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Excessive hair loss / stimulation of the bulbs to grow

For several months my hair has been flying in handfuls. As it turned out, this affects Hypothyroidismthat I found out by accident. I started to heal myself and all I had to do was fight back to normal. The skin slowly begins to revive, probably also because I put olive on it every day with a few drops of lemon oil.
When it comes to hair, things look a little worse here. I know that there were a lot of them, it can be seen especially at the parting. I also feel that I have much less hair on my head.
This can also be seen in the cabin strainer, which often clogs with excessive amounts of my hair.
I thought there was no rescue anymore. oiling, proper care did not bring spectacular results. You had to reach for something stronger.
He came to my aid Hair growth biostimulator Mario Luigi. I have been using the product for over a month and see the first results.
I use the product at night (before combing all hair styling products), spray the hair against the skin in the area of ​​the parting and massage the scalp for a moment.
The biostimulator has a slightly oily consistency, so you can not overdo it with its quantity, it smells of herbs.
To see the effects, it must be used regularly (we spray the hair once a day, at night, so that all beneficial ingredients can penetrate the scalp).
I noticed the first effects after 2 weeks of use. They began to appear at the parting and temples baby hairwhich made me very happy. I suspect that there will be more and more of them over time.
Composition: Water, plant extracts: Brazilian ginseng, Eleutherococcus spike, Perz rhizome, Field horsetail, Nettle, Black turnip, Burdock, White corn, Birch, Provitamin B5, Propylene glycol, Trilaureth-4 phosphate, Lecithin, Creatine, Silk Sacvischia extract, dmdm hydantoin, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone.
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  1. Avatar Lucas33 25 August 2015 / 14: 25

    And did any of you use piloxidil?

  2. Avatar Patricia 1 June 2015 / 07: 58

    I also have a big problem with hair loss, although it has quieted down a bit since I changed my diet. I think it's time to do the research, you never know ... I use argan oil for hair care - I rub it in at night and wash my hair in the morning. I notice that they are prettier and shiny 🙂

  3. Avatar Izabelka 28 May 2015 / 19: 37

    Recently, my hair also flies, sometimes I want to cry 🙁 I think it is the thyroid glands, I am testing sugar tomorrow and if it is OK, I go to my doctor, let him guide me. I hope that we will be healthy soon and with a real thunderstorm głowie

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 May 2015 / 17: 10

      It is worth doing research on the thyroid gland, nowadays many people have problems with it. You will definitely be directed at aspat, alat, TSH and FT3 or FT4. One of the latter can be referred by the primary care physician and the other by the endocrinologist. However, it is worth paying extra and doing both, and not quarrel with 2 times 🙂

  4. Avatar rogaczki 26 May 2015 / 20: 09

    I don't like hair wipes, because my scalp reacts to them very differently. But I think it's time to act, because my hair flies handfuls ...
    Regards, A

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 May 2015 / 08: 37

      Be sure to examine the thyroid gland, today a lot of people suffer from it. I also recommend oiling and spraying hair every day with apple cider vinegar. I noticed that my hair liked him a lot.

  5. Avatar Redmylips 25 May 2015 / 20: 54

    I have a problem with excessive hair loss myself and I have no idea which product would meet my expectations ... Difficult case.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 26 May 2015 / 18: 30

      For me, this product helped a lot + proper diet :)

    • Avatar Asia 18 June 2015 / 09: 43

      try cosmetic kerosene. you'll get at every pharmacy for pennies. I have from the company New Anna Cosmetics with an atomizer with the addition of castor oil. The smell is so-so, but I am sure that the product in 100% natural. Quickly helps and additionally stimulates hair growth 🙂

  6. Avatar Natural methods 25 May 2015 / 18: 33

    Support from the inside is good for falling out. ALe also all wretches that stimulate the growth of bulbs;)

  7. Avatar Margaretka 25 May 2015 / 12: 50

    I have no problems with hair loss, while my husband, and yes, but he probably would not play such care, which is a pity 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 25 May 2015 / 16: 13

      There are no jokes with falling out. At present, my hair is flying in handfuls, even though I'm fighting it.

  8. Avatar crazy 25 May 2015 / 11: 41

    I once wrote at home about hair care for thyroid problems, because unfortunately it strongly affects hair loss, and I have not seen this product yet, but I was very interested 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 25 May 2015 / 16: 07

      I must read this post. Unfortunately, I know it myself, a lot of hair flew through my thyroid 🙁

  9. Avatar Mirielka 24 May 2015 / 07: 11

    I have to examine myself, because it is getting boring lately and there are suspicions.
    I wish you all health be And the little beers on my head! 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 May 2015 / 08: 22

      Thank you, there are more and more baby bears: D

  10. Avatar Beauty Land 24 May 2015 / 07: 08

    The thyroid can take our hair off quite well, I found it out perfectly,
    and I will comfort you that it was only after the change of diet that the improvement came, and without the pills for hypothyroidism I would probably not be able to do it, at least at the beginning, when tsh was not too interesting.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 May 2015 / 08: 23

      For me, the great hair loss is probably 3-4 a month. I knew something was wrong, but I underestimated the problem until I was diagnosed. I am currently taking euthyrox N25 every day.

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