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Holidays smell like mangoes

mango butter
I associate holidays with the beach, sun, heat and tropical fruits such as mangoes. Therefore, today about the Perfecta Tropical Mango set.
The set includes body scrub and butter. Both products smell beautiful and work great.
I will start with peeling, which unfortunately will not be in the pictures, because before I remembered that there are no reviews - the packaging landed in the trash. Fortunately, both products have the same packaging, so if you look for this peeling in stores, you will find no problem.
The first thing I must pay attention to when reviewing is the smell of both products. It is very sweet (not nauseating!) And is associated with holidays. Both products are large and very efficient. When it comes to peeling - a small amount is enough to smooth the whole body.
The product has a firm consistency, I associate it with fruit mousse and sugar. The particles are medium in size, but they peel very well. The cosmetic leaves a delicate moisturizing layer on the skin. I am a supporter of it, because I no longer need to apply strong moisturizing after the procedure. Nevertheless, it is worth using an additional layer of body butter from the same series. The peeling spreads well on the skin, leaving it smooth and perfectly moisturized.
Butter has also become my favorite. In addition to the beautiful fragrance that stays on the skin for quite a long time, it moisturizes my dry skin very well. It works even in hot weather, because it absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky layer.
I recommend the whole series right away - peeling and body butter. These are perfect products that will make our summer days hot.


  1. Avatar Emilia Urodowo.pl 28 July 2016 / 20: 23

    I really like Perfecta body cosmetics 🙂 The fragrance is definitely divine, I will be happy to try body butter.
    Regards 🙂

  2. Avatar Kaprysek 25 July 2016 / 16: 55

    Pina Colada smells divine 😉

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