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The Diderot effect, i.e. how not to fall into a sales frenzy

On many fashion portals and blogs on this topic, the topic of sales has been going on for a week. Articles are screaming about what to buy cheaper at crazy post-Christmas discounts. On our blog today also about sales, but this will not be another guide from the series "10 clothes that you need to buy at the sale", and how not to go into a sales frenzy.

I don't think any of us like to overpay. The vision of buying good quality 50% or even 70% clothes is really tempting. However, you must be careful not to fall into a sales frenzy, because it may end badly (for you and your wallet, as well as the wardrobe). I have the impression that many people treat their complexes by buying a lot of things just because they can afford it. We are falling into increasing consumerism and it cannot be hidden that we also generate a lot of garbage. Have you ever wondered how much waste you generated during your lifetime? Of course, I do not urge you to #zerowaste (although this vision still convinces me), but to thoughtful shopping.

Very often during the sale we succumb to the so-called the Diderot effect. The definition of this phenomenon comes from Diderot - a French philosopher who, after getting a silk robe, began to change all clothes as well as the decor (he stated that with a silk robe, all other things just look bad). As a result, he fell into a shopping spree, which ultimately led to debts. Everyone interprets it in a very negative way, but I have a slightly different opinion. It's good to surround yourself with good-quality things so you never feel like Diderot. However, you cannot buy things under the influence of emotions, because you can, like him, be crazy about shopping, from which we may not get up.

How to buy wisely at Christmas sales?

I will not hide that we did not wait for the sale period ourselves (remember that post-holiday sales are the best shopping opportunity), because we had several things on our list to complete. That's right - the list of things to buy is very important for reasonable shopping. We created our shopping wishlist at the beginning of 2017. Since then, we regularly cross out purchased items or add new ones (most often they are missing items of clothing, or items that have been damaged and need to be replaced). Such a shopping list allows us to "cool down" and think about whether we really need it. Our wishlist also has things that currently exceed our budget, but which we would like to have. For example, for me these are Chanel slingback shoes that I have dreamed of for a long time.

It is worth setting a budget for shopping each month (sometimes we exceed it, but in the next month it is reduced by this amount). This is a certain amount of money that we can spend on items in our wishlist. Setting a purchase budget allows us to settle our total monthly budget. Piotr deals with it, he keeps our finances in check.

I have always been economical, but I have not always done thoughtful shopping

Money has been holding on to me since I was a child. I had no problem putting down certain amounts, which I usually received for birthdays or holidays, for a specific purpose. However, they were not always thought-out shopping, because once I did not pay attention to the quality of clothes, and the only selection criteria were appearance and price. They determined what I wore every day. I had the privilege that I lived in Sopot near 3 the best lumpeks (I never had a problem with buying in such stores), where I often found gems. To this day I have two of them - a varnished PE Florence handbag (I showed it in the style with lace blue dress) and a beige, vintage cotton dress (for which I have to buy a petticoat because it is so see-through that I wear it most often on hot days at home).

Bet on quality, buy classics

When buying clothes (whether it is on sales or not) follow the principle - quality first. If you start to focus on quality, you will not have to buy clothes every now and then, because they will last longer (even if they are second-hand clothes). I have several clothes in my wardrobe that are several years old, and proper care allows me to enjoy their flawless appearance. Were it not for the fact that someone saw me (and took pictures) on some occasion in a given dress, probably no one would believe that she is so old. It is very important to respect your clothes - not only wash at the right temperature, but also dry in the right way.

Before I defined my style of dress, it was very chaotic. I've always liked to emphasize my femininity with clothes (and I'm not talking about neckline to the waist), but I couldn't buy clothes that I enjoyed for a long time. I wasn't brave enough to wear all the clothes I had in my closet. One of them was an emerald mohair sweater. I loved him (not because I bought it for a few zlotys in a used clothing store) and I have to admit that I was really good with this color (now I wouldn't choose a sweater in that color, but then it seemed to me really a good choice ). However, I did not have the courage to carry him to school, because in the environment in which I surrounded myself, standing out was not very desirable. So I chose safe clothes (most often it was a blouse, a sweatshirt, and also tubes and sneakers. It was my everyday outfit) that in no way paid me any attention. I most often emphasized my "otherness" with invisible details, e.g. earrings, which no one saw through my long hair to the waist.

Today I focus on classics, but I'm not afraid of the looks of others. Last time, when we were in the theater, I focused on the classic little black dress, but I chose Zara's handbag with pearls and red high heels. My outfit drew attention and I would probably be embarrassed someday that someone was looking at me. Today - I do not pay attention to it at all, and if I come across someone's eyes, I politely smile in thanks for the silent compliment.

What to buy at holiday sales?

I have already given the answer in the previous paragraph - it's good to hunt for good quality clothes that will last longer. It is good to check the composition so as not to buy an acrylic sweater (usually the acrylic ones are tempting with a beautiful look) or a polyester dress (after a few hours you will learn why, or rather you will feel haha). Even in proven stores you have to read the stores. Not once was I disappointed that in my favorite brands they sell clothes that should not be there and certainly should not cost so much!

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