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Sponges for applying foundation: Blend it vs Beauty Blender

makeup eggs
(beauty blender, blend it)

I have emphasized many times that I am a huge fan Blender Beauty. Currently, I already have my 5 sponge (I change it every six months, disinfect with an Octenisept spray after each use). When the Blend It sponge appeared in the Mintishop store (deceptively similar to the Beauty Blender), I decided to test it.

First impression

When the Blend It sponge reached me, I noticed that it was bigger than Beauty Blender. It is also made of another material - more rubbery. Beauty Blender is made of a soft, spongy, pleasant to the touch material.
At first glance, both sponges are very similar (in the photo on the left Blend It, on the right Beauty Blender - both are dry). Even in the picture the material seems to be identical. Unfortunately this is not the case. Feel the clear difference when you take both eggs in your hand.
After soaking Blend It and Beauty Blender, the Blend It sponge was still much larger than Beauty Blender. It was no longer as rubbery as it was dry.

We test Blend It and Beauty Blender

I tested both sponges to apply BB Dr G cream and unfortunately I have to say that Beauty Blender won this competition. Blend It did not distribute and melt BB cream with my skin, it only smeared it. When applying the BB cream I used the same technique as when applying the cream with the Beauty Blender sponge - stamping.
Unfortunately, it is not enough that Blend It did not melt the BB cream with the skin, in addition, applying BB cream with this sponge I used a lot more BB cream.
After use, I washed both sponges with Protex Cream soap, which is great not only for washing makeup sponges, but also brushes. Plus for Blend It, because I washed it much faster than Beauty Blender. The sponge also dries faster than Beauty Blender.


Unfortunately, the Blend It egg did not work well in my tests. It is unacceptable for me that using it I had to use more BB cream than when applying it with Beauty Blender.
Beauty Blender is nicer to the touch, it is not rubbery, which I suspect does not "drink" so much of the applied product. Blend It sponge did not work during the stamping method, BB cream did not blend perfectly into my complexion.
Blend It is easier and faster to wash and dries quickly. The price is also a plus (around PLN 25) compared to Beauty Blender (around PLN 70). Fortunately, Beauty Blender is enough for half a year, so looking at performance, the cost of the sponge is not that big.
I was hoping to find a cheaper substitute for Beauty Blender, but Blend It will not be a substitute, despite the visual similarity.


  1. Avatar Victoria Patchouli 9 May 2017 / 10: 22

    Hey, it worked great for me, I'm so delighted that it's on the list of favorites on my blog. greetings

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 May 2017 / 11: 14

      Do you mean Blend it? Did you use Beauty Blender? I suspect that if I used Blend it first I would probably like this sponge too. BB, however, is much better to me 🙂

  2. Avatar Ewa Sarnowska 17 January 2017 / 11: 20

    My dear, so you don't recommend buying this sponge? I love BB I recently bought a Nansha sponge for 30 PLN and unfortunately I was not happy!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 17 January 2017 / 11: 45

      I do not recommend Blend it. No sense in money spent. But Beauty Blender is a different story - I love and recommend it! 🙂

  3. Avatar Kary B. 30 December 2016 / 13: 15

    All the time I wonder what is the phenomenon of this sponge? Is this shape? Or just material?

    • Avatar goodfory[Email protected] 30 December 2016 / 18: 42

      In my opinion, the material from which it is made. Comparing to blend it, which has a completely different structure, the beauty blender wins. It is softer and causes that the BB cream blends perfectly with the skin (it is not visible on the skin).

      For me, this sponge is a big hit and I can't imagine using anything else to apply Dr. G. BB cream.

  4. Avatar Angelika 30 December 2016 / 08: 47

    I prefer applying foundation with a brush;)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 30 December 2016 / 09: 24

      I tried the Zoeva brush several times, but it's completely not my story. Only Beauty Blender gets a natural look 🙂

  5. Avatar Ola Herman 27 January 2016 / 11: 55

    Beauty Blender is always number one for me. 😉

  6. Avatar Anonymous 26 January 2016 / 16: 51

    I use the Donegal sponge, I was tempted by the videos of one of youtuber (ilona lulu) who has tested all (or almost all) sponges of this type on the market, including BB and recommended it. I am also very happy with it, although I do not personally compare with Beauty Blender.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 January 2016 / 17: 08

      I am very happy that I had the opportunity to test this sponge, although after a few uses it landed in the basket. I haven't tested Donegal's sponge, but I suspect that in the end curiosity will win and I will test it too, hehe 🙂

  7. Avatar Klaudia Klau 25 January 2016 / 14: 33

    I have been using BB for a long time and recently I wanted to change, I bought the praised Zoevy-stippling brush, the so-called skunk and ... I quickly appreciated the sponge: p brush puts on foundation much longer, streaks at the beginning and you have to wave well to make it clear, and so always "this thing" was missing and I finished the sponge 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 January 2016 / 17: 04

      I used a Zoeva brush from the bamboo series to apply BB cream. Not my story at all. Beauty Blender is back in favor 🙂

  8. Avatar An 24 January 2016 / 18: 11

    I haven't met the Blend It sponge yet. In general, I am able to convince myself to use these sponges.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 January 2016 / 19: 28

      I came across Blend It while buying an additional Zoeva brush, which I missed in the kit. These sponges are available from Mintishop.

  9. Avatar Oh Angelika 24 January 2016 / 15: 02

    Nothing has replaced Beauty Blender for me 🙂

  10. Avatar red miss 24 January 2016 / 11: 16

    I haven't had any such sponge yet. Tempts, because it is something new when it comes to applying foundation or BB cream. But the money is good at it ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 January 2016 / 11: 21

      Considering the performance of Beauty Blender, the cost is not that high (PLN 69 / six months).

    • Avatar [Email protected] 23 January 2016 / 19: 09

      Blend it I do not recommend, Beauty Blender yes :)
      I did not try with my fingers, but recently I tried with Zoev's brush and I returned to Beauty Blender.

  11. Avatar Sailing 23 January 2016 / 12: 26

    I've been hunting for such sponges for a long time! 🙂

  12. Avatar GumaDoZuciax3 23 January 2016 / 12: 04

    It is a pity that it did not work. I'm buying the original 🙂

  13. Avatar Beauty Blog 23 January 2016 / 01: 15

    to be honest, I haven't had a makeup sponge yet, not counting on a silicone one that doesn't work for anything: P

    • Avatar [Email protected] 23 January 2016 / 09: 43

      I tried Zoeva brush, but what a beauty blender is a beauty blender 😉

  14. Avatar Zzielona 22 January 2016 / 22: 17

    I have heard that this Real Technics sponge is cool - it costs about PLN 30, so maybe it's better to invest in this product than the typical "inspiration" of Bueata Blender? 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 23 January 2016 / 09: 42

      I will no longer experiment. I stay with the beauty blender 🙂

    • Avatar Klaudia Klau 25 January 2016 / 14: 30

      I had both, and Beauty Blender definitely wins with Real Techniques. Nothing can replace the original :)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 April 2017 / 11: 12

      Good to know, because I didn't use Real Techniques. Thanks to you I know that it is not worth buying it, but stay with the proven Beauty Blender.

  15. Avatar MISTEJK. 22 January 2016 / 20: 46

    I have the cheapest with primarka and I like; d

  16. Avatar Kaprysek 22 January 2016 / 19: 33

    I did not like these sponges and I will stick to my fingers 😉

  17. Avatar Kinga Barcicka 22 January 2016 / 18: 28

    Hm, I tested various sponges, cheaper and more expensive, and I have the impression that I am able to get used to each one 🙂 I don't think I have too many requirements 😛

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 April 2017 / 11: 10

      I only tested Blend it from other than Beauty Blender and I know that BB is the best for me so far 🙂

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