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Facebook or Instagram - which is better?

I used to be a big Facebook fan, but over time my love began to fade away. On Facebook, it's getting harder to reach fans without advertising to convince them of their uniqueness. And as we are on the subject of uniqueness, it is she who is the key to success in social media. People love photos and recordings that stand out. Of course, it is worth following trends (such as marble, palm leaves, which are now on time).

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Why is Instagram better than Facebook?

As I mentioned before, I used to love Facebook. Unfortunately, this channel is increasingly annoying me with constant changes, e.g. in the dimensions of graphics not only cover photo, but also for photos. Here you have to be up to date to do anything and do it right. In addition, without advertising, there is virtually no chance to exist.
When Facebook took over Instagram I was a bit scared. I was afraid that the ranges would also be heavily cut. Fortunately, it's not that bad. To raise ranges you have to use hashtags, but not the most popular ones, only those up to max 10 thousand. so that our photo will not disappear after a few seconds.
At the beginning, use the maximum number of hashtags, with time it is worth limiting them to about 5 (in the commentary) It looks much better than the whole list of range boosters in the photo caption. And the effect is the same.

How to build an Instagram community?

The strategy that we adopted in building the Instagram community is simple - we observe accounts and participate in accounts similar to ours. In a word, we rotate in a group of people who are likely to observe our account. They are not more Maffashion or Deynn fans. We are closer to Make Life Easier or Fashionelki, which is why we are very often active on these (and not only) accounts.

Thanks to activity on Instagram during 4 months, we managed to get 4 thousand. new observers. On average, 1000 per month. We began to pay close attention to what we publish. We are constantly trying to ensure that everything is thought out and matches the 'grid' or 9-12 of previous photos. And most importantly, we experiment - we look at what photos are more popular, at what hours you leave the hearts under our photos (who among you are viewing Insta before going to bed?), As well as what photos are you most willing to share and what influenced it - was it asked question in the description, or maybe the product shown, which is recently available on the market. We don't want artificial fime. We want Instagram to complement our blog. A place where we can show you a little more and a little different things than on the blog.

We bet on Instagram, you don't have to!

The main thing is to choose a social portal where we feel good. In the case of our blog, I felt that Instagram is the place for us. We like taking pictures, we feel better and better at it. In addition, Instagram is a huge source of inspiration (almost the same as Pinterest, but we do not have an idea for this social portal. Probably everything will come with time). Remember that if you come up with the idea of ​​a photo, or if you are in a place that impressed you - probably from a thousand other people have already published it on their Instagram profile. What You can always do it differently. You can do it better.


  1. Avatar Izka 10 July 2019 / 12: 41

    Hey, personally I totally agree with the above!

  2. Avatar Tesko.biz - store for companies 20 September 2017 / 10: 05

    I have been choosing instagram for a long time 😉 Facebook has now become terribly large (millions of options and cuts on every second laptop); //

  3. Avatar Joanna Gwizdała 10 September 2017 / 15: 04

    It's similar with me. Instagram is definitely a better way of communicating with readers of my blog. Facebook can be so annoying sometimes that I think that if it wasn't for my work tool, I would probably write off it.

  4. Avatar iambiblioholic 10 September 2017 / 13: 23

    I bet on Instagram. Although recently the ranges have also been cut, and almost under every photo I have an intrusive proposal to promote the post, I find myself more in this place than on Facebook. Although I run both, however, on Facebook I limit myself to posting information about new blog entries and I am there less often 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 September 2017 / 16: 20

      Pictures are more taken than texts. Hence the popularity of blogs, where there are more photos than text.

  5. Avatar Łukasz Bier 8 September 2017 / 20: 01

    I don't choose ... I have both. These two applications are the same corpo and both shortened the range until shame 🙁

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 September 2017 / 20: 32

      It is true. Since Facebook took over Insta, the ranges are cut very much. All this to (brutally) encourage you to buy ads on Instagram.

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