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What is sonophoresis?

As I mentioned at a note about Acne Stop - I started the battle with pimples. The battle that turned into a great war. About an hour ago I came back from beauticians z cavitation peeling and surgery with a difficult name for me to remember - sonofreza.

I've been to the cavitation peeling once, but sonophrenia was completely new to me. Actually, I was supposed to go for the peeling (but as I told you about my three brothers on the chin ...), the beautician offered me a local sonophrenia treatment, because the biggest problems with pimples on my chin.
For the procedure I went to the Diamond salon in Przymorze, which I discovered thanks to a colleague from work (whom I would like to thank very much on this occasion!). The first stage of the procedure was a familiarization conversation - standard questions: am I not pregnant, do I have a metal plate in my head (Oo), a pacemaker, etc.
Then followed make-up removaland then execute cavitation peeling. Then I lay 15 minutes with a green clay mask, which is known to be recommended for problem skin.
After the mask I had a wonderful facial massage (I almost fell asleep!), After which I felt like in the seventh heaven. To this moment I feel completely relaxed ...
The last procedure was the sonophoresis I mentioned. This is quite an interesting procedure, because if the cavitation peeling is painless and actually the only thing you can feel, and actually you can hear it is a specific sound. Sonophoresis is a bit less pleasant, but definitely tolerable;) Feelings are a slight tingling sensation - like a slight stinging of the needles. God forbid it doesn't hurt!
During sonophoresis by means of ultrasound, nutritional preparations are "pressed". By principle, the deeper the better. The beautician warned that after the procedure I may have a temporary deterioration, due to the fact that the cavitation peeling and sonophoresis cause everything under the skin to go outside so that it can disappear for good later.

What skin types can this treatment be used on?

Sensitive, delicate skin, prone to irritation; acne skin, polluted, oily; problem skin.

What do we gain?

  • removal of dead skin cells,
  • cleaning the epidermis from excess sebum and blackheads,
  • elimination of impurities and toxins,
  • improving microcirculation,
  • improve hydration,
  • stimulation of renewal,
  • smoothing the skin and restoring its nice, fresh look,
  • mild disinfection.


  • pregnancy
  • heart diseases
  • epilepsy
  • occurrence of metal implants in the body
  • multiple sclerosis
  • tumor
  • phlebitis
  • menstruation
  • acute inflammation
  • purulent inflammation
  • pacemaker
The final stage of my cosmetic journey is a grapefruit cream that has antibacterial properties. I paid 65 PLN for the whole - peeling, mask, sonophoresis on the chin, face massage and application of the cream. I hope that my fight with pimples will end positively for me and not for acne! :)
Was any of you on sonophoresis? Or maybe on ionophoresis?


  1. Avatar Anonymous 19 August 2012 / 20: 47

    You know, they are completely different 🙂 Iontophoresis are currents, while sonophoresis is ultrasound. With iontophoresis you have 2 options to choose from stable (on the face it is the so-called BERGONIE electrode - otherwise known as a half mask) and labile where the beautician rides a head or two on the face and ions of healing substances are injected 🙂

  2. Avatar Anonymous 18 August 2012 / 08: 41

    I hear about this for the first time. I wonder if it worked on my face.

    / Andrea

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