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Denko December 2014

Hello girls!
Another bottom ahead of us. This time last this year. I invite you.
The breakdown of the bottom remains the same as in the previous month.


1. Hipp shampoo. This is my huge favorite. Not only is it very efficient, it also doesn't tangle your hair like Babydream shampoo. I have already bought another packaging.
2. Hair spray Syoss Volume Lift. Another favorite. He can give a nice volume without the effect of sticking hair.
3. spray Tony & Guy for curls. It works much better than salt, although I will probably come back to salt for the summer, when I don't have to dry my hair, they can dry themselves. This product is definitely better suited when you need to dry your hair with a dryer. It gives a nice turn, fights for the role of a favorite.


1. Two-phase fluid Bielenda Avocado. I use this product not only for washing off BB creambut also to Beauty Blender washing. It works perfectly in both roles.

2. BB cream Dr G hydra intensive. I have written about this cream more than once blog. I bought the packaging in the picture exactly a year ago. I currently have another version of this cream: Pore + is also ok, but I think I will return (if I find somewhere else!) To hydra intensive, because it has the perfect shade, and it also moisturizes the skin.
3. Synergen slices for acne work great in emergency situations. You can find their review here
4. Alterra peeling lipstick turned out to be a big sell. I bought it with the hope that it would be as good as the chamomile version, but we didn't like each other very much.

5. cream Bielenda Super Power Mezo Cream with almond acid I bought in the hope that I would find a cheaper cream replacement Calls. At first it was ok, but then a huge rash appeared. With my head down, I returned to Bandi.

For shower and hand washing

1. Alterra orange and vanilla shower gel.The perfect shower gel for the winter. It has a beautiful orange-vanilla fragrance, and additionally moisturizes (has a creamy consistency). I will definitely come back to him this winter.
2. Alterra liquid soap. I love the scent of lavender, and this soap not only smells of lavender, it is also very delicate. I don't count which packaging it is anymore. This is my huge favorite!


1. tea Clipper Organic Detox. I adore her! I drink it every morning, it actually turns up the metabolism, it is also very tasty. At first, the licorice taste bothered me, but after a while I liked it a lot. I'm running for another pack!

2. Smell Glade fresh cotton. I love this fragrance, it's fresh and actually smells like washed laundry. I associate it with cleanliness and refreshment. This fragrance version often appears in my home.
3. B-Lens moisturizing drops. I bought these drops in Rossmann (you'll find them next to contact lenses). In my opinion, these are the best moisturizing drops. You can feel relief at once. Do you also have a problem especially in winter with dry eyes?
4. Colgate White. This toothpaste is ok because it refreshes nicely. Unfortunately it does not bleach.
5. Signal Gold. Toothpaste actually whitens optically, but it annoys me its blue color, which dirty all the sink and toothbrushes. It is difficult to wash it off: /

That would be enough in December's bottom. Let me know which products you used and which ones worked for you or not.


  1. Avatar Beauty B. 2 January 2015 / 17: 55

    I really like this shower gel from Alterra 🙂

  2. Avatar Alicja P. 2 January 2015 / 07: 13

    I don't know anything from your bottom yet .. I must try this tea 😀

  3. Avatar Onyxia 1 January 2015 / 12: 29

    I have used many versions of Colgate, but when it comes to whitening series, they also did not contribute to brightening my teeth ...

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 1 January 2015 / 13: 39

      The only thing is that it refreshes well.

  4. Avatar Emilia 31 December 2014 / 11: 43

    Syoss varnishes are my nightmare for me - someone will spray them in the bathroom, then half a day I can feel it in my mouth. I've heard a lot of good things about this tea, but I haven't tried it yet 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 December 2014 / 12: 21

      I have it too if I overdo it with quantity. I use only a little varnish, enough not to suffocate it, hehe;)

  5. Avatar Lady Cosme 31 December 2014 / 10: 40

    for me, the avocado liquid from Bielenda also worked well 🙂 greetings!

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 December 2014 / 10: 42

      I also recommend the "Cotton" version 🙂

  6. Avatar Moniaa 31 December 2014 / 09: 19

    I like these slices 🙂 significantly reduce redness 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 December 2014 / 09: 44

      Oh yes, they are perfect in extreme situations 🙂

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