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Formalities when adopting a pet

Recently, I came across an article on trojmiasto.pl (Click) regarding formalities that must be completed when adopting a pet. This topic is close to us, because we adopted a rabbit a year ago and we know what the whole process looks like. At first, we had to fill out the adoption form (Click), then we had an adoption conversation with Mrs. Małgorzata, who had our ear in a temporary home. Unfortunately, I have to admit that people are usually lazy, which is why here too it is sniffing that there is too much formality.

adoption of a rabbit

I myself have mixed feelings about this whole procedure. In one comment, the girl wrote that one day, to adopt a pet, a photocopier was enough, and now when adopting a dog, you need to complete a form, then have a conversation, walks with the dog, etc. On the one hand, I am not surprised that shelters and organizations that adopt will to go through conversations and thus protect myself against the possibility of giving away a pet, but on the other hand I wonder if the bureaucracy will not lose animals that are waiting for a loving home.

On the other hand, however, I think that if someone really cares about a pet, he will spend these 10 minutes to fill out the form, etc. I just wonder if the forms are not colored and do they give 100% certainty that man cares about the good of the animal?


  1. Avatar babygirl-fashion 21 April 2013 / 07: 26

    In my opinion, all these formalities are necessary, if they would give away from such an animal, most of them would sooner or later come back to them! They must be sure that we are the right candidates for the owner, anyway, an animal is not a piece of meat that we can buy for ourselves! However, like the predecessor wrote the majority of adopted animals and is given away, I think I will never understand it! Why do people treat animals like this ?! Unfortunately, the subject of harm done to an animal is very well known to me, I wrote my BA thesis on the protection of animal rights, and what I learned while writing was beyond my imagination ... But I am glad that among those "bad" there are also people like you who e.g. they adopt animals 🙂

  2. Avatar KasiaS1980 17 April 2013 / 06: 12

    Despite such formalities, it happens repeatedly that a pet returns to the shelter. People are irresponsible, immature, they think that the animal is nothing but pleasures and company, and they forget that it is also a duty. You have to look after a pet like a child, provide him not only with a roof over his head, food and water, but also feelings and companionship. They take a pet for Christmas, for a gift, and give it back before the holidays, because there is nobody to leave with, and yet you have to go somewhere. You are annoyed by these formalities because you are a decent man and you will not hurt a pet. He is probably a member of your family. But mass is the case when people cannot treat a pet with due respect and commitment. And even such formalities cannot prevent it. Unfortunately.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 17 April 2013 / 18: 03

      Well, the worst thing is that people treat animals like toys. I often hear lyrics like "it's just a pet". And for me, whether my rabbit or my 15-year-old dog is like a family member. We have a lot of sacrifices through the ear, but also a lot of joy and uncertainty as to what our ear will come up with for mischief, but above all a lot of love :)
      I have never treated a pet like a pet, I really like animals and I treat them with due respect. It may be terrible, but I prefer animals to people, because only they are selfless.

  3. Avatar Anonymous 16 April 2013 / 20: 21

    And I will write how the case looks from the other side, i.e. the person who issues the pet (being a temporary home before). For some time, various dog bids have appeared at my house. Young, old, homeless all his life or recently fired. Some, despite unpleasant experiences, trust people, others need to be convinced for weeks that man does not mean pain, shouting or beating. Each dog is devoted to him time, hours of walks, exercises, leading the animal straight so that he can enjoy being with a human again. It's also morning strokes and hugs when, until now, the closed dog suddenly decides to jump into bed to hug you. I have two "my own" dogs, but every pooch who passed through my temporary home was a bit my dog. You can't look after an animal or get attached to it. Each time when releasing a dog to a new home, I first made phone calls, then a visit to the adoptive home, I signed the dog adoption contract and only then the pooch was passed on to new carers. Each of my pupils went to a responsible, loving home. Precisely because I sifted those adopting who did not have the conditions for a dog or a dog would be for them only a temporary whim or a toy for a child. And I will tell you that as a person who releases a dog I also do not feel comfortable squeezing people into flats, asking about my financial situation etc. I feel embarrassed, but I do it because it depends on me where the pooch will go and how he will spend the rest of his life. Therefore, please do not be indignant at such practices 🙂

    • Avatar KasiaS1980 17 April 2013 / 06: 15

      You do it because you care about the animal, because you do not want to give this poor pooch who has already survived to another irresponsible house, where he will stay a month, two, half a year, until he gets bored and does not return to the shelter or even worse - to the street. I understand you perfectly. And, as I wrote below, I think that unfortunately even such formalities are not always effective 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 17 April 2013 / 17: 49

      Great, I was hoping that someone from this "other" party would speak :)

  4. Avatar Anonymous 16 April 2013 / 20: 10

    When taking a loan, there is also a lot of formalities and people take 😛 If someone is responsible, it will not be a problem for him to fill out the form. I believe this is not a couch, so there should be at least the same formalities 😉

  5. Avatar Anonymous 16 April 2013 / 19: 20

    Some time ago I adopted a rabbit and I do not think that this whole procedure is somewhat complicated or troublesome ... I had a visit before adoption and very well because; at least I learned many interesting things that I had no idea ... besides, I think that giving animals without checking, whoever misses the goal ...

  6. Avatar Anonymous 16 April 2013 / 17: 46

    There has been a discussion of this topic recently on the miniature. I think how you will, if someone cares to fill it in, I am DT and I also had to fill out the form, sign it etc. nie But some do not like the need to provide the area of ​​the apartment, work ... Anyway, you can read here: http://www.miniaturkabeztajemnic.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1785&start=0

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 16 April 2013 / 18: 34

      Unfortunately you have to log in to read :(

  7. Avatar MIKA 16 April 2013 / 16: 11

    My husband adopted a dog a few years ago, a typical yard one and I think that there is not much formalities ... if someone cares nothing will be an obstacle. Our Max is now happy and is the king of the yard :))

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 16 April 2013 / 16: 15

      I also assume that if someone cares, he will do anything for the pet :)

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