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Why don't you make money on the blog, even though you really want it?

how to make money on the blog
There are already several posts about making money on the blog, because making money on the blog is something that interests many of you. If you haven't read them, take a look here and familiarize yourself with their content, as well as the platforms that we use to monetize our blog. What if you read all the articles, did everything I wrote and you still don't make money on the blog? Check what could be the reason.

Your blog statistics are too low

Perhaps the point is that your blog is simply not popular enough, and thus - not very attractive to advertisers. Nobody wants to spend money on advertising, which results will be poor. Think about whether you would like to give someone 1000 PLN. for something you won't get any benefits from? I do not think so. No advertiser will also pay for your blog ad if it reaches only a handful of people.
If your statistics are low, you'll need to get more readership, i.e. start advertising. That's why there are internet forums, groups on Facebook etc. If you are a regular visitor to a forum and have a group of friends there - send them a link to your blog. You can always leave a link in a valuable comment. However, do not do this too often, because it may be treated as spam. You probably say now that it's time consuming. Nobody said it would be easy. To succeed, you must earn it.

You still accept all barter cooperation

I don't demonize barter collaborations, although I know that many bloggers say it's a bad thing. I don't think so, but there is one "but". Work barter only if it really pays off. Let me present you with a slightly exaggerated example: You get an offer of barter cooperation. You have to test the yogurt that you want to advertise.
What are the benefits of this? You will have a full stomach, maybe you will find a product that you like so much that you will buy it. However, think that the price of this yogurt is your time spent on its tests, photos and description. Is it really worth it? Conclusion - cooperate barter only if the value of tested products is about the same amount as you would like to receive for a blog post. Only in this situation will it pay off. Of course, there are some exceptions, e.g. when someone offers you to test a product that you really wanted to have. Then you can make some concessions 😉

You are not active on social media

Or maybe you are not even on social media? And I'm not talking about your private account on FB or Instagram, where you upload photos from holidays. What I mean here is the element that makes your blog a success.
Statistics on social media are as important as the number uu from Gogole Analytics. Don't be surprised if one of the advertisers asks you about it, just think about it today. This may be the reason why you are still not making money from your blog. Today, a blog is not only a website, but also the presence of your blog in social media. FB is king, and then you choose an additional channel (depending on the specifics of your blog) that can bring you the most benefits.

You are too slow

We are only people, we have our own private lives, most bloggers also work professionally. Remember, however, that you are not the only blogger to whom the advertiser sends his offer and often the time in which you contact is one of the factors determining the cooperation. I am not saying that it is always because several factors contribute to the implementation of cooperation. I will reveal to you what I took into account when I was working with bloggers myself.

What was my motivation when working with bloggers?

  • Timein which I received the reply to the email. Sometimes, I got the answer even after a week. Of course, I didn't take that person into consideration at the time and you may think that it's not fair, but I have these rules. Time counts.
  • Blog statistics. If they were low, I did not take such a blog into account, because simply in the world it simply does not pay.
  • Contact blogger. If someone was nice, polite and not arrogant (seriously, there were such people!), And also had good statistics, I often made concessions.
  • Blog appearance. I have accepted criteria (may be different for each company), which I follow when choosing a blog. Although there are blogs that I think are ugly and have amazingly high statistics.


  1. Avatar Hanna 15 December 2018 / 14: 01

    Activity on social networks and responding to followers' comments and messages is very important. It inspires followers' trust. As someone actively runs your blog, there is a chance for a nice income. I read recently about influencer marketing, this is the field of marketing that just characterizes the activities of bloggers but also people who influence clients so-called influencers. Today is a great way to make money for people who live from blogs and promote various content 🙂 It's nice that this article covers all aspects related to not earning from a blog.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 15 December 2018 / 14: 55

      Yes you are right. It's cool! I have the impression that our readers and observers know us very well. Of course, we don't show everything, but blog and Instagram are a big part of our lives. It's fun to meet people who follow us on IG or read a blog live. This is probably the coolest part of blogging 🙂

  2. Avatar Salt (Włóczykijów Blog) 26 April 2017 / 12: 17

    I have to admit that I never wanted to cooperate ... I write because I like and want to collect memories of travel so that they do not get lost in the darkness of oblivion ... 😉 And if some cooperation finds itself, that's ok - why not ...? 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 April 2017 / 14: 16

      Running a blog is a great way to archive. Often, you forget about some things, I also go back to old posts refresh my memory 😉

  3. Avatar Inspirations for school 10 March 2017 / 01: 24

    Coffee for the bench, I really like this approach. I also value people who have a goal and know what and how they want to achieve. I founded my blog for two reasons - passion and dreams and the desire to make money from it. I hope it will come true 🙂 Thank you Dominiczko for valuable tips 🙂 I also absorbed those in the comments!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 March 2017 / 06: 01

      It certainly will be. If you know what you want to achieve and you are looking for a way to achieve the goal, you will definitely succeed 🙂

      Check out the other posts from Blogger's Guide, I think you will find something for yourself 🙂

  4. Avatar Agata Zagrajek 1 March 2017 / 13: 01

    I absorb all the knowledge I can only find about blogging and it's good to know the other side as well. Nobody will take our knowledge from us 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 March 2017 / 13: 14

      In that case, I invite you to other posts in the 'Blogger's Guide' section - I hope you will find a lot of useful knowledge there 🙂

  5. Avatar Brands & 77 21 December 2016 / 17: 04

    I set up a Twitter account and we'll see if it works. I thought that I would not go without Facebook, but I don't think so 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 December 2016 / 18: 30

      Twitter is not very popular in Poland. It is mainly used by politicians and journalists.

      Without a blog fanpage, don't move, if you are serious about blogging 😉

  6. Avatar Kamila Posobkiewicz 9 November 2016 / 21: 03

    Hello, I have recently been running a literary blog for children. I would like to make money from it someday, but I know it's quite difficult. Can you give me a hint, where to start, how to get started with "serious blog"? Your blog has already revealed to me the secrets of blogging, but I'm still green. Bajkogród

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 November 2016 / 21: 28

      To start earning a blog you need to put a lot of work into it. First, get readers (I recommend hooking up a blog under Google Analytics if you haven't already done so) and of course be active in social media. The blog is currently not only posts, but also social media.

      We started earning money on the blog 3 years after its founding. During this time, we wrote, advertised wherever possible (I recommend groups on Facebook).

      You can start with affiliate links (I recommend a post from the Blogger's Guide about the Convertiser tool).

      We wish you good luck and if you have any questions you can always count on our help 🙂

  7. Avatar Joanna Kołpak 1 November 2016 / 21: 16

    And if you meet the criteria and still do not earn? I know, i.e. there is something wrong. An interesting entry, helpful in analysis.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 November 2016 / 06: 13

      You may not be advertisers. Try looking for jobs on Reachblogger or Whitepress.

  8. Avatar Izabela Miszczyk 18 October 2016 / 11: 05

    A nice, useful post. I need to work on how the blog looks.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 October 2016 / 12: 05

      We have already changed the appearance of the blog several times. It's been almost a year and we like it the most. After all, we feel that this is our place. Simple, classic and cozy 😉

  9. Avatar Rhythms of Nature 30 August 2016 / 11: 44

    First of all, when thinking about blogging, the most important thing for me is the topic that is our passion. We must be interested in it so that it is not a tedious duty. I love to write, it's great relaxation about nature, health and beauty. In addition, not bragging about Internet technologies, social media are also in my circle of interest. I just like it 😉 and I keep learning with pleasure. For now, I do everything myself from the domain, to hosting, platform, photo processing, media ... This is in my circles of interest and I do it with pleasure although it takes a lot of time. In addition, I'm a graphic designer so I have it easier. Not knowing all this by yourself, it is even difficult to start, let alone act. You have to hire people and this is a cost that is not known whether it will pay back. This is not easy as some people think 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 30 August 2016 / 17: 43

      You are absolutely right! I can't imagine writing on topics I have no idea about because it would be difficult for me. I can't proverbly "pour water" and readers would surely quickly realize that one or another topic is not "mine".

      It's nice that you lost so many blog elements. We also do a lot ourselves, but there are some things we can't do. Here we rely on professionals 🙂

  10. Avatar LiveLoveListen 23 August 2016 / 09: 47

    A very useful entry. To earn on the blog must pass some time and you have to apply for it. I have just started writing a blog myself and it is known that I would like to get some specific suggestions but I think that the time will come if I put my heart into what I do 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 30 August 2016 / 17: 44

      As you say - time will come for everything. First you need to get Readers 🙂

  11. Avatar webePartners 22 August 2016 / 10: 43

    Others' successes are motivating. It's nice that you have created Blogger's Guide, in which you share knowledge about development and experience in monetizing your blog bl

    There are really many opportunities to earn, but they are usually the next stage in blogging. Treating them as a "starter pack" is not the best idea. It is worth trying your hand at several fronts and choosing among them the most lucrative and tailored to the vision of the blog 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 22 August 2016 / 12: 08

      Thanks! We try to motivate other Bloggers to earn from their passion. After all, blogging is your time, so why not profit from it 🙂

  12. Avatar Socjopatka.pl 22 August 2016 / 07: 30

    You mentioned that bloggers can be arrogant, but unfortunately it works the other way around. Companies, and most often people working in agencies that mediate blog collaboration can also be arrogant and exalt themselves (once I did not have respect for the blogger at all), so it is different. :))

  13. Avatar Izabela Kornet 22 August 2016 / 07: 16

    There is truth in it, but it is not quite so easy to prevent 🙂 For example, I have never received an offer of paid cooperation, but only now, after two years, I start thinking about making money on the blog. I think the statistics are small for me, but I have readers zaangażowanie commitment

    • Avatar [Email protected] 22 August 2016 / 07: 36

      We started with barter cooperation (I wrote about it on another blog post from Blogger's Guide). Only after a few years, when statistics began to increase, did we begin to think about paid advertising activities.

      As I wrote, we don't reject every barter, but it has to pay off (the price of the product must be close to the amount we give advertisers in the case of sponsored posts) or when we care about testing the product.

      Unfortunately, to work with remuneration statistics must have their limit level (usually a minimum of 10000 uu).

    • Avatar webePartners 22 August 2016 / 10: 35

      Izabela, if you have engaged audiences then go ahead and try your affiliation 🙂 Also blogs with low traffic from search engines earn by participating in partner programs. Then we don't have to wait for advertisers to apply. We choose our favorite products or services about which we want to write or have already written and complete the entry with partner links. This is one of the easiest methods of earning money on the blog, and at the same time not invasive to readers.

    • Avatar Earn extra money now 23 August 2016 / 10: 02

      As for affiliation on blogs with little traffic, it is true that you can make great money on it. Me and my boyfriend run a blog with little traffic (approx. 3 thousand UU a month) and recently we have earned almost PLN 630 🙂 "Unfortunately, to work with remuneration statistics must have their limit level (usually a minimum of 10000 uu)." - I didn't know that the statistics for the company Dominika works in must usually be so high. We having these around 3 thous. UU in month we had one paid cooperation. It was not a large amount, but the amount of time Ania spent to implement it, I think it was fine. And what do you think about barter cooperation combined with a small payment for it (we did not calculate the amount for it, but we think it is approx. PLN 10-20 for one cooperation, i.e. only completing one product survey)? We recently cooperated with 2 x. Regards, PS Why don't you use disqus.com comments?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 23 August 2016 / 10: 33

      With us, it all began with affiliation. It was one of the first ways to make money on the blog.

      It all depends on the company and the products offered. If the product is cheap, then the statistics are usually lower, and the more expensive the product must be higher. The company I was working with had high-end products, so I set uu thresholds.

      If cooperation does not require much effort, of course you can lower the rates. However, when working with us, it looks like we usually have to test the product, take pictures, describe, promote in social media ... it already requires a little bit of effort, so the stakes are higher.

      We thought about disqus, but we gave up because not everyone wants to log in. Thanks to the current comment system, we provide comments for everyone 🙂

  14. Avatar Infernal pharmacist 18 August 2016 / 20: 07

    At the beginning I will add that I am not a novice despite the fact that I start the blogging adventure again (new blog, new nickname, new hand, I missed writing without restrictions, because I like to swear sometimes) When writing a blog, I never begged for anything, I despised all kinds of competitions, exchanges, "Observation for observation?" (why did she give it to me?) etc. I did what I did for pleasure, not for profit. And one day the star from the sky fell itself because I was noticed. Then the transfer window opened, I went to another portal as an author and I spread my wings there (it didn't work out, but it was quite a supplement to the salary) The conclusions are: if you do something right, sooner or later someone will will notice and you don't have to beg for your interest once. Two - the topic of the blog is important - people are already puking in costumes (fashion blogs), cosmetics and blogs about nothing, because this is too much and it is difficult to stand out. I prefer blogs where the entry appears, e.g. once a week, than one where the entry appears every day, because there is a morbid action like "New entry every day". But I'm generally picky and it's hard to please me 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 August 2016 / 21: 21

      There are a lot of blogs and readers are becoming more picky. Currently, it is no longer enough to write anything, but you need to attract with content and more often with photos.

      When I started blogging, I don't really pay attention to photos, today I know that a blog doesn't exist without it. I am not saying that our photos are perfect because we did not have professional equipment for taking photos, but their quality has changed.

      From a marketing point of view, weekly posts are unacceptable, because positioning goes down a lot. It is best, however, to adjust the post schedule to readers. We publish 3x a week, because after analyzing GA statistics we came to the conclusion that it will be the most beneficial.

      I have met with your begging for observations many times. This was one of the reasons why we introduced comment moderation. We simply delete such content and do not litter the blog.

      Thank you so much for your statement. I wish you success in blogging 🙂

  15. Avatar Magdalena Far 18 August 2016 / 13: 15

    It is certainly harder to stand out now and you need to invest more work in your blog. Such work "around" the blog itself. Once content could defend itself, and now you have to get tired of someone to read it ... however it is possible, there are bloggers who have nice increases :) you can see that these are often people who have already worked in the marketing industry and know all the tools that new bloggers need to learn, or people familiar with the world of IT, which are also a few steps ahead at the start. I believe, however, that with diligent work everyone can get where they want :)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 August 2016 / 18: 15

      And I think that it is much easier to stand out with the development of social media.

      A lot of people from fanpage or Instagram profile enter our blog 🙂

      Working in marketing certainly helps a lot, but I know a lot of bloggers who have never had contact with marketing and are really doing great. Everything can be learned 🙂

    • Avatar Magdalena Far 18 August 2016 / 19: 14

      And that was what I meant ☺ if someone could learn something, we can too ☺

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 August 2016 / 21: 13

      Of course, you only need some time and self-denial. If I need help, 🙂

    • Avatar Infernal pharmacist 19 August 2016 / 07: 02

      On my old blog the first half year, maybe even a year, was the most difficult. More or less in this area, I additionally created a profile on Facebook (I did not want to play it too much, but I finally convinced myself) and somehow it went 😉 I even kept the entries from the old blog and how I read it now I wonder what I was taking 😉 I now the question: profile on fb or in other social media should be set up in parallel with the blog or after what time, e.g. after half a year of blog functioning?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 19 August 2016 / 08: 10

      Beginnings are always difficult. Our blog was once on blog.pl and I didn't think about making money on it. Once, barter cooperation was a great success. However, everything has changed over time and the development of the blog.

      We started our fanpage and Instagram profile a little later. When I started the blog (2009 year) I didn't think about it at all 😀 we started the fanpage at 2010.

      It's best to set up a fanpage right away and the golden rule - Facebook + another social networking site is the bare minimum.

      It is also good to set an advertising budget at the beginning, because Facebook limits advertising very much. We periodically launch an advertising campaign for a small amount, and simply well optimized.

  16. Making money on the blog is not a porridge with milk. Bloggers don't even know how to build their own customer list or how to create a lead magnet, let alone make money.

    Making money through blogging is much harder than just a full-time job.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 August 2016 / 18: 11

      That's right, many bloggers write only for themselves or a group of readers without seeing the financial potential in what they do.

      When I say openly that a blog is an additional source of income for me, many people are surprised or even outraged. I think that making money on a blog is nothing wrong, but everyone must mature this decision as well as devote some time to expand the blog enough to give it a chance to earn.

  17. Avatar Mateusz Szczygieł 18 August 2016 / 08: 18

    Earning a blog is nothing wrong, but you spend a lot of time on it.

  18. Avatar Mommy's eye 18 August 2016 / 07: 49

    Unfortunately, at present someone starting has no chance to stand out. Blogging is now like leaves on the tree and companies only reach those who already have something on their account
    that's why I write a blog just for writing, I don't count on perks

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 August 2016 / 08: 59

      I will not agree with that, because if someone runs a good blog, he will stand out, despite the large competition in the blogosphere 🙂

    • Avatar Infernal pharmacist 18 August 2016 / 20: 28

      Something on the account or what? What is the measure of blogger and blog value? The number of observers that is sometimes artificially inflated? Just look at such a blog for comments like "Wow, I have to buy it?" or "Interesting" or "I have to buy it"? Or maybe these are statistics that can also be "artificial"? A good blog will defend itself, a good blog will sooner or later attract readers who can do more than write "You write well" 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 23 August 2016 / 10: 38

      There are also comments "obs za obs". Fortunately, we don't see such anymore (we have successively deleted them), but it was common in our time.

      For us it is just a scam and we have never decided on such a thing. We prefer to have fewer observers, but real ones 🙂

      In fact, we've never tried to make our blog as popular as the blog of top bloggers. Yes, we are happy with every new Reader, Observer or Fan, but this is not an indicator for us. The most important thing is that we do what we like 🙂 I love writing, testing new products and, above all, I love contact with people, which is why a blog is a dream come true.

  19. Avatar Housekeeper Gender 18 August 2016 / 07: 33

    Just. You blog, you want to earn, set a goal. Forget you write to unsubscribe. Serious blogging is a job, and this is also a realization or extension of passion.
    A mistake in blogging and choosing a profession is definitely due to money.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 18 August 2016 / 07: 49

      A lot of bloggers are afraid to talk about making money on the blog. Only a few years ago it was a taboo subject at all. I don't see anything wrong with it because I devote a lot of time to blogs, taking photos and social media. Why should I not receive financial benefits from this? Good luck in blog development: *

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