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Why is bloggers not in good standing?

Why is bloggers not in good standing?
Why is bloggers not in good standing?

Today will be a bit about bloggers. When I say I'm a blogger, there are comments like this:

  • but cool, you probably get a lot of stuff for free
  • you do nothing and the money flies from heaven
  • you probably sell for a pack of gum like most bloggers
Why do most people think that a blogger is a person who gets a lot of gifts, advertises just what a pack of chewing gums, and actually does nothing and the money flies from the sky? Because most bloggers work on this opinion and it still has an impact on the fact that each blogger is thrown into one bag.

Because you have everything for free!

Getting gifts from companies is one of the privileges of blogging. However, this has a second bottom. You just don't get a gift so that you will enjoy it, and because you are supposed to mention it on your social media channel by default. In a word - there is nothing for free.

You sell yourself for a pack of chewing gums

Yes, there are bloggers who take everything just because it's free. I have already written about blogging Janusz on the occasion of another topic (see post). Not once have I met the story of a blog that was founded just to have something for free. Unfortunately, you can not do anything about it, you can only rebel against it, and this will not have any effect.
This behavior is toxic to people who take blogging seriously. By such bloggers, many companies allow themselves to cooperate with low quality (high requirements in exchange for a packet of chewing gums). If you don't cooperate then Krysia will do it in post # cooperation No. 5250. I don't have to mention that he will do it for next to nothing? I'll even thank you for being able to chew gum for free.

Blogging, or about how cash flies from the sky

It would be nice if at least once a year the cash register flew from the sky ... cramps, although for an hour ... unfortunately I have never come across such a day, not even a moment (which is a pity!). Yes, there are two types of cooperation on the blog - one that is well paid and requires low workload, but most of the jobs are those that require a little more time.
When testing products, we first devote a certain amount of time to testing it (usually about a month). Then we write our observations and only on their basis a post is created. You have to put it all nicely into words (and not always a vein) so as to interest the reader. You also need to take pictures of the product and promote it on social media. While the post on Google + is published alone, on the fanpage and Instagram you have to do it manually, and this requires some creativity. If you count the time spent on prepared fasts and all other post-postal activities, it turns out that the money from heaven does not go. Surprise? Try writing a post, taking photos, promoting it on social media ... how long will it take you?

How do you change your opinion about Bloggers?

Unfortunately, bloggers have a poor opinion and unfortunately most of us have earned it by our reckless behavior. Remember that your actions affect not only how others perceive you, but also how you are perceived in the role you play (in this case Blogger).
To change the prevailing opinion about bloggers, try to behave professionally in 100%, and make up for the lack of knowledge by creativity and willingness to train in a given topic. Read articles, books related to blogging. In a word, educate, because knowledge does not come by itself.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because learning from your own experience brings the best results. We also made mistakes, but it was thanks to them that the Blogger's Guide was created (click), in which we share acquired knowledge and many years of experience in running a blog.


  1. Avatar Classy Simple Life 24 May 2017 / 08: 38

    Very interesting post. In fact, when I say that I run a blog, most people look at me with irony until I explain the topic of the blog, i.e. how to implement the idea of ​​minimalism, simple life, capsule wardrobe, zero waste and saving. Recently, one of my friends called me and said that under the influence of my blog posts, she decided to "rubble" her wardrobe. I realize that many people think about bloggers, that they are so-called "easy and quick checkout" etc ... that "we sell for rubbers" etc ... I share your opinion, Dominika, that bloggers have partly earned this opinion. However, personally, I think there are many bloggers and other reasons than freebies. The decision to run a blog was a consequence of previous changes in my life and I decided that I would like to share my experience in the pursuit of minimalism - I cordially greet 🙂

  2. Avatar Aleksander Sosnowski 8 January 2017 / 19: 47

    Janusze blogging - I liked it 🙂 That's so much laughter, because I am probably jususzone myself. I need to read this guide.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 January 2017 / 21: 26

      I'm glad someone appreciated my joke! I like you already 🙂

      In this case, I wish you a pleasant reading, and if you have any questions, please contact us 🙂

  3. Avatar WredniakNaBudowie 8 January 2017 / 08: 33

    Well, I know why such a low activity of friends on the blog and fanpage - so that the money does not fly from heaven. There was a recent conversation on one blog group. I thought that this problem only affects me, but I have found that other bloggers also have a problem with the activity of friends. Well, it's hard life is 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 January 2017 / 08: 59

      God forbid, you will reconcile better, it will be fun zabawa

  4. Avatar Anonymous 6 January 2017 / 11: 26

    Interesting topic and great entry!

  5. Avatar Jasiek Klimaty 6 January 2017 / 11: 00

    It's nice that you write about it, people who have no idea what they are talking about do not realize how much, e.g. reviewing an ordinary book takes time. Of course, we do it of our own free will, but sometimes the approach that a blogger got something for free is harmful.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 January 2017 / 12: 37

      Of course, yes, and every time I hear that I got something for free and they paid me for it, I rebel sharply.

  6. Avatar Malinka 3 January 2017 / 12: 32

    I honestly thought the same a few years ago. It wasn't until I started reading how it all looks that I changed my mind. Being a blogger is also a job and not so simple.

  7. Avatar Betty 3 January 2017 / 09: 54

    That's right ... I used to explain that it makes me really happy, that I do it for myself, I love to write ... but now I stopped! 🙂



    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 January 2017 / 16: 48

      There is nothing to explain. It's not worth it, because it works on the principle of 'spit a pig in the face and she will think that it is raining'

      It's a waste of time for such nonsense 😉

  8. Avatar Motherhood - once! 2 January 2017 / 21: 29

    Well, it's a bit like that, but I don't care and I haven't heard that opinion in my direction yet. I think it's worth pointing to your site - then others can check if you actually sold for a pack of gum 🙂

  9. Avatar Patrycja Janicka 2 January 2017 / 13: 14

    Bloggers have such an opinion, but opinions about oneself as a unit of the blogosphere can be shaped by one's own work, but not all is lost! 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 January 2017 / 16: 50

      Unfortunately, I found several times companies that simply said that they do not want to cooperate with bloggers.

      By just unprofessional behavior.

  10. Avatar Blue Carmen 1 January 2017 / 21: 15

    Exactly! People think someone is a blogger because they are vain. Not at all. Vanity does not bear fruit and it does not depend on the industry in which you work. I think that, to a large extent, this thinking is the result of the scant knowledge people have about blogging. This is a relatively new profession, and guesswork over well-established knowledge prevails
    Great post! I will gladly look here more often 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 January 2017 / 17: 16

      You are absolutely right. People are often guided by ideas about something or heard gossip.

      Thank you and welcome again: *

  11. Avatar Kary B. 1 January 2017 / 18: 22

    Money from heaven ... I would like to 😉

  12. Avatar Klaudia 1 January 2017 / 14: 45

    I know this somewhere and very well 🙂 Friends and people in general have no idea how much work and time you really need to devote to blogging, regularly and if it is your work-work. However, it takes time for them to find out and of course good intentions. greetings

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 January 2017 / 15: 31

      Because those who do not run a blog or do not run it seriously do not realize the enormity of work associated with it. Blog is one thing, but blogging issues remain, e.g. social media or email responses 🙂

  13. Avatar narja 1 January 2017 / 14: 21

    Happy New Year :*

  14. Avatar On 1 January 2017 / 12: 56

    I wonder how easy we get into stereotypes and how difficult it is to change later.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 January 2017 / 15: 32

      Quickly. People are often guided by ideas about something without having a clue.

  15. Avatar Ev kochajitworz_pl 1 January 2017 / 12: 50

    It's great that you raise this topic, because people often find it easy to give opinions on the lack of knowledge about the complexity and conditions of someone's work. For me, just a blog is a hobby, almost completely unrelated to my work and so far I have no income from it, but only a little satisfaction;)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 January 2017 / 12: 53

      Because many people think that blogging is a porridge with milk and does not require any involvement. Posts are written by themselves, photos are taken by themselves, and social media are doing everything themselves by themselves 😀 It would be nice ... 😉

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