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Distilled or demineralized water - which is worth using for an iron?

Unfortunately, there is very hard water in Gdansk. Of course, it depends on the shot, but I get the feeling that we've come across the worst possible. Stone in the shower cubicle and the kettle settles at the speed of lightning. Using the filter jug ​​helped a bit, but I'm still fighting the cabin. In today's post, the answer to the question of whether to use demineralized or distilled water for an iron.

iron bosch sensixxx di90 antishine

About two months ago we had to give our iron a repair, because it turned out that it had so much stone that the extra steam burst. I was depressed because a week without an iron was a bit of a poor vision. After we received the return of the iron, we also received information that it is worth using demineralized water, because if we continue to use ordinary water, the stone will deposit and the iron will be destroyed. Demineralized water can be bought at any major supermarket. Its price is not high - usually a few zlotys. We usually buy 5 l, but you can also buy it in smaller, liter bottles. For pouring it, I use a water container attached to the iron.

water for Bosch Sensixx´x iron

Since we use demineralized water, our iron is cleaned every 2 months (before we had to descale and clean it for about 2-3 weeks. There is a difference, right?). In addition, thanks to the use of demineralized water, we do not have to pour it after each ironing. Now we can pour more water without problems and leave it for the next ironing.


  1. Avatar aga 13 July 2020 / 18: 40

    I am currently looking for a steam station, but from what I read, for example here, the better ones have automatic descaling systems. This probably does the trick of pouring water in, i.e. it can be from the tap. I reason well? 😛

  2. Avatar Michiko Scampoli 25 March 2019 / 16: 27

    You are my inspiration, I have few blogs and occasionally run out from brand :).

  3. Avatar Anonymous 11 September 2016 / 20: 43

    ok, I started to appreciate Łódź tap water. I have no problems with the iron or the steam generator. There is no problem with a larger stone in the kettle, although after about a year of using the new kettle appeared at the spout. The neighbor doubted the sense of carrying drinking water from supermarkets in 5 liter bottles. And although I have avoided drinking tap water so far (my husband does not), it is water much better than from other taps that were tried outside of Łódź. greetings. Lidka

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 September 2016 / 06: 47

      Come on, it's a nightmare. I have always thought that there is good water in the Tri-City - not everywhere. After a year of not cleaning the kettle, I could throw it in, because it would have such a layer of stone. I am saving myself with Dafi water filter jugs with a filter for hard water.

  4. Avatar Anonymous 2 February 2016 / 21: 01

    Water in taps depends not only on the intake but also on the type of filters, treatment method and the most important pipes that are delivered to the apartments. intake water can be quite good and the pipes are old and of bad material, this also affects the deposition of scale on the surfaces.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 February 2016 / 21: 09

      Our pipes are certainly in a terrible condition, because we live in old buildings. Only the aerators that we have installed in the kitchen and bathroom save it. Although from what I knew the water intake from which ours comes also is not the best at all 🙁

  5. Avatar Zzielona 2 February 2016 / 18: 13

    I just wonder what is the difference between demineralized and distilled water ... After all, the water itself fits in the distillation process and the minerals remain, so the distilled water is free of minerals.

    • Avatar Zzielona 2 February 2016 / 18: 15

      I meant it evaporates and doesn't fit, haha: D.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 February 2016 / 19: 13

      I have already explained it above: Demineralized water is passed through the filter (less impurities in it etc.), and distilled water is condensed water during the distillation process. In short, distilled water is not as "pure" as demineralized.

  6. Avatar Marzena T. 2 February 2016 / 15: 49

    I didn't know, it's good to know

  7. Avatar Classy Simple Life 2 February 2016 / 09: 54

    Until now, I was buying water for an iron from Rossmann and used mainly for spraying ironed clothes. Rather, I do not pour water into the iron when ironing for fear of limescale, which can stain clothing when ironing with steam. Very useful post - best regards 🙂

  8. Avatar Janusz Bartoszek 1 February 2016 / 22: 49

    It's good that you paid attention to it, because later you wonder why some things break so quickly ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 February 2016 / 07: 24

      Like our iron, which was a year old; P but I'm not surprised, because the water in Gdańsk is very hard.

  9. Avatar Natalia O 1 February 2016 / 21: 53

    I usually use demineralized water, it's probably time to switch to demineralized water, since it is "healthier" for our iron 🙂

  10. Avatar Beauty Blog 1 February 2016 / 19: 41

    oh yes, I also use demineralized water for the iron. :)

    all in all I was sure that distilled and demineralized water were the same. after all, distilled water does not flow in pipes in our homes, because it is deprived of salt. meanwhile hard water, contains very large amounts of salt, and they cause stone. in my opinion, this is excluded, but I can be wrong.

    I'm writing about it because I don't know what you meant, and that gave me a little food for thought and I started thinking about it intensively. 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 February 2016 / 20: 59

      Distilled water is often recommended for irons. However, demineralized water should be used. Demineralized water is passed through the filter (less impurities in it etc.), and distilled water is condensed water during the distillation process. In short, distilled water is not as "pure" as demineralized.

    • Avatar Beauty Blog 2 February 2016 / 00: 50

      thanks for the explanation - man learns his whole life :))

  11. Avatar MyLady world 1 February 2016 / 16: 41

    Actually the difference is 🙂 Post usefulnt

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