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Whole grain - why choose them?

Recently, one has a lot to hear about whole grain products - pasta, brown rice, bread ... dietitians recommend choosing these products instead of e.g. wheat rolls, which we love so much.
whole grain
Studies confirm that whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke as well as diabetes and chronic diseases.

What exactly is a whole grain product characterized by?

A whole grain product is one that contains all the elements of the grain - except for endosperm, bran and germs that are rich in mineral salts and fatty acids.
White flour contains internally cleaned parts of the grain, which are a source of carbohydrates and protein
During milling and grinding, we lose protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vit. B.

What whole grains can we find in stores?

  • Brown rice
  • bread
  • pasta
  • flour
  • Bobovita offers whole wheat and rye porridge
  • cookies
Whole grain in slimming
Eating whole grain products allows us to stay full longer. Thanks to this, we do not eat every now and then, as in the case of eating a product made of white flour. We and our body profit from it - it's easier for us to get the dream figure.
Whole grain regulates blood sugar levels, reduces tissue sensitivity to insulin.
It also reduces the absorption of fat and choresterol, and also improves the digestive tract, while preventing constipation.
People who eat at least three servings of whole grains throughout the day have 10% less fat in their abdominal area.
However, if you combine whole grain and processed products, it doesn't make any sense, because slimming will be much less effective. That is why it is worth replacing processed flour products with whole grain products to achieve a much faster effect.
However, it should be remembered that eating whole grain products alone will not give us the effects of slimming, but only supports them.

Only the combination of whole grain with exercise, giving up alcohol, smoking and healthy nutrition can give the results we expect.
Whole grain is also recommended for children. Instead of a white roll to school, it's better to give graham. Thanks to this, the child will be full longer and we will not provide him with unnecessary calories.
How are the producers cheating on us?
The most you have to watch out for bread, often we do not have its composition. Manufacturers benefit a lot from it, because instead of using whole grains - they add coloring matter to bread, including caramel.
So how do you recognize that bread is really whole grain?
Real wholemeal bread is moist, it is also heavier than caramel-colored. Uneven coloration of the loaf is visible. Its color is usually gray-brown, not beautifully dark.
Graham flour is marked with the number 1850, while the wholemeal flour is 2000. The higher the type of flour, the more fiber and valuable ingredients it contains.
Pay attention to the composition of the product - to check if the product really contains whole grains, check if the composition contains such "key words" as:
  • wholemeal
  • graham flour
  • flour type 1850
  • flour type 2000
Many of you probably think that products made from whole wheat flour are not as tasty as those made from wheat flour.
Not true! try adding to the pancakes instead of whole wheat flour - or eat spaghetti with whole wheat pasta instead of white - yummy! :)


  1. Avatar KulinarnaStronaMocy 25 March 2017 / 18: 30

    I usually make whole-grain bread, often without flour, completely delicious and crunchy, but recently bread from unroasted buckwheat reigns here?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 March 2017 / 21: 23

      Yum, I have never eaten bread made of grain alone, but it sounds great 🙂

  2. Avatar Iwona Siekierska 25 March 2017 / 09: 33

    I like dark flours, but I often mix them with wheat flour, then they taste better.

  3. Avatar Basia {SlonecznyBalkon.pl} 25 January 2013 / 20: 05

    Some time ago I started to exchange white flour products for whole grains. And since I bought a bread machine, I don't eat white bread anymore 🙂 I bake bread myself, add whole wheat flour, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds, oats or barley - DELICIOUS! 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 25 January 2013 / 20: 16

      Since I changed bread to graham flour, I feel much better. Especially my body :)

      I also bake bread, but from time to time because it is made of white flour. Do you have a good recipe for graham flour? I do not know if they can be the same proportions, because graham flour is probably a little heavier than normal?

    • Avatar Basia {SlonecznyBalkon.pl} 31 January 2013 / 16: 57

      100% wholemeal flour is not baked because it is very heavy and we don't like it. I usually give 20-40% wholegrain flour and the rest white bread. The proportions depend on the graham flour - the larger the bran in it and the darker it is, the less it gives. For example, whole wheat grain from Gdansk mills I give about 10-15% and from lubella even over 20% because it is much brighter. When I had whole-grain organic it was enough to give her about 10% for the effect I want 🙂

      And the recipe that I use all the time is 315ml water, 2 oil spoon, 500g flour, 1,5 salt spoon, 1,5 sugar spoon, 1,5 spoon dry instant yeast and 1,5 spoon milk powder. I look at the dough as it is made and add a little water if necessary. Additionally, after the first growing of 1 a glass of a mixture of grains, seeds and flakes of wheat and barley, sometimes some raisins or cranberries 🙂 This is my everyday way 🙂

      And if you need other recipes, I heartily recommend it to you http://www.mojewypieki.com - I've done dozens of bread recipes from Dorota and they all come out 🙂

    • Avatar Basia {SlonecznyBalkon.pl} 31 January 2013 / 16: 59

      pffff there was supposed to be that from lubella I even give 40% from Gdańsk mills about 20% 🙂 I'm sorry for the mistake błąd

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 January 2013 / 18: 01

      Thank you very much for advice on bread :) I will definitely look at the page you provided. I only bake bread made of plain flour. It's much tastier than the one in the store, but I realize it's not very healthy ...

    • Avatar Basia {SlonecznyBalkon.pl} 31 January 2013 / 21: 25

      You're welcome 🙂 Dorota doesn't have any recipes for bread from the machine in my pastries - if you need them, write to me as an e-mail, I have the whole book I can scan you 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 1 February 2013 / 20: 20

      I do not have a machine, I make a plain tin :) I have no ideas what to add to bread - there was sunflower, pumpkin, flax, dried plum, cranberry ... do you have any ideas?

    • Avatar Basia {SlonecznyBalkon.pl} 11 February 2013 / 20: 37

      Any seeds - just like you write sunflower, flax, but also sesame, pumpkin seeds, etc.
      Flakes / bran - wheat, barley, spelled etc.
      Dried fruits - raisins, cranberries, I tried with apricot but we didn't like it ...
      Dried vegetables - with dried tomatoes is delicious 🙂
      In addition, you can, for example, stew onions and mushrooms, drain and add. Or grate the cheese and add 🙂
      I still sometimes add various dried herbs - e.g. Italian mix etc.
      In a word - what's at hand 😀

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