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Denko: March 2015

Another month has ended, and we are facing warmer days. I can't wait to be able to wear summer dresses and sandals ... ahh ... dream.
This month, P. added to the bottom, which is why you have a female-male cosmetic bottom.


1. Hipp body and hair wash gel
I have been using this cosmetic for washing hair for a very long time. It still works great, although I feel like something else. I am thinking about the new Rossmann bio series, but for now I have bought a new pack of Hipp shampoo.
I will buy again.

2. Joanna styling effect pomade with argan oil
I bought the cosmetics because I couldn't get the Tony & Guy product. Unfortunately, Joanna's cosmetic is a complete misfire. I recommend the product to those who expect the effect of wicked hair, and a broken egg on the head. A truly Easter trend.
I will not buy again.
3. Tony & Guy man styling fiber
There can be only one opinion for this cosmetic. This is the best hair styling specific for men. And if someone finds it expensive, I suggest using the specifics mentioned above (Joanna's pomade) and think again before writing anything.
None, but I emphasize no other: paste, pomade, gum, etc. have never allowed me to achieve the so-called WOW effect!
I will buy again.
4. Hair manya Diamond from Kemon

This cosmetic has probably been with me for over 2 years. It is very efficient, does not weigh down the hair, but it shines beautifully. Here you will get his review.

I will buy again.
5. Tony & Guy spray gel for curls
This is currently my favorite curl styling product. It emphasizes the curl, does not stick hair, and in cooperation with a bit of hairspray, the hair stays on all day. I hope they do not recall this product, as it was with P. (Tony & Guy man styling fiber) paste.
I will buy again.


1. Bielenda Cotton two-phase liquid
I don't have to present this product to you because it appeared here more than once. I use this liquid not only for washing BB cream, but also for washing Beauty Blender. He's great at both roles. A detailed review can be found here
I will buy again.

2. Altermedica colloidal silver
I do not use tonics, and for washing I use colloidal silver, which has antibacterial properties. I wrote about colloidal silver here i here
I will buy again.
3. Bandi cream with almond acid
My face still loves this cream. I wouldn't use it so quickly if it wasn't for P. also using it at night. The effects of using this cream can be seen on his face with the naked eye.
I will buy again.


1. Celia cream with marigold
Both of us and P. took the same hand cream and it was a big mistake, because at least one of us would avoid this sell. The cream is monstrous. It leaves a film on your skin and dries your hands! I will never return to this product. Two almost full creams land in the basket!
I will not buy again.

2. Alterra orange shower gel and bio vanilla

This product became my huge favorite in the autumn and winter. Due to the denser consistency than other Alterra shower gels, it is very efficient. It moisturizes well while washing the body, and it smells beautiful. What more could you want?

I will buy again.


1. Paese Milky Lips No. 606
This lip gloss hit my list of favorites when in time I realized that I didn't like him. Plus, the smell and light coverage. On the downside, consistency typical of lip glosses - terribly sticky (also sticking to the hair).
I will not buy again.

2. Alterra lipstick bio pomegranate

Unlike chamomile lipstick, I didn't like this lipstick at all. I have the impression that it did not moisturize my lips at all. I had to reach for it very often, which quickly consumed it.

I will not buy again.
3. Tisane Lip Balm
My big favorite who saved my lips in the winter when they were in a tragic condition. Dehydrated from radiators, additionally irritated from wearing a fixed apparatus, they needed relief.

I will not buy again, but only temporarily. Currently, I am eager for the praised Nuxe reve de miel lip balm.


1. Max Factor False Lash mascara
I don't think I will add the number of packages of this ink I've used. He's still my huge favorite and I'm not looking for any replacement. You can find his review here
I will buy again.

2. Dermo future hyaluronic lip filler
Ok, I confess without beating that I was tempted by this product on the spur of the moment and that I was hoping for a spectacular effect. And what is the effect? You'll find out soon ...
3. Bath & Body works antibacterial gel sweet cinnamon pumpkin
I love the hand gels of this company, because they are the only ones that do not dry the skin of the hands. In addition, they smell amazing! This gel was with me the end of February and the whole of March. I currently have a small supply of these gels and I do not intend to go back to other antibacterial gels.
I will buy again.
4. Truth Calvin Klein Men
A perfume for men who value class and elegance every day. Perfect for every season of the year, thanks to the neutral scent. The smell lasts a long time.
I will buy again.


    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 9 April 2015 / 21: 46

      My husband added to the bottom, that's why so much. There are several cosmetics here, which we both use :))

  1. Avatar Wing 3 April 2015 / 08: 32

    I am tempted by colloidal silver 😉

  2. Avatar Lady Cosme 31 March 2015 / 13: 53

    I also want to buy this silver 🙂

  3. Avatar AniaP 30 March 2015 / 19: 20

    summer, summer ... and I'm already dreaming. I think I'm tempted with MF ink.

  4. Avatar scarlet23 30 March 2015 / 16: 33

    in March I bought colloidal silver;)

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