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I spent my 30th birthday in Krakow

I can't believe that July 12th was my 30th birthday! If you are curious what I think about this magic number, check out Instagram where I posted photo with my thoughts. Today, writing this article, I can boldly admit that actually ... nothing has changed. And I will probably be mistaken with numbers for a long time (I have the same on New Year's Day, that I have to enter the old one for a long time), but apart from that I did not feel any spectacular changes ... maybe when I celebrate another round birthday? Who knows…

room Matejko hotel indigo Krakow

Krakow welcomed us with its dream weather - 31 degrees Celsius, full sun and a light wind that pleasantly cooled the sun-burning skin. It is true that Piotr could not take advantage of this wonderful day because he had a business meeting, but I used it to the maximum! I walked the length and breadth of the square, I was in awe of the beautiful cloth halls that will continue to delight me.

Hotel Indigo Krakow Old Town ****

We were lucky to have our beautiful four-star Hotel Indigo Krakow Old Town was in the very center, so without fear of getting lost, I set off to visit Krakow, and more specifically to admire the richness of Krakow's architecture. I high five with everyone who can get lost with Google maps in hand. At one point, the map showed me that the fastest way to do this would be to jump over the rooftops. After much reflection, I gave up this option ...

Saturday was not so kind to us. When we got a text message in the morning with a warning about possible flooding, we began to wonder whether we should rent a boat to return to Warsaw. Luckily it wasn't that bad even though 98% of Saturday was raining. We used the rainy Saturday weather to take photos for Instagram and for this article. We visited all the nooks and crannies of our hotel, including the reception area, where we found a beautiful marble fireplace. You can see it in the photo below.

Hotel Indigo Krakow Old Town amazed us not only with its design in our style, but I cannot fail to mention the beautiful Matejko room (paintings by Jan Matejko hung over the bed, as you can see in the first photo), where we slept. The room itself was very large and very tall. It made you feel the space there (I love it, that's why we were looking for a flat in a tenement house in Warsaw for a long time).

red dress how to wear

Rain was raining, but it was also very cold in Krakow (14 degrees in July was not my dream peak). Delicious ramen came to our aid, which was the best ramen we had ever eaten! From now on, I will also associate Krakow with this delicious food.

30th birthday in Krakow

Birthday Sunday was absolutely crazy - the morning greeted me with breakfast in bed (could I imagine my 30th birthday better ?!). We set the return to Warsaw at 15 p.m. so that after returning, we could still vote in the presidential election. It was an important day not only for me, but also for Poland.

vegan hotel breakfast

At 12 o'clock we checked out of the hotel and went with our suitcases to do some sightseeing. I don't know how many kilometers we did, but climbing with our suitcases towards Wawel replaced the gym for a week. All to see a beautiful stamp informing that we will not enter with the suitcases. You have to imagine what my face was when I saw this. Piotrek stated that he had already been to Wawel (I was a long time ago), so he stayed for a while with his suitcases in front of the entrance.

Harry Potter places for fans in Poland

Later we went to Dziórawego Kocioł, a Harry Potter style pub (love it!). It was a really magical experience and attention ... they also have a few vegan dishes on the menu (phew, there were also vegans among the Wizards). After this magical experience, we boarded the pendolino back to Warsaw. It was a wonderful weekend that allowed me to take a break from everyday life and completely reset. I think we will focus on such short trips this summer. It is true that we are still tempted to go somewhere further, but still common sense (or rather fears) gives up.


  1. Avatar michalina 12 August 2020 / 20: 32

    What a beautiful apartment! Really magical, it fits very well with Krakow. Nowhere else would it fit better!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      15 August 2020 / 17: 55

      Yes it's true! It fits perfectly into the Krakow atmosphere 🙂

  2. Avatar Magdalena Szymanowska 24 July 2020 / 08: 38

    The birthday spent in this way will surely be remembered for a long time 🙂 It's great that despite the average weather, your trip was successful 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      24 July 2020 / 10: 20

      Yes! This is an ideal option to spend a birthday - get away from everyday life for a while and stay in a different place.

  3. Avatar Milosz 24 July 2020 / 07: 55

    Oh, I would dream of such a holiday 🙂 I will take my wife, because we have a wedding anniversary soon!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      24 July 2020 / 10: 26

      We too! In exactly 2 weeks 🙂 Happy birthday to you!

  4. Avatar Karolina 22 July 2020 / 20: 33

    I dream of such a birthday! Krakow is wonderful, atmospheric, magical - it's beautiful that we have such a place in our country. These cloisters, charming little streets, nooks and crannies. As from the song of the bard 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      24 July 2020 / 10: 28

      You're absolutely right, just a pity there were so many people. However, Krakow looks better with fewer tourists, when you can be alone and admire the beauty of the city while enjoying your eyes and soul with its wonderful architecture.

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