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Denko: November 2014

Today I come to you with the November bottom. Some of this has been accumulated this month.
the bottom
There will also be a lot of my favorites in the bottom, but there will also be sells that are better to avoid. I hope you like this post because the bottoms don't appear here often.
I divided Denko into several categories:
  • hair
  • in the shower
  • creams
  • make-up removal
  • lipsticks and mascaras
  • other
Toni & Guy
We start with hair. This month I used two hair products.
1. Tony & Guy spray "hair salt"that highlights the twist. I am currently using the company's second product, intended for curls. I think this one is better for me, so I won't come back to it for now.
2. Argan Oil hair serum. In the autumn and winter, my hair loves silicones, which is why this product went to my basket. It works well enough that after finishing this package, I bought the same, but bigger. Probably soon will appear in the update of my hair care.
In the second category there were products that appeared in the shower.
1. Phenome shower gel. It has a very nice smell that stimulates action. Perfect for mornings. It does not irritate, but it moisturizes the skin nicely. I will not return to it, however, because Alterra shower gel is waiting in line.
2. Hair conditioner Avocado Garnier. This is my favorite for many months, I wrote about this conditioner here. There is another package of this product on my shelf.
3. Facella. I like the green version the most, because I have the impression that it is the most delicate. I use it only for its intended purpose. I tried to apply it to my hair, but I don't remember it very well. I have already bought another packaging.
4. Alterra peeling. Like I loved him, but at some point I began to hate and I could not wait for its end. If not for the suffocating smell of alcohol, I think we would like each other. I will definitely not return to this product.
Fifth appeared sesame shampoo sample for hair falling out. Big promises, no effect. And SLS in the composition. I will definitely not go back to him.
In the third category, "creams" only two products appear.
1. Bandi cream with almond acid. I am currently testing Bielenda cream with almond acid, but after finishing it I will definitely come back to Bandi.
2. Bielenda Happy End. Initially, the cream surprised me a lot, but after a while my great love ended because it started to irritate me with the film that it left on my hands. I will definitely not go back to him.
In the fourth category, make-up removal several of my favorites appeared.
1. Bielenda Cotton this is my favorite makeup remover product as well for washing Beauty Blender. I currently have one in use and one in stock.
2. I have already written about Beauty Blender here. My opinion about this sponge has not changed. A few days ago another two came.
3. I also wrote about colloidal silver here. It is still used for the final makeup removal phase. I have already bought another bottle.
In the fifth category, lipsticks there are three products.
1. Alterra camomile lipstick I use as a lipstick, as well as on eyelashes. I use it interchangeably with Tisane stick lipstick.
2. Isana sun lipstick I used in the summer. It worked very well.
3. Max Factor False Lash mascara (he didn't appear in the picture) is my huge favorite. A comparative review of the classic version with the waterproof one will appear soon.
In the last category two products appeared.
1. Dezaftan. The product is ideal for any swelling of the gums, minor injuries, as well as aphthae. I would recommend.
2. Dafi filter. The Dafi jug is with us 4 year. We drink filtered water as well as our rabbit :)
This month was quite a big bottom. Write in the comment if you used any product and how it worked for you :)


  1. Avatar Monika Kulik 29 November 2014 / 11: 18

    A bit accumulated:)
    I haven't heard about Alterra's lipstick:)

  2. Avatar alicjamagdalena 28 November 2014 / 18: 27

    I haven't had anything from your bottom yet 🙁 I'll take care of myself on Sunday because I hope I can finish my shampoo :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 November 2014 / 18: 40

      Silver is antibacterial, I also recommend it if you have skin problems.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 November 2014 / 08: 26

      Green Facelle is my big favorite. In my opinion it's the best of the whole series.

  3. Avatar Anonymous 27 November 2014 / 16: 11

    So you rate Bielenda cream worse than Bandi? I am just starting my adventure with acids and using Bielenda tonic and serum, but I was still thinking about the cream ...

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 November 2014 / 16: 31

      Bielenda Serum is cool, but the cream is not good for me. Although P. is pleased. I will definitely come back to Bandi 🙂

  4. Avatar kinia 27 November 2014 / 14: 55

    In fact, a lot of it 🙂 I use Alterra lipstick just like you, my eyelashes really like it 🙂

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