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Denko February 2015

February was short, so there were not many products in the bottom.
Do you know why I like to read bottom notes? This is a great collection of mini reviews, I have found a pearl among cosmetic products more than once thanks to the denmark note. I hope you like reading notes from this series too.

In the shower

1. Garnier conditioner
This cosmetic product can be found in every bottom and I feel something that will stay here for a long time;) If someone has not yet used this conditioner, I invite you to her review, which you will find here
I have bought again.
2. Alterra Sensitive shower gel
This is what P. consumption is foaming well, very efficient. The skin after the shower was not dry and it did not itch. It's nice that there is no SLS. I didn't mind the lack of smell at all. The only minus is the packaging, which did not survive the fall, as you can see in the photo. Soon I will write about this product a little more in the detailed review. I will buy again.


1. Bielenda Cotton two-phase liquid
This product also often appears in the bottom, so in order not to prolong it, I refer to the detailed review that you will find here
I have already bought again.
2. Bandi cream with almond acid
It's a great cream that has cured my skin from acne. I love it and always come back to it (even when I tested other creams with mandelic acid). Details about this product can be found here
I have already bought again.
1. Lirene foot cream
This cream is very effective, great care for even very demanding feet. I always use it at night: I lubricate it with my feet and then put on cotton socks. This product must wait for its own review! I have already bought another package;)
2. Eveline lipstick
My lips in the autumn and winter are extremely demanding, and this lipstick did nothing. It is inefficient, because after a few minutes of use, we have to use it again. Moisturizing is minimal and short-lived. A sell that I won't buy anymore
Oral hygiene
1. Colgate Plax mouthwash
I bought this product before I had a fixed camera on. Currently, I still use it because it is recommended on the camera, because it does not contain alcohol and does not bake like Listerine.
2. Advanced-Sensation White toothpaste
With permanent braces, bleaching pastes must not be used, which is why I currently use Elmex sensitive, and after use I plan Elmex against tooth decay.


1. Bath & Body Works antibacterial hand gel
This company produces the best antibacterial hand gels. I only regret the fact that their products are only available in Warsaw :( I always make a huge supply when I go to Warsaw. Currently I have 5 gels in stock żel This gel is a winter limit.
2. Wibo matting tissue paper
These papers are with me for a long time, I buy them regularly after finishing the previous packaging. They work great, and they are cheap and available in Rossmann. I have already bought again.
3. Nail polish remover Ewa Shmitt
This product is already a year. There were 4 heads in stock, so after using the first one, I soaked the next one in the cleaner and was ready to use. I will definitely buy again.
And that would be enough this month, I invite you to read previous note on the subject of Ecotools makeup brushes that have been around for a long time 🙂


  1. Avatar kaminska 5 March 2015 / 10: 26

    can this bandi cream with almond acid be used in the spring and summer? You encouraged me to buy it 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 5 March 2015 / 11: 05

      If you use a filter, e.g. Vichy capital solei, then there are no contraindications. I also use myself all year round, and I use Dr G BB cream with 30 filter and nothing happens.

  2. Avatar Ewelina B. 2 March 2015 / 20: 55

    Nice bottom, Ultra Doux conditioner I also really like 🙂

  3. Avatar 111 Strudel 2 March 2015 / 18: 21

    For me, this conditioner Ultra Doux, despite the nice smell, does not work well, it weighs my hair harder than the precious oiling itself.

  4. Avatar Magdalena N. 2 March 2015 / 14: 24

    I really liked the Bath & Body antibacterial hand gels 🙂

  5. Avatar Michasia S. 1 March 2015 / 09: 23

    I think I will give one more chance for this Garnier conditioner 🙂

  6. Avatar rockabilly 28 February 2015 / 21: 51

    I love this Garnier conditioner 😉

  7. Avatar Thread 28 February 2015 / 19: 47

    Indeed, Garnier conditioner is one of the better ones I've used 🙂

  8. Avatar Anonymous 28 February 2015 / 15: 38

    Today I bought this conditioner before, I had goodbye damage and it was great, we'll see how it works sp

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 February 2015 / 17: 49

      Let me know, I'm curious which one you will judge better 🙂

    • Avatar Anonymous 1 March 2015 / 08: 38

      Ok, today I wash my hair in the evening I will write 😉

    • Avatar Anonymous 2 March 2015 / 06: 40

      I don't have cramps in my life as shiny hair as after this conditioner! I have to be careful with her not to overdo it because it can give the effect of greasy hair. Indeed, it did better than goodbye damage (although it has a more pleasant fruity smell) the best results were given after the first time afterwards, the hair got used to it and was not so spectacular

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 2 March 2015 / 15: 56

      Super, I am very happy! :) For me, this conditioner works great all the time :)

  9. Avatar Mrs.Rose 28 February 2015 / 11: 18

    I like Garnier conditioner

  10. Avatar me, Cosmonaut 28 February 2015 / 10: 39

    Oh, it is news to me that this liquid no longer has alcohol (I used to use it and then it had)! 🙂 I avoid these alcoholic liquids like fire, and for example Meridol is quite expensive compared to them 🙁 Can you ask for a new composition for this Colgate?

    • Avatar me, Cosmonaut 28 February 2015 / 14: 37

      These alcohols are not scary to me 😉 As there are a lot of Cetearyl alcohol ingredients in hair conditioners, here we are dealing with harmless ingredients. Beware of the inscriptions Alcohol, Alcohol denat. and Isopropyl alcohol, and these are not here! Jupi! (once there was one of the first two, kill me - I won't remember which one)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 February 2015 / 15: 04

      The fact that it is full of nutrients. This fluid doesn't burn in your mouth like Listerine, which is terrible. In addition, the orthodontist recommended him that he would be good at the camera :)

  11. Avatar GumaDoZuciax3 28 February 2015 / 09: 42

    I like this Garnier conditioner and Wibo 🙂 tissue paper

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