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How to fight acne?

My fight against acne is long and bumpy. Actually, no changes have been seen for 6-7 years. At the last visit to the cosmetician on the regulation of the eyebrow I was desperate what treatment would recommend to my terribly capricious skin.
How to fight acne?

We talked for a long time, we analyzed the fight for a smooth face to date, the treatments I had (sonophoresis, cavitation peeling) and we decided to try something different. Darsonvalization (something that I couldn't pronounce at the beginning, because it reminded me of a linguist and something I had never heard of).
Today I am after the first full procedure, which consisted of cavitation peeling, darsonvalization facial massage and clay mask. I paid 85 PLN for the whole.
Now, to get better results, I will go once a week to the darsonvalization itself, the cost of which will fluctuate in 15-20 PLN. depending on the area where I will have to have surgery.
The Darsonvalization procedure is performed with a glass head (as much as I saw, because during the procedure it is necessary to keep your eyes closed [apparently damages your eyesight]). It was only on the internet that I saw the device in its full splendor;)
It is a high-frequency shock treatment that manifests itself as "sparking". As a result, ozone is produced, which has a strong disinfecting and antibacterial effect.

Darsonvalization is used for acne, skin irritation and even baldness! there are also some contraindications: pregnancy, hypertension, edema, heart disease, skin damage and wounds, inflammation, fever, asthma, metal implants. However, in my opinion they are not very big. The beautician normally asks about the above issues before the procedure.

I am impressed because my face looks soothed already today. Admittedly, I see that 2 pimples want to go outside, but the rest seems to be just killed. Anyway, see for yourself.
If the effects are to be better and better, I am willing to invest in a full treatment (approx. 2-3 months). We'll see what comes out of it. So far, I made an appointment for Wednesday.
I don't know why my face is a bit worse now, because I haven't changed anything on the menu, there is probably another (completely unknown to me) reason. I am currently using Himalaya cream, but it seems to me that it does not serve me, since I started using it on the chin there are more "friends". Maybe it is because the composition has paraffin ...
It is a pity, because it mats well, and so far, apart from natur riche, nothing caused such a mat on my face. Do you have any proven matting cream without paraffin, which is probably the perpetrator of my condition on my chin?


  1. Avatar of Olives 19 May 2014 / 12: 05

    To tell you the truth, I've never heard of this cosmetic procedure, but I keep my fingers crossed to bring the intended effect! 😉 I also struggled with acne for a long time. For several months I used regularly various creams, ointments, tonics and masks from the pharmacy - fortunately it helped. Acne did not leave any visible scars :).

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 19 May 2014 / 19: 31

      Darsonval brought results. Currently, only before menstruation there are small pimples, but this is not what it used to be :) I recommend

  2. Avatar Kana 14 November 2013 / 09: 29

    I am glad that I have never had to deal with acne. Yes, I had some imperfections, but fortunately it wasn't acne. I wish everyone success in the fight 🙂

  3. Avatar basia bbb 14 November 2013 / 07: 59

    aha and pha bandi cream helped me,
    for frequent visits to the beautician and I wouldn't be able to afford it so I fight alone, I can recommend you sylveco light marigold cream, it certainly doesn't clog

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 November 2013 / 20: 11

      Treatments are not that expensive at all. It means full treatment yes, but then you can only go for darsonvalization its cost is about PLN 15-20. recommended once or twice a week. I decided at once.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 15 November 2013 / 16: 54

      I bought a bandi cream today, let's see how it works :)

    • Avatar basia bbb 17 November 2013 / 10: 16

      yes 15 - 20 for darsonvalization alone is not expensive,
      does this treatment irritate the skin after prolonged repetition?
      certainly not good for skin prone to capillaries and how I have it

  4. Avatar Anonymous 13 November 2013 / 21: 24

    hahah welcome to the club, I'm tired of some 10 years: / can you write how old are you ?? if 20> I think that nothing will help but hormonal tests and further treatment: / I say it negatively, but you know how nothing helps you ...: / by the way it's hopeless, for many things there are medicine and for stupid acne no;(

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 November 2013 / 20: 10

      Hey, I'm after this darsonvalization and I'll tell you that purulent pimples are dried. Yes, I have 20 + exactly 3 years over 20, hehe :)
      I have been treated by many dermatologists, now I have decided that it is time for a beautician. We talked for a long time and recommended a series of 5-6 darsonvalization treatments (about once or twice a week). I will walk once a week. For me the problem is mainly the beard. The strangest thing about me is that I have acne despite birth control pills.

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