facials, she told me to come to her at darsonval twice a week. Curious, I asked her what this was all about, which I couldn't even pronounce at first.

Darsonval you can buy here at a good price

Darsonval (also often called Derma Wand) is a device that produces ozone, where the pelota comes into contact with our skin. The action of ozone is beneficial to our skin - not only antibacterial, but also antifungal. It stimulates cell renewal processes and oxygenates them. Such actions have a beneficial effect on acne, as well as small wrinkles - regular use of darsonval makes our skin look fresh and radiant, and all imperfections disappear. The manufacturer's promises are not just promises. For the first time I must admit that all promises have been fulfilled. My dreams to eliminate acne have also been fulfilled.

darsonval device

But first I would like to tell you about why I bought it instead of going to a beautician. Well, my beautician, as I wrote above, offered treatments twice a week. The cost was not excessive because it amounted to PLN 10. for a visit, which gave 20 PLN during the week and PLN 80 in the month. I quickly came up with the brilliant idea of ​​looking for darsonval on the allegro. It was not difficult, because there were a lot of darsonvali. Later, there was only a conversation with a beautician friend about the best one and clicking "Buy now".

darsonval pelota mushroom

I don't regret buying darsonval. Firstly, because it was more profitable to own it than to spend PLN 80 every month. The more that I paid 200 PLN for darsonval. with the package. The money spent returned very quickly.

The seller from whom I made the purchase sent me an e-mail with instructions for use and sample procedures that can be performed with darsonval. The instrument comes to us in a box lined with a sponge. It separates very delicate, glass pelottes from the device. Darsonval can be used not only on the face (pelota ,, mushroom ”, spot pelota, pelota ,, teardrop), but also on the hair, to stimulate the bulbs to grow, and also to prevent, among others hair loss (using a pelota 'comb').

darsonval pelota comb

In the pelot (glass tip, which we put on the face or comb) after starting darsonval we can notice a reddish or blue ray of light. This is not a bad thing, it is a sign that darsonval is ready for work. We put the pelottes for a few seconds when using them pointwise or move the pelottes without prolonged stopping (when using the "mushroom" pelota).

WARNING! it is very important that our skin or hair (depending on where we use Darsonval) be completely dry. Otherwise there is a risk that the glass pelota will break. Darsonval can be used with ampoules, but they cannot be water-based and oily.

darsonval point pelota

D'arsonval's currents are to stimulate the bulbs to act. Currently, I apply darsonval on my hair about once or twice a month, while on my face - once a week. With the earlier condition of my complexion, I used 3 days for the first week and then 2 times a week. Today it is enough only once a week. Of course, provided that nothing grows to me - if I notice that something is happening on my face - with the help of a spot pelota I get rid of pimples already in the development phase. I put the pelota point for approx. 7 seconds at the site of bloom. Darsonval has a very long list of applications including adolescent acne (I used it for purulent and subcutaneous eruptions - in both cases darsonval coped well).

darsonval pelota tear

I also use this gadget when I feel that mypes (characteristic itching) are growing. Thanks to him I was able to "kill" her in 3 days before it developed. I did not use patches or products that I usually used when I had herpes.

It can also be used in the fight against visible scars (I admit that I did not use it, but I have to try it because I have a scar after a dog once bitten me in the colony), greasy hair (including alopecia areata), dandruff, falling out hair, mimic wrinkles, discoloration, and even with problems falling asleep. Believe me, this is just a tiny part of Darsonval's uses.

My fight against acne was very long and winding. At the moment I can breathe a sigh of relief because I managed to win this fight.


  1. Avatar Basia 26 July 2020 / 07: 30

    Great product, I bought it after your entry and it was worth it :)

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      26 July 2020 / 10: 37

      I am very happy 🙂 I still use my darsonval and I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Avatar Paulina 7 January 2020 / 08: 34

    Where can I buy this device?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      7 January 2020 / 11: 49

      I bought my device years ago at Allegro 🙂

  3. Avatar tit 5 August 2019 / 11: 42

    I confirm effective stopping the development of herpes - a revelation!

    Any skin lesions / eczema heal much faster


    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      5 August 2019 / 12: 50

      It's great that these methods worked for you 🙂 I also recommend lubricating with a thick layer of Carmex in a jar (only be sure to wash your hands after each application). It's fun to support the healing process of herpes or its formation - when I feel that it is burning or itching around my mouth, I grease a thick layer of Carmex.

      • Avatar Kasia 26 March 2020 / 15: 20

        I am very curious how to use this device in the case of herpes. What power to set? How much time to perform the procedure? How often do you repeat it? I will be grateful for your reply 🙂

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl
          27 March 2020 / 10: 05

          For cold sores we use darsonval when you feel burning (do not use when there are blisters) or at the end of herpes (when the blisters disappear). The power is up to you, although the mouth area is very sensitive, so it's best to use the lowest possible power.

  4. Avatar Aga 5 July 2019 / 09: 07

    I didn't notice any difference about acne, and it was even worse - only a visit to a good dermatologist helped. I am also puzzled by the fact that hair bulbs are stimulated, it probably won't make anyone happy !! , I have been fighting excessive hair removal for years, somehow I bought it by misleading people at the auction under the slogan, derma
    Wand, and this is supposedly something completely different, it is written so that the product sells better .... they do such a small scam there !!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      5 July 2019 / 12: 05

      I have been using Darsonval for many years and somehow my hair has not grown on my face 😉 It works differently for everyone, but many people praise this device very much. I often get messages from Girls thanking me that something has finally helped them with acne. Remember that the device must be used REGULARLY. Here is the key to success. Some people use it from time to time and later they are surprised that it does not work on them. They can blame themselves.

      Enter Google Derma Wand Darsonval and you will definitely get the right device. There is a device connected in the post that I use. Also in our store: https://dpblog.pl/sklep/kosmetyki/ if someone is afraid or does not know which device to buy - it is best to use the link above. Greetings.

  5. Avatar Emm 18 February 2019 / 23: 06

    Hello, where can I buy exactly the darsonval used by the author?

  6. Avatar mkai89 14 September 2018 / 09: 36


    a few summer problem with hair follicles, after 3 weeks zero problem clean face nothing comes out.

    I use 2 times a day, in the morning and after shaving, this day I do goals to fry my face :)
    I wipe the paddle and jump a little on my face so that the current digs more; D up to half a cm from the face and touch again. Then I felt the kicking of electricity, I did it especially in the efflorescence to burn them, after 15 seconds of such a match he was so cooked and dry that nothing was lost there anymore: P

    I bought some Chinese but you can see that it works.
    although now I can probably only once a day because nothing comes out, even after shaving where something always appeared.

    do not worry about swelling, when I was driving 30 seconds one place in big Prague, I felt like I was coming back from tanning. So baked, but nothing too :)

    I delayed a few months before buying, and it was a few months delayed healing.

    Also do not fight with antibiotics, I recommend. I hope I will help someone :)

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 14 September 2018 / 09: 50

      Darsonval cannot be used so often. I now only use 2-3 spotly times a week, and I use the whole face once a week for 15 minutes.

  7. Avatar Missha 10 September 2018 / 17: 46

    Super device, I have to make it myself !!! Great post :)

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 10 September 2018 / 18: 08

      I still use Darsonval and I still praise this device very much 🙂

  8. Avatar Karolina Gie 11 May 2017 / 18: 08

    I hear about this device for the first time 🙂

  9. Avatar Beauty B. 7 December 2016 / 17: 53

    Darsonval already with me 😉

  10. Avatar Anonymous 17 June 2016 / 07: 09

    I would just like to add that in addition to antibacterial activity - Great for acne with bacterial substratum, darsonval strongly dilates blood vessels and is not recommended for vascular, sensitive skin, rosacea or vascular neurosis, often the rumen lasts a long time. Darsonval is not for everyone
    I want to help with acne is a fact

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 17 June 2016 / 08: 29

      That's right, a post about contraindications for using Darsonval is also on the blog. There are quite a few of them 🙂

  11. Avatar Żaneta G. 1 June 2016 / 21: 02

    oh, it will be useful because I still wander and I don't know what to do. and going to parents from time to time and going to work for a month is not a great solution - although it's good that it is also possible ...
    but no thanks for any great; *

  12. Avatar Żaneta G. 1 June 2016 / 05: 20

    Eh. It is a pity that it is so expensive. 🙁

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 1 June 2016 / 07: 00

      Calculated for visits to the cosmetician and the use of the device, it does not go so expensive 😉

    • Avatar Żaneta G. 1 June 2016 / 09: 31

      It's expensive for me anyway. If you don't have a regular income, that's how it is. 🙁 and the payment that will be 10 I intend to spend on glasses because I have been getting tired for two years and I don't even go to the old ones.

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 1 June 2016 / 09: 48

      In this case, I wish you to find your business path and benefit from it: *

  13. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 12 May 2016 / 06: 52

    And ozonation! Okay ... because looking at the device itself, I had no idea how it was supposed to work. I used to have a series of pearl baths (also with ozone) and the skin was actually prettier after that 😉

  14. Avatar Kam Kam 8 May 2016 / 08: 31

    I read somewhere that there may be swelling and it scared me a little 🙂
    And can I start using it only by relying on the instructions or is it better to consult a beautician?

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 8 May 2016 / 10: 06

      It is always better to consult a specialist 🙂

  15. Avatar Kam Kam 7 May 2016 / 08: 33

    Can you harm yourself with this device?

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 7 May 2016 / 11: 39

      If you use it in accordance with the instructions then do not 🙂

  16. Avatar Catherine Zachara-Ginga 12 April 2016 / 09: 09

    Welcome. I bought a darsonval on German eBay (35 euro - although there were cheaper versions as well). Unfortunately, no light is produced 🙁 no sound is heard, and certainly electricity is generated, because unintentionally at the highest speed I put the pelot to the scalp and felt an unpleasant tingling. Is my darsonval damaged if there is no light in the pelottes ???? I salute?

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 12 April 2016 / 10: 39

      my Darsonval works so that electricity and light are produced. There are also Darsonvale, where the light can only be seen in this longitudinal part of the pelota, and not in the pelota. If you feel a tingling sensation and 'sound' of electricity, it's ok in my opinion

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 6 April 2016 / 10: 10

      In that case, I'm planning a post with a care update for Wednesday 🙂

    • Avatar Kasia Katarzyna 11 April 2016 / 10: 37

      Hello 🙂 I still have a question, can darsonval be applied to the scalp after washing, applying wipes (in the composition of alcohol) without rinsing and drying the hair? Is this alcohol? in gratitude can negatively affect darsonvalization?

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 11 April 2016 / 11: 05

      I would wait an hour after applying the wicker and drying the hair. Theoretically, nothing should happen, but it's better to be safe than sorry 😉

  17. Avatar Kasia Katarzyna 6 April 2016 / 08: 11

    I will be very grateful for the list of products 🙂 It can be, fast, as you like. I don't want to cause a big problem. Thank you 🙂

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 6 April 2016 / 09: 15

      Ok, this will be post. A small update will be useful on the blog 🙂 Will you wait until next Wednesday? 😉; *

  18. Avatar Kasia Katarzyna 5 April 2016 / 16: 16

    I welcome you warmly. I would have a great request. Could you tell me more or less the rules of your care in the fight against acne in combination with darsonval? I will be very grateful. If you can, this is my email address: [Email protected]

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 5 April 2016 / 17: 47

      Sure, no problem. Do you also want to list products that I currently use? Or maybe you would like to wait for such a post? Could appear on Monday.

  19. Avatar Anonymous 4 November 2015 / 08: 20

    Hello, could I also get a leaflet for what this darsonval is for, I admit that I'm interested in hair 🙂 [Email protected]

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 2 September 2015 / 10: 36

      I'll email you right away.

  20. Avatar Anonymous 3 February 2015 / 21: 50

    Hey : )
    I read your entry and in connection with it I sent you an email (although I forgot to enter the title of the message ..)

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 4 February 2015 / 10: 18

      Hey, I will reply as soon as I get home 🙂

  21. Avatar Anonymous 15 December 2014 / 19: 42

    Can you provide a link to this seller and possibly a darsonval model? I will be soooo grateful - I also fight acne, I'm curious about its effects

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 15 December 2014 / 20: 19

      Hey, I have what in the photo in the post, unfortunately I do not know :)

  22. Avatar Anonymous 15 December 2014 / 09: 13

    For Christmas I will get this miracle as a gift. I have a question about disinfection? Do you need to clean it or wipe it with anything? However, it has constant contact with the skin (I have light acne) and will these bacteria not somehow spread without disinfection?

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 15 December 2014 / 12: 20

      Yes, cleaning is very important. Clean darsonval after each use with a swab moistened with colonial silver or hydrogen peroxide. Pelota must always be dry, otherwise it will burst.

    • Avatar Anonymous 16 December 2014 / 09: 13

      Thank you very much !

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 16 December 2014 / 10: 54

      You're welcome, if you have questions write :)

    • Avatar Anonymous 11 March 2015 / 15: 15

      Is it possible to clean the pelotte with salicylic alcohol? I also heard that they recommend high-alcohol alcohol for cleaning. Where did you buy colloidal silver?

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 11 March 2015 / 19: 09

      I have never used alcohol, so I will not speak on this topic. I buy colloidal silver at the pharmacy. It is silver for external use.

    • Avatar Anonymous 12 March 2015 / 07: 35

      Thank you for the answer 🙂

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 12 March 2015 / 08: 19

      You're welcome if you have any more questions - write boldly 🙂

  23. Avatar Magdalena Burzynska 28 November 2014 / 16: 52

    I also have this set, but I got very poor instructions. Already a few people asked, and I can't find if you have uploaded an exact description of the treatments that can be performed? I don't have such details in my instructions

  24. Avatar Anonymous 26 November 2014 / 17: 56

    Hi! You wrote something about dandruff, do you know if someone helped d'arsoval for dandruff?

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 26 November 2014 / 20: 15

      Yes to me :) In combination with oiling sesse oil and using Darsonval once a week.

  25. Avatar anti Barbieee 22 November 2014 / 22: 36

    interesting thing, it would be nice to make it 🙂

  26. Avatar nude shades 18 November 2014 / 20: 32

    Aaaah! I'm going to read on, I'm very curious! I'm still struggling with acne

  27. Avatar Anonymous 26 September 2014 / 15: 17

    and I have only one pelota and I have no way to check if another would work: /

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 27 September 2014 / 06: 40

      A working pelota should tingle during use. If it doesn't, it means it can be replaced. See on the allegro, I used to see pelottes separately. Pelota never fell down? Haven't used in a wet place?

    • Avatar Anonymous 27 September 2014 / 10: 21

      It has never fallen. I will look around for the new pelota 🙂 thank you for all the info 🙂

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 27 September 2014 / 15: 51

      I definitely saw the allegro. They were not expensive. You are welcome :)

  28. Avatar Anonymous 26 September 2014 / 15: 16

    no: / nothing happens with her at all 🙁

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 27 September 2014 / 06: 39

      In this case, pelota to replace 🙁

  29. Avatar Anonymous 25 September 2014 / 20: 57

    I also have a darsonval so much that for a few days I have a small problem, maybe you know something about it 🙂 I have this derma wand from a pelota that shone orange until ...: / already stopped shining and I can't feel anything when I touch the skin, I can only hear the sound devices as usual and the smell of ozone also comes out, but nothing just touches the skin: / is it the device's fault or should I get lost for a new pelot? 🙂 I would be grateful for your response 🙂

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 26 September 2014 / 04: 48

      Hey, and how do you increase the power is still off?

  30. Avatar Anonymous 10 April 2014 / 15: 48

    Hello, did anyone help this device with alopecia areata? I would be grateful for your response .

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 13 April 2014 / 11: 52

      I do not personally know such a person, but darsonval stimulates hair follicles. I use it on my hair once or twice a month. In addition, sesame oil. Hair grows quickly.

  31. Avatar Anonymous 7 March 2014 / 14: 57

    I have had exactly the same Darsonval for a month and I must admit that my complexion has never looked so good !!! I fought acne over 10lat, antibiotics, tablets, ointments, a lot of money spent down the drain, until now, when I found this equipment for 130 PLN and I am delighted! My face is completely smooth, the only thing I am struggling with now are scars, but I have the impression that they are also slowly beginning to fade ... Great entry, which I have to agree with 100% 🙂

    Could I ask you to send me the instruction that you received from the seller? I only got a small leaflet myself, maybe I would learn something new from it 🙂

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 8 March 2014 / 12: 11

      Hi! I am very happy that darsonval helped you as much as I did :)
      Regarding the manual, unfortunately I don't have it in electronic version anymore, but if you want, I can rewrite it all in the form of a note, because you are no longer the first person to ask for the exact instruction. I will try to do it tomorrow, and if not at the latest within 4 days :)
      for me, unfortunately, there is a rash before the period, but in the form of 3 pustules (unfortunately large).

  32. Avatar Kana 17 February 2014 / 17: 42

    I have not heard of such a thing, but if it helps to stimulate hair roots, I think I will look around for it 🙂

  33. Avatar DPBLOGPL 14 February 2014 / 13: 42

    Frostbites appear on the list of uses. Low frequency current stimulates cells to regenerate, so I suspect that in case of frostbite it would also work 🙂

  34. Avatar DypoMatka 14 February 2014 / 12: 24

    I wouldn't think of buying it. I was able to find information that it also helps with frostbite (and I have not hid it for some time). Do you know anything about it? greetings

  35. Avatar lupo_lupo 13 February 2014 / 11: 21

    I am eager for a detailed note about this wonderful device and maybe a link to the seller from whom you bought it? Regards and congratulations on getting rid of the skin problem;)

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 14 February 2014 / 13: 40

      Tomorrow I will add a note on this topic 🙂

  36. Avatar Aniamaluje 13 February 2014 / 00: 30

    it looks a bit like a vibrator (I'm talking about the photo in the box) 🙂 I'm glad you found such a solution!

    • Avatar DPBLOGPL 13 February 2014 / 06: 07

      my fiance said the same thing, hahaha :-)

  37. Avatar Hair Inspirations 12 February 2014 / 20: 01

    An interesting device. It's good that it helped you with your problem 🙂

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